Week in Review 01/03/09 – 01/09/09

It’s been a decent week on TV, at least a few of our shows were back with new episodes. It all started last Sunday with new a great new episode of Desperate Housewives, followed by an emotional Brothers and Sisters. Monday brought us the return of Make It or Break Itand it was quite an episode. Tuesday was a new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles and I’m going to take a short look at that. We have lots to discuss so let’s get on with it, but as always if you haven’t watched these shows and don’t want to be spoiled then do not jump with me.

Before the holiday break we were left wondering who would survive the plane crash on Desperate Housewives and Sunday’s episode answered those questions and so much more.

We started out knowing that Karl and Orson were both in surgery but that Bree had no serious injuries. We were relieved to learn that Gaby’s daughter, Celia was okay suffering only a concussion and that Lynette seemed to be alright after jumping to save little Celia from certain death. Unfortunately for Angie, the blackmailing wench Mona Clark was fighting for her life in surgery as well after being hit straight on from the plane.

While everyone was in hospital waiting room, suddenly everything does not appear to be okay with Lynette She starts to have terrible pains and looks terrified that her babies are in distress. I also noticed that Carlos looked particularly worried, seeing as she hurt herself while saving his child there is going to be a lot of guilt to go around.

Lynette undergoes tests and is told that her son may end up being disabled, and she’s rushed into surgery to deliver the one baby leaving the other in. While Lynette is under anaesthesia she dreams about what life would be like with a disabled child. It’s something that no parent wants to think about, but I applaud Marc Cherry for really making it believable. For it to always appear easy would have been false, so he takes a longer route. Lynette doesn’t see it being easy to help her son with his physiotherapy and learning to walk. She watches herself force him to make his own sandwich when he’s a young teenager, and then she sees the most amazing part, him graduating college. Her son gives a speech about how his mother is the one who taught him all the lessons he needed to succeed and he owes her everything.

Now I’m all for a truth filled episode as the next person, but I was really sad when she woke up and found out she lost her son. Grant it her other baby survived but the son we had all come to love was dead and I was teary eyed. Felicity Hoffman did a FABULOUS job with this storyline and I smell another Emmy nomination in her future.

Gaby comes to see Lynette after learning that she lost one of the babies and thanks her for saving her Celia, and tells her how very sorry she is. Can you imagine the guilt Gaby and Carlos are going to feel, this will make a great storyline, much better than that stupid one about the lawsuit, which we can assume is gone now right?

Speaking of Gaby, she gets her time in the “what if” universe as we see her imagine all the reasons that God might have spared Celia’s life. Gaby believes that God only spares those who he has a plan for, and Gaby decides it must be because one day Celia is going to be an actress. It’s amazing because so many people have this belief that God only saves those who are going to become some famous part of society, whether it’s a doctor, a singer or an actress people want to find a reason why some survive while others don’t. Sometimes forgetting that we’re all special and we all serve a purpose whether famous or not.

We see Gabrielle become a total stage mom who forces Celia to act. Carlos is obviously against it, and in the end it becomes the undoing of their marriage.

Gaby sees herself as an old hag (and believe me she was looking harsh), still pushing poor Celia to act despite how terrible she is and the fact that they’ve lost everything in Gaby’s search to make Celia famous. It was a harsh picture and it served a great purpose for Gabrielle, she woke up to realize that her precious daughter was special just because she was Celia not because she was going to be some famous actress. That’s an important lesson to be learnt by all parents, that our children are perfect and wonderful simply because, there is no reason except that they are gifts to be cherished. (Hey I can be deep sometimes 😉 )

While Gaby and Lynette were dealing with their issues, Susan was waiting to find out if Karl would survive. She found herself really wondering what life would have been like if she had remained married to Karl even after she found out he was unfaithful.

In Susan’s ‘what if’ world, we see Susan choose to give Karl another chance for Julie’s sake and we see what a disaster that would be. Susan becomes an emotional eater who eats herself into a fat suit (seriously that looked so fake!). My favorite part was how Mike came over to fix super sized Susan’s sink and she finds herself attracted to him. She confesses her husband is cheating on her and then suggests she gets back at him by sleeping with Mike. Mike was really not interested in chubby Susan, he practically ran out of the house.

After this Susan worked really hard to lose all the weight and still Karl left. Susan is really upset but Karl tells her what she always knew, she would have been better if she made him leave the first time.

Then Susan comes back to real life and the doctors tell her that Karl didn’t make it, and although she’s sad she is still happy with all the decisions she’s made that brought her to this place.

Bree isn’t so lucky, she is really upset about Karl’s death, so much so that the doctors give her something to put her to sleep. The dreams that follow are also in the ‘What if’ universe. She dreams about what would have happened if she married Karl, and at first it seems blissful with the passion they’ve experienced during their affair lasting for a long time. Then she catches him cheating and throws him out.

