Bones – 2/6/10

I know I’ve been MIA for weekly reviews lately, but things have been crazy around here. I’m back with a short one for this week, with the promise that all will return to normal soon! šŸ˜€ Bear with me I’m worth it šŸ˜‰ This past week brought us some great shows, but I’m going to quickly discuss the new Bones that gave me the hibby jibbies..As usual if you haven’t watched it and don’t want to be spoiled then do NOT jump with me, everyone else away we go!

Bones brought us another one of their common religious debates between Booth and Brennan, but honestly I love it every time. In case of the week the body was found burning on an altar of a church. It had horns and a tail and made everyone a little crazy behaving like Satan was going to jump out and grab them.

We found out that the body wasn’t actually Satan… duh. šŸ˜€ It was Neal Lowery, a schizophrenic being treated in a mental facility. Neal had horn implants but was born with the tail, causing him to be convinced that he was the son of Satan. On top of the schizophrenia, Neal is a heroin addict, and a nurse has been trading his meds for heroin.

There was a really odd patient Neviah, who believed she was an angel, and she confessed to killing Neal because he was a demon. The thing is she used a holy lance that just happens to be invisible. Shoot and I thought we’d wrapped the case up really quickly this week. šŸ™‚

The team suspected the drug dealing nurse, but the nurse’s nunchakus (ie. Michaelangelo’s weapons on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) were proven not to be the weapon. That was after Hodgins knocked himself out trying to hit a test dummy, it was quite amusing. What was amazing was that Arastoo (Brennan’s assistant of the week) could use them like some deadly ninja.

Cam figures out that Neal was electrocuted, and after some searching Booth and Brennan find the victim’s secret drug place, where “Welcome to Hell” was painted on the wall in blood. It turns out that Neal’s brother, Gabe, found him using drugs and hit him with a pipe which knocked him backwards into the transformer. After that Gabe put Neal on the altar and set him on fire in an act of anger towards God. I don’t excuse the murder but I can see why Gabe felt like God had hurt his family.

I felt really sorry for Neal’s mother, because nothing is worse than watching your child suffer, and then she lost her both her sons to the anger of Neal’s brother.

Booth and Brennan had a few really sweet and touching moments, my favorite was when Brennan took a moment to ask Booth how he can still believe in God after a case like this one. Booth looked at her and said that although his faith was shaken, and he’s questioning God now, he’ll get the faith back because “tomorrow is a new day.” For once instead of arguing, Brennan agrees that it’s comforting that the sun will come up tomorrow, and that some things remain the same. It wasn’t some earth shaking moment but it was a sweet moment that only Booth and Brennan could share.

I’m sorry that it’s going to be a little bit before we see another new episode of Bones, and I really hope that when it returns that we see some more Booth and Brennan relationship development.

That’s all I have for this week, as I have been so busy and tied up, but as I promised before I will be back to normal soon! In the meantime feel free to post your favorite moments from TV this week, I’m always interested! šŸ˜€

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