Pilot Review – Human Target

I’m a little behind reviewing the pilot of Human Target but I’m going to do it anyways… because I can. 😀 If you haven’t seen it yet I’m going to help you decide if you should, but beware there may be a few spoilers from the first episode. However, if you have watched it already then read along and feel free to comment on my take on things.

Produced By: Jonathan E. Steinberg, Kevin Hooks and Peter Johnson

The Cast: Mark Valley(Fringe),Chi McBride (Pushing Daisies, Boston Public), Jackie Earle Haley(Watchmen)

The Premise:

Human Target is based on the DC Comics comic book and graphic novel of the same name, that focuses on Christopher Chance (Mark Valley).

Chance is a special man, he’s a security expert who’s a bodyguard that gets privately contracted out to protect people. His approach isn’t always the convential one, but he is very good at what he does. He doesn’t get hired unless the problem is too big for everyone else to handle and he seems to thrive on the danger. Undercover, Chance can appear insignificant enough to blend in but he’s anything but ordinary. He’s your usual comic book hero without the webs and super powers. 🙂

He doesn’t really work alone though, he has his business partner Winston (Chi McBride) as well as his backup help, Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley). They assist with the behind the scenes jobs as well as the leg work while Chance concentrates on saving his client. Chance’s past is elusive, and makes us wonder what happened to him to make him so willing to be a Human Target.

Recap of the pilot:

Chance poses as Ken Lydecker, a man who is wanted dead by a former employee, Hollis. Hollis takes the whole office hostage and has who he thinks is Lydecker tied up and hooded. After much negotiation with the police, Hollis agrees to free all the hostages except for Lydecker. Unfortunately, for him, he’s been played.

The man that is tied up and hooded is actually Chance. Chance informs Hollis that his mistake was making too many threats so that Lydecker had the opportunity to hire him. I was a little shocked by the quick switch but it made for some decent story telling.

Chance disarms Hollis of his gun, but Hollis is still strapped into a belt of explosives, which he says he will go set off outside by Lydecker, killing him and anyone else by him. Chance stoically reminds him that making threats isn’t wise, and shoots the explosive belt.

The building blows up and we fade out.

I’ll give the show credit for the initial action, although a little more set up may have worked too.

We fast forward 4 weeks, where we see Chance alive and well. Not that we really thought he was dead, it’s the pilot after all 😉

Chance accepts a new job to guard Stephanie Dobbs who has been targeted for assassination. Dobbs is the chief engineer on building the first American Bullet train that is attracting quite a bit of mixed attention.

After a few attempts on her life, including a bomb on her car, poisoning on the train, and gun fights, Chance finally throws the killer off the train but he was hired by someone. There are some more emergencies and after the train crashes but miraculously our hero and his client survive we find out it was Stephanie’s husband that hired the killer. He was angry about an affair that she was having over a year ago, he also had the man, Mark Hoffman, killed.

We close the episode a month in the future with Chance blowing up a car in an alley.

I felt that the talent of Chi McBride was underused, but I found the character of Guerrero (Haley) gave me the creepy crawlies.

There were bits and pieces that happened in between and although it was slightly amusing I give it a 2.5 out of 5. It’s one of those action shows that people who love explosions, guns and murder will want to watch, but don’t expect too much storyline. At least not yet.

Give it some time and it may prove me wrong. I’m not a huge fan yet but I’ll watch to kill some time and because my husband was amused with all the loud bangs and the prospect that future episodes will fulfill his need for car chases. 🙂

That’s it for now, I’ll be back later with a review of the new CW show, Life UneXpected.

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