TV News – 2/23/10

How is everyone today? Ready for the Top 12 Girls performances tonight on American Idol? I have a little bit of news for you today so let’s jump to it.

Cam (Tamara Taylor), our favorite coroner on Bones is getting a love life. Elon Gold (Stacked) has just been added to the show as a love interest for Cam that will “complicate [the] relationship with her adopted daughter, Michelle.” I’m happy that Cam is getting some love on the show, she needs it. Not to mention Taylor is a great actress and deserves a little storyline of her own. Source

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Becki Newton (Ugly Betty), has been cast in a leading role for NBC’s