American Idol Top 24

As we all have watched this past week, American Idol has chosen it’s top 24 contestants for season 9. It’s now up to America, but seeing as I’m Canadian and cannot vote 🙁 I’m more than willing to share my opinions to help you make your decisions 😉 Let’s take a look at the Top 24 and I’ll give you my thoughts on the contestants, and who I’m already rooting for.

The Boys

Aaron Kelly
Age: 16
Sonestown, PA
My Thoughts: He’s going to get a lot of the tween vote, because of his age and his likability. I’m not overly jazzed with his voice and think that he might have needed another year to get ready.

Alex Lambert
Age: 19
North Richland Hills, TX
My Thoughts: It’s kind of cute that he plays the ukelele. I don’t think he’s as fabulous as some of the other boys but I’m willing to give him at least this week to change my mind.

Andrew Garcia
Age: 24
Moreno Valley, CA
My Thoughts: I LOVE him! His voice is wonderful, he seems very down-to-earth. I really enjoyed his performance during Hollywood week of Paula Abdul’s song Straight Up. The arrangement was wicked. He’s definitely a forerunner in my opinion.

Casey James
Age: 27
Fort Worth, TX
My Thoughts: Well Kara seems to be in love with him, especially after he took off his shirt during his audition, I’m not as overly fond of him. I do however think he has some amazing talent with the guitar! Without the guitar he seems really uncomfortable, and his voice shows his uneasiness. He will make the top 12 but I’d be shocked if he made the finals. I do predict that cougars will swoon over him. 😉

Jermaine Sellers
Age: 27
Joliet, IL
My Thoughts: Loved his first audition and his take on Joan Osborne’s What If God Was One of Us. It was moving and he has a great story, and personality. Now I just hope he can bring that to the Top 24, because I felt he was lacking it during Hollywood Week.

Tyler Grady
Nazareth, PA
My Thoughts: He kind of looks like Steven Tyler, and it’s almost like he wants to be in the 70’s. In fact he strikes me like a wanna be 70’s sex idol, especially in his first audition singing Let’s Get It On. Not my favorite.

Joe Munoz
Age: 20
Huntington Park, CA
My Thoughts: Blah. He has very little hope of winning.

John Park
Age: 21
Evanston, IL
My Thoughts: He has a great voice, with some interesting qualities. It also helps that he’s adorable and easy on the eyes. I can say that I see him in the top 12, but I don’t think he’ll win.

Lee Dewyze
Age: 23
Mount Prospect, IL
My Thoughts: He’s got amazing eyes. 🙂 I didn’t feel that the editing really gave him enough screen time but perhaps that’s in his favour, because we all know that the more the show pushes someone, the less the fans love them. I really enjoy his voice, it has a very rough and sexy sound to it, almost Chris Daughtry like. He’s even better with his guitar. Is he the next American Idol? I’m not sure, but I will be watching him closely 😉

Michael Lynche
Astoria, NY
My Thoughts: Technically, he should have been eliminated because his family broke the rules and leaked the news about him making the Top 24, but I am glad he’s still here. The cameras following him as he talked his wife through labour were endearing, and had me going “aww”. Can he sing? Well, yes he can! He’s not my favorite but him in the Top 12 would make me happy.

Todrick Hall
Age: 24
Arlington, TX
My Thoughts: He’s good, he’s really good, but he knows it. His confidence comes across as arrogance at points, so I’m hoping that he can cool his attitude long enough for his beautiful voice to tell his story. Chances are it won’t happen. America will vote him through to the Top 12 though because he can sing and he’s a performer and everyone loves to be entertained.

Tim Urban
Age: 20
Duncanville, TX
My Thoughts: He had a horrible audition in Dallas but Simon and the others gave him another chance. Lucky for him, he proved to be mediocre in Hollywood but still managed to make the Top 24. How you ask? Well, the story is that Chris Golightly who was originally in the Top 24, was disqualified because of an old contract that wasn’t brought to Idol’s attention before. It’s a dicey situation but Tim Urban is going to get a little more time to prove himself because of it. It’s really odd to me because frankly Urban just isn’t as good as the other guys, but I believe he’ll get the girls between the ages 12-17 because he kind of looks like Zac Efron (High School Musical, Hairspray). He won’t last.

