TV News – 2/9/2010

What a great day and I’m behind again 😀 That aside I have a bit of news for you anyways.

Leslie Hope (24), is heading back to The Mentalist to flirt with the adorable Simon Baker (aka Jane). Last season Hope appeared in an episode where she played a psychic that got under Jane’s skin, and the producers weren’t blind to the sexual tension between the two characters, so they’re bringing her back for the last two episodes of this season. I think this is a great idea, but I hope it makes Lisbon jealous and leads to Jane and Lisbon hooking up…am I the only one? Source

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Ausiello is treating us to some spoilers and interviews, concerning some of our favorite comedies such as Modern Family and Glee. It’s all in his Ausiello TV video today so head over to E!Online and check it out. Warning possible SPOILERS!

Daniel Cosgrove (Beverly Hills, 90210) has been added to the cast of guest stars for the flashback episode of Brothers & Sisters. Cosgrove will play the younger version of William Walker, and I believe that this is good casting 😀 He’s adorable. Lauren Bittner (The Black Donnellys) has been cast as the younger version of Nora (Sally Field’s character) and I’m interested to see where this episode takes us aren’t you? Source

That’s all for now! Enjoy new episodes of American Idol on FOX at 8 pm and NCIS: Los Angeles at 9 pm on CBS. Happy TV viewing!

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