TV News – 2/2/2010

Tuesday and it’s been a busy day, my sister just got here to visit for two weeks, so I’ve already been busy showing her around, and catching up on family stuff. I’m going to find you a bit of news today, which honestly it’s been a slow day but here we go.

Matthew Broderick has signed onto the new NBC pilot, Beach Lane The comedy will follow Broderick’s character, “a well-known author who’s hired to run a small newspaper in the Hamptons by the paper’s owner,” the head of a wealthy family. I’m not overly excited about this even though I do really enjoy Broderick, I just don’t know if NBC has still got what it takes to bring out great shows. That’s just my opinion. Source

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Also in pilot news, CBS has picked up two dramas, Reagan’s Lawn and one un-named. Reagan’s Law is about a family of New York police officers and is writing/produced by Mitchell Green and Robin Burgess, who are known for their work on Sopranos. The un-named drama is about a group of doctors that travel around the country giving medical help to people in crisis situations. It’s being produced by John Wells, who had great success with ER, and also co-written by Hannah Shakespeare (Ghost Whisperer). I’m wondering if Wells can pull another smash hit with a new medical show or if people are getting tired of all those medical shows. Reagan’s Law sounds intriguing but again it better be amazing to draw viewers away from the already hit police dramas. Source

Superman is stepping behind the camera. Tom Welling who plays, Clark Kent on Smallville, will be back on the CW next year as a producer of a new pilot. The pilot focuses on the competitive cheerleading world and is called Hellcats. I’m working if Smallville will be coming back for another season or if this is it’s official last season? Either way I will check out at least one episode in honour of the hottie Welling, but I hope it can hook me as easily as ABC Family’s Make It or Break It did with the world of gymnastics. Source

According to Kristen over at E!Online, there is a good chance that Joe Jonas will be heading over to guest star on Brothers & Sisters where he’ll play a younger version of Tommy (Balthazar Getty) in flashbacks on the show. There are lots of actors/actresses being tossed around for the rest, but can you imagine how many teenage girls will go crazy to watch if a Jonas brother makes an appearance? Honestly the only resemblance I see between the two are the incredibly bushy brows 😉 I’ll let you know if anything becomes definite for casting on these flashbacks.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more news. Don’t miss all new episodes of NCIS and NCIS: LA on CBS tonight starting at 8 pm. Oh right, and I believe there is a little show called LOST having it’s season premiere tonight at 9 pm on ABC! Enjoy 🙂

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