That’s it for the boys, my prediction is that if a guy wins it will be Andrew Garcia.

The Girls

So far Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell have both admitted it would be nice for a girl to win, so who will it be? Let’s take a look.

Ashley Rodriguez
Age: 22
Chelsea, MA
My Thoughts: She can sing, and sing well. Already an early favorite by fans and critics alike, I hope this girl can live up to the hype. She was fabulous in her audition with If I Ain’t Got You (original by Alicia Keys) and then even better in Hollywood with Battlefield (American Idol season 6 winner Jordin Sparks). I would say that in my mind she is in the top 5 already.

Crystal Bowersox
Age: 24
Elliston, OH
My Thoughts: Wow! I loved her audition, and I adored her in Hollywood. Her version of Natural Woman was fierce and her performance of If It Makes you Happy This girl has talent oozing out of her, between her Indy Rock voice, her strong guitar skills and even her ability to play the harmonica, I was hooked. If she doesn’t make the top 5 I would be floored and angry at America.

Didi Benami
Age: 23
Hollywood, CA
My Thoughts: Inconsistent. She was amazing when she sung Terrified (written by none other than Kara DioGuardi), but she had other weak times. Her love of music and her background story (ie. her best friend passed away) give her a motivation to try to be better. Can she do it? I don’t know but she’s going to try and you never know she might surprise us all.

Haeley Vaughn
Age: 16
Fort Collins, CO
My Thoughts: Aggravating! This girl drives me nuts. I do not like her voice, her personality or any of it. When it came down to the end and it was between Haeley and Tori Kelly, it should have been Tori. The judges blew this one.

Janell Wheeler
Orlando, FL
My Thoughts: Not worthy of the Top 24. Sweet enough girl, but just not talented enough. Her spot could have been filled by someone else.. perhaps Shelby Dressel or Angela Martin.

Katelyn Epperly
Age: 19
West Des Moines, IA
My Thoughts: Her sob story doesn’t really move me as much as others, because everyone deals with divorce, it’s not the end of the world. That being said she does have a great voice and I really enjoyed her version on Bubbly during Hollywood week. She’ll need to show a lot more personality if she wants to win.

Katie Stevens
Age: 17
Middlebury, CT
My Thoughts: Her original audition singing At Last was very good, amazing that a voice so strong could come out of such a young bubbly girl. She is a front runner for sure. During the group performances she was in a group with Andrew Garcia and they sang No One and I said to my husband, those two could end up being the final two. It just might happen.

Lacey Brown
Amarillo, TX
My Thoughts: She’s really sweet and adorable. Last year she was in the Top 50, she lost out to Megan Joy, but she felt it was the right decision because she needed a year to work hard and get better. Her audition this year with Somewhere Over the Rainbow was wonderful and it gave me chills. She’s one to watch.

Lilly Scott
Age: 20
Littleton, CO
My Thoughts: She’s really quirky. I honestly don’t like her hair, lol. I’m serious it looks so grey and dull, she needs a hair makeover. Anyways, as far as the singing goes she has a really unique quality to her voice, very jazzy blue sound. I think that if America can embrace her she might end up going far.

Michelle Delamor
Miami, FL
My Thoughts: I don’t really remember her much, I had to watch back clips just to remind myself. She’s good, but not the best. I’ll let you know how I feel about her once I see more this week.

Paige Miles
Cypress, TX
My Thoughts: She wasn’t overly pushed on us during the audition process, but I remember that this girl can sing. Expect her to surprise us.

Siobhan Magnus
Barnstable, MA
My Thoughts: She can sing but I’m not a huge fan. She’s a little irritating but we’ll see how that plays out for the next performances.

Overall, the girls are really strong this season. If I was to pick a girl who could win, it would be Crystal Bowersox because she’s not only talented but able to make the songs her own.

That’s it for my American Idol thoughts and reviews, but I’ll be back later this week with more. Look for the interview with Simon Cowell and tomorrow I’m interviewing Kris Allen (the winner of season 8).

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