TV News – The Amazing Race 16 Contestents

The Amazing Race 16 Cast

I’m excited to tell you all that they have released the list of contestants for the upcoming Amazing Race 16, and as I previously reported, Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11 are going to be on this race. There are a couple interesting teams, and from the videos below I have a few opinions already. 😀 So here’s the list of the teams, my opinions on them and a couple videos to get you ready.

Amazing Race 16 will premiere on CBS on February 14th.

The Teams:

Caite & Brent
Caite and Brent
Dating Models
My thoughts: You may also recognize her as Miss South Carolina in the 2007 Miss Teen USA pagent, where she gave a ridiculous answer to why 1 in 5 Americans can’t find the United States on a Map. This appears fairly daft. In the promo video for AR she discusses her anger issues, and I have an issue with her in general. She’s already aggravating me and the season hasn’t even started that doesn’t bode well for future glowing reviews of her.

Louie & Michael
Louie and Michael
My thoughts: No significant thoughts on them yet except hello what’s with the moustaches?

Steve & Allie
Steve and Allie
My Thoughts: He’s a professional baseball coach and she’s adorable. Although I can see why people think they are a couple, like he’s her much older sugar daddy. He’s an attractive older man so that probably feeds into it.

Jeff & Jordan
Jeff and Jordan
Newly Dating (from Big Brother 11)
My Thoughts: Yay! I actually enjoyed them on the BB11, but I have to agree that some people are going to be upset they’re there again trying to win $500,000. It’s a great choice on CBS’ part because they have an established fan base so people will watch. (Not that The Amazing Race is hurting for ratings 😉 )

Monique & Shawne
Monique and Shawne
My Thoughts– Nice ladies, really out to show the world that mothers are fantastic so I’m great with that.

Jet & Cord
Jet and Cord
My Thoughts: I love that Cord is a professional Bull Rider, and that Jet is kind of sexy in a rugged cowboy way. Time will tell if I enjoy the team over the season

Adrian & Dana
Adrian and Dana
Married High School Sweethearts
My Thoughts: Seem like a strong couple emotionally and that may help them do well in the race.

Jody & Shannon
Jody and Shannon
Grandmother and Granddaughter
My Thoughts: I cannot believe what fantastic shape Jody is in, especially for 71! I’m hoping they really surprise a lot of other teams with their strength.

Carol & Brandy
Carol and Brandy
My thoughts: These women seem a little intense but I have no qualms with them yet.

Dan & Jordan
Dan and Jordan
My Thoughts: Not nearly as hot as the brother team from Amazing Race 15 but hopefully they’re nicer.

Joe & Heidi
Joe and Heidi
My Thoughts: Nothing stands out about them to me at this moment.

Here’s the videos to check out!

So what do you say? Are you excited for this season of Amazing Race?

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3 Responses to TV News – The Amazing Race 16 Contestents

  1. shelley says:

    I can’t wait!!!

  2. HoH8 says:

    Wow Jeff & Jordan are so cute together. Im so happy to see them again while waiting for the new season of Big Brother. I already know how far they go in the race but I wont spoil it for anyone. TAR will be awesome again!!!
    Go J&J, We Love You !!!!!

  3. Megan says:

    I am really happy about Jeff and Jordan, I hope they go far 🙂