Later Bree is called to Orson’s apartment by his landlord, and Bree sees that Orson never stopped loving her. Orson never remarried, he never dated, and he actually had a bunch of pictures of Bree and the family that were set up in a shrine sort of way. (Was it just me or was it sweet with a hint of creepy?) Anyways, she came to the realization that she left the man who honestly loved and cherished her.

Upon waking up Bree finds out that Orson has survived but that he is more than likely paralyzed, leaving us with many questions. Will Bree be able to love him even in his damaged condition? Will Orson even want Bree back after it was her affair on him that got him into the situation that caused him to be injured?

Finally, we get to see Angie hoping that Mona won’t survive the surgery. She has a ‘what if’ moment of Mona waking up and telling the police everything, causing her to lose her family and be locked in prison. When she wakes up to reality she learns that Mona didn’t make it, and she is overjoyed. I have to wonder when the rest of Wisteria Lane will start to learn the truth about her past and if we’ll ever meet anyone from her past.

For answers to all our questions catch an all new episode of Desperate Housewives on ABC tonight at 9 pm.

Also on Sunday night was a wonderful emotional episode of Brothers and Sisters, where we learn about Kitty’s collapse and Ryan gets found out.

Kitty was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at Justin and Rebecca’s wedding, which we learn was caused by a blood clot in her lung. However, that’s not all we learn. After Robert rushes back from D.C., the doctors tell him that Kitty’s tumors have grown and he’s upset that Kitty didn’t tell him herself. The doctor discusses her options that include more chemo or a risky bone marrow transplant. The transplant is her choice because it has the chance to render her cancer free. I would have chosen the same option especially with young child at home.

The Walkers jump into action getting tested to see if they are a match, and after everyone else isn’t, Nora wants Ryan to be tested. Only problem is no one can find him, so Robert calls in a police favour and has him brought to the hospital. He’s tested and when they find out he’s a match, he’s missing again.

This time it’s Nora to the rescue, when she goes to Ryan’s apartment and finds him packing to leave. She isn’t going to let him go without a fight, even when he insists he has no obligation to the Walker family and he feels like he’s insignificant. Nora sees straight through that to see that he’s really just angry at William for what he did to cause his mother to commit suicide. She tells him that they still want him and to let go.

Later Ryan does change his mind and gives the bone marrow to Kitty. Her body accepts the transplant and the wait begins.

While the whole transplant thing was waiting to get underway, Robert asked Kitty to renew their vows. She accepts and the touching scene with them pledging their love again until, ‘death do us part’ was really sweet and inspiring.

Robert also had a very amusing fight with Kevin. You see Kevin had hired an investigator to follow Robert to dig up any dirt before the opposition did, and the spy dug something up about Robert and another woman. It seems that the woman Robert was going to see was actually a therapist to help him deal with his wife dying of cancer, but before that came to light, Kevin pretty much accused him of cheating on Kitty. In the end, Saul and Nora broke up the floor brawl, with Kevin suffering a sprained wrist. It was a nice break from the seriousness and gave us a nice chuckle.

Turns out that it wasn’t Robert having the affair, way back when Kitty was in D.C. she had an affair with a married politician. Judging by Sarah, Justin and Kevin’s responses it was someone famous who’s name we never learn. I wish we could have found out but it was an amusing storyline that ended with Kitty eventually burning the letters she had from him.

In the end of the episode we flash forward three weeks to see The Walkers watching Robert making a speech on TV and he announces that Kitty is in remission! Later in the speech he decides to withdraw from the race for governor so he can focus on his family. WOW! I didn’t think he’d ever do that and I don’t know if it will stick. I would be happy if Kitty was the one to go into politics for a bit once she was fully better.

I also enjoyed Ryan coming around to the family house, making me hope that his character will have some more personal growth and we can leave the ‘let’s sabotage William Walker’ storylines behind for awhile. Watch an all new episode Sunday night at 10 pm on ABC.

Make It or Break It returned on Monday after hiatus with a fantastic episode that had me laughing and crying. What can I say it was an emotional week of TV! 😀

The episode opens with Payson having a dream about returning to the Rock, in it the doctors were wrong and she is able to do gymnastics again. Unfortunately, she wakes up and we see her in her back brace and she is so defeated looking. I felt so bad for her.

Later there is a parade, and the gets named ‘Kaylie Cruz’ day because of Kaylie being the National champion. Emily is doing great with just being on the team, but Lauren doesn’t like being 3rd, she is so jealous of Kaylie it’s sickening. Honestly I thought that after last season we’d see a nicer side of Lauren but I guess I was wrong.

