TV News – 01/19/09

Tuesday and I’m going to be interviewing Jennie Garth (90210) later today but I wanted to get the news up before because there’s some good stuff. [Note from Jenny: Megan had this ready earlier, but I was asleep. lol So her interview is done now. Good job, Megan!]

True Blood is going to be matching up two of the hot leading men for an “erotic connection”. Sam and Bill are going to have a connection after Sam donated blood to Bill in the season finale. Creator Alan Boss isn’t telling us exactly what the relationship is going to be like but I’m sure if it’s anything like the rest of the stories on the show it’s going to be delicious! Source

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The attractive Jessica Parker Kennedy (Smallville), has been added to the cast of the new show, Undercovers. Kennedy will play “Samantha’s (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) younger sister” who works at a catering company. The show is shaping up to be very promising with a stellar cast, with a mixture of seasoned actors like Gerald McRaney (Jericho) and newbies like Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Doctor Who). No exact release date has been announced and I’ll let you know if I know. Source

Gena Rowlands is going to be guest starring on NCIS as “Joann, Gibb’s intelligent, upscale mother-in-law”. This arrival will give us some insight into Gibb’s past, causing lots of emotional upheaval which should be great to watch. Rowlands is fantastic and I’m looking forward to this appearance, look for her in March. Source

It was reported by The Star Online earlier that Jennie Garth is leaving 90210 to spend more time with her family. I can say that during my interview with Jennie Garth it was brought up that she was going away from the famous zip code, and when asked about what she’d have more time for, she said she’d have more time to work on her garden with her children. Her hottie husband, Peter Facinelli (Nurse Jackie, Twilight Saga) told the press that “She’s just not doing it anymore, it was one of those things where she was suppose to do a couple episodes, it went a bit longer and now she’s moving on.” So I’d say that The Star Online was on to something and Garth will be leaving 90210. You can catch her in the new online series Garden Party from NBC and iVillage, that teaches families about different vegetables and how to get your children to eat veggies. Look for my interview with Garth later this week.

That’s it for now, check back later for more interviews and reviews. Tonight you can catch all new episodes of The Biggest Loser on NBC at 8 pm and American Idol at 8 pm on FOX.

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