TV News – 01/26/09

I’m getting pretty excited because my older sister is coming to visit me next week, I haven’t seen her since we moved since we moved in September. 😀 Enough about me let’s get to the news.

It appears that Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland) will be heading up the spin-off of Criminal Minds once the deal is finalized. Whitaker “would play Cooper, the new team’s fiercely loyal and intensely private leader. A former star profiler in the BAU, Coop’s been off the grid for the last eight years, leaving only a trail of rumors in his wake.” The new spin-off will get set up similar to how NCIS:Los Angeles did, in the way that we’ll meet the new team in an episode of the original, Criminal Minds this spring. I’m excited about this and I hope that the new Criminal Minds is as successful and fantastic as the new NCIS: LA. I also really like Whitaker and think he’ll be a great leader. Source

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Some not so surprising news, CBS has renewed, How I Met Your Mother for sixth season. I didn’t think there was any doubt but if you were worried you can take a breath now because it’s safe. The powers that be over at CBS would have been out of their minds if they hadn’t picked up this fantastic comedy. Disaster avoided. Source

Joanna Garcia (Reba, Privileged) has been cast to star in a new comedy for ABC. The untitled comedy “centers on two sisters at different stages in their romantic relationships: one is in a happy, long-term relationship but isn’t married, and the other (Garcia) gets pregnant” and marries her boyfriend. Sounds like it could be a funny show, I’m also being more generous with ABC comedies due to the hilarious success of Modern Family and Cougar Town. Source

That’s all I have right now, but if something else pops up I’ll get it to you 🙂 Don’t miss all new episodes of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles both on CBS starting at 8 pm. Have a great day!

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  1. Jenny says:

    I’m ok with the Whitaker casting… You know who I would LOVE to see on the CM spinoff?? Alex O’Laughlin (Moonlight, Three Rivers). *drool* Holy hotness, that would be awesome. 🙁 lol