MJ, is now Kaylie’s manager and she has Kaylie’s schedule chalked full of appearances and interviews, which seems like it’s starting to overwhelm Kaylie. Kaylie is just trying to stay focused and stay in a ‘no drama’ zone. This would have been easier without Carter around but Lauren took care of that.

Lauren went to Coach Sasha and told him that it was Lauren that Carter was dating and that they’ve broken up, so he should allow Carter back at the gym because he deserves it. Lauren only did this because she’s hoping that Carter will choose her to be with, now that he’s not with Kaylie. Carter isn’t interested, in fact he doesn’t even say Thank you for getting him back into the gym. I kind of understand that, Lauren has been trying to ruin his life just so she can have him, but Carter shouldn’t have slept with her if he wasn’t willing to pay the price for his actions.

My favorite couple, Emily and Damon, were really cute this episode. Damon is getting ready to go back to LA but before he goes he plans a romantic dinner for Emily up on the rooftop of the Pizza Shack, complete with cheesy lights and candles. It was teenage romance at it’s best, and completely adorable. Emily assures Damon that she’s fine with him going and he was just about to ask her to wait for him, when a surprise visitor walks through the door. It’s Razor aka pizza guy.

Razor had asked Damon to watch over Emily for him, and Damon did more than that obviously. Now Damon is convinced that Emily will be interested in Razor when he’s gone, and he plans on leaving it at that. Emily doesn’t want Razor or anyone else, she just wants Damon, so she meets him at the bus station before he leaves and tells him that she’ll wait for him. They share a really hot kiss and he leaves. 🙁 I was actually really sad about this because I love the relationship between them, and I don’t really like Razor. I guess we’ll see what happens with that as the season goes on.

Payson is having a really hard time accepting everything, she just keeps saying she’s “great”. Which no one believes. Finally, after a discussion with her dad, Payson has a break down and starts throwing out her trophies and medals and posters. It was moving and I really felt for her at the moment.

She does get some distractions in the form of visitors, my favorite being Nicky who is so adorable. Payson and Nicky together make a great couple and I think it’s something that’s definitely going to happen. Unfortunately, Lauren is eavesdropping on their visit and over hears about how Nicky forged his dad’s signature to get Payson that cortisone, and Payson tells him not to worry she threw one vial out and the other one is in her locker. She gives him the combination, but Lauren hears it too and I could see the trouble wheels turning.

Later Nicky goes to get the cortisone out of the locker and Lauren walks in and tells him she’s already gotten it. He asks her what she wants and she says she doesn’t know, yet. Ugh! I was really hoping that Lauren could direct her bad behaviour at something different like Kelly Parker (the rude gymnast who just happens to be the second spot on the National team), but it seems she has all sorts of torture in mind for her ‘friends’.

Kaylie does finally visit Payson and she is crying telling Payson that it should have been her that won. Payson is like a robot with no emotional response, just cold. Kaylie leaves but later her and Payson have a heart to heart. Payson admits to Kaylie that she’s bitter that Kaylie won and not her, she’s angry because it always seems Kaylie has everything, but she also tells Kaylie that she should never be sorry for being a champion. Kaylie is reassured when Payson tells her that she was the one who beat Kelly Parker and she can do it again!

I was tearing up big time, when Payson returned to the gym. She came in and Sasha suggested they have a welcoming for a champion, the gym erupted into applause and I was so happy for her. It was still really hard for her to be there but she’s more home there than anywhere else.

My favorite moments of the episode were the ones with Emily and Damon, as well as all the Payson storylines, especially when she was talking with Kaylie (Josie Loren) because they were really well done scenes. I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode, which you can catch on ABC Family, Monday at 9 pm.

I’m not going to recap the whole episode of NCIS : Los Angeles but I’ll give a general run down of my favorite parts. I thought that LL Cool J was really great tonight in his storyline. Where Sam (LL Cool J) had to admit to a teenage boy from Sudan that it was actually him that made the boy, Moe, an orphan. Sam killed Moe’s father because he was part of the Sudanese rebellion, and then he sponsored Moe to come to America. Unfortunately, Moe like a lot of teenagers looking to fit in, fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up joining a terrorist group.

I also really enjoyed how Hettie was cracking down on how much time the team spent at work, after one of her dear friends and co-workers died. She believed that her friend was married to his job and that’s what shortened his life, so she starts forcing people to take vacation time and cut back on overtime in an effort to save them. I was moved by her emotion even if it came across as suddle, I love Hettie she’s funny and insightful, an overall great character.

That’s all I have for now, but I’m going to try and get a review of The Secret Life of the American Teenager up after the new episode on Monday, maybe I’ll do a review of last week and this week. I just have to watch last week’s first :D. Anyways, stay tuned for news, schedules and some stellar interviews later this week.

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