TV News – 01/18/09

Monday and sorry the news is so late, the power was out at my house most of the day and I’ve been dealing with a sick child so time isn’t my friend today. What can I say it’s a Monday! That being said let’s jump right into the news.

Hottie Alex O’Loughlin is being courted by CBS to play in their remake of Hawaii Five-O, and I’m hoping that it’s a going to work. Although I could see how CBS might not appeal to O’Loughlin after the failure of Moonlight and Three Rivers, I hope he can look past that. What are your thoughts on it? Source

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Rich Sommer (Mad Men) has been cast as Betty’s newest love interest on Ugly Betty. Sommer will play “Jimmy, a Seth Rogen-esque fireman who goes on a ‘date from hell’ with Bett” , and you can expect him sometime in March. I think this is a cute choice and he may just be what Betty needs. Source

Alison Sweeney (Days of Our Lives, Biggest Loser), is going to be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Mercy. Sweeney will play “a bus-crash victim who appears to have only minor injuries.”, but that may end up being misleading. Wow, Sweeney is a busy lady especially on NBC, I guess it’s good someone has luck on that network. Source

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy is saying that they are writing a role for Jennifer Lopez. It’s said he wants her to be a “Cafeteria Lady”. I’m all for guest stars but I’ve never seen a lunch lady as attractive as J-Lo have you? Let’s hope she leaves her practically see through outfit from New Year’s Eve at home. Source

That’s it for now, but don’t miss the series premiere of Life UneXpected on The CW at 9 pm tonight. It looks like it’s going to be a really fantastic show. Check back later tomorrow for my weekly review, and an interview with the leading men from White Collar.

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