TV News – 2/17/10

Wednesday, and surprisingly this week is flying by. My sister is back home, and I miss her already. I’ll keep distracted with Olympics, TV and perhaps a hike or two. I also took my daughter on a school field trip to the fire station, which she loved because some day she wants to be a fire fighter. (We take that lightly as she’s not even 5 yet, and has also said she’d like to be a super hero 🙂 ). Enough ramblings about moi, unto some news!

Ausiello has heard the cries of his readers and decided to do a renewal list for cable shows, on networks such as ABC Family, Syfy, HBO and others. Check out the list, keep the link and check back for updates. Remember, I’ll be doing a post on all the renewals and cancellations once all the news is in, but in the meantime to ease any worries check out the list.

Hottie Joe Manganiello, who was recently added to the cast of True Blood as the mysterious werewolf, Alcide, has just been added to a CBS pilot, Livin’ on a Prayer. The pilot is from the creators of How I Met Your Mother and focuses on “a group of friends living in Pittsburgh…further along in life than the HIMYM cast.” I don’t know what to think of this because if he’s going to be a success and stick around True Blood I would like him to concentrate on that, but I guess time will tell, maybe his role as Alcide is only a one season gig… I hope not. Source

Alright, that’s all I have for you today… seriously! The Olympics while fantastic to watch pretty much bring our TV news world to a halt. You can catch another all new episode of American Idol tonight at 9 pm, and catch a rerun of Monday’s episode of Life UneXpected at 8 pm on CW, this show really deserves the ratings! 😀 [Jenny’s fault it’s up late. Sorry! lol]

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  1. Megan says:

    Jenny you’re a busy lady,no worries