TV News – 2/3/2010

Happy Wednesday! 😀 News has been a bit slow this week so far, but I do have a few bits for you, so let’s jump to it.

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) has been cast as the female lead in the ABC comedy pilot, Freshman. Chalke’s character is a witty young Congresswoman who is successful in everything but love. The pilot is being produced by Greg Malins and Arianna Huffington. I have always loved Sarah Chalke so I’m game for any show that brings her back to TV. 😀 Source

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It’s the time of year for pilot casting news, so here’s some more for you. 🙂 Virginia Madsen (Monk, The Haunting in Connecticut), has been cast as the lead in a new ABC dramedy, Scoundrels “about a family of small-town criminals who attempt to go straight after the patriarch is sent to prison.” Sound familiar? It’s based on the New Zealand series Outrageous Fortune and the series will air this summer with 8 episodes already ordered. I’m okay with new TV for summer but I hope that ABC does a good job remaking this show because the original was quite amusing. Source

It’s no secret that I’m a Gleek and luckily so is The TV Addict, so he has some pretty great interviews with the cast coming up starting with Dianna Agron who plays Quinn Fabray on the hit FOX show. (Just in case you’ve been living under a rock I’m talking about Glee by the way). It’s a great interview and definitely worth a read, so head over here and check it out!

Rob Lowe (Brothers & Sisters) on the Criminal Minds spinoff? It’s a rumour at the moment but a plausible one in my opinion. Lowe would definitely be a good sidekick to the older Forest Whitaker (who has also been rumoured to be joining the show). I’m so excited with the idea of a Criminal Minds spinoff as long as it’s as fabulous as the NCIS spinoff NCIS: Los Angeles has been! I’m with Jenny on the fact that I would love to see Alex O’Loughlin (Three Rivers, Moonlight) join the cast because seriously that would ROCK, and he deserves a chance at a pilot that stands a chance of staying around! CBS I’m talking to YOU! Source

That’s all for today but don’t miss an all new episode of Criminal Minds tonight at 9 pm on CBS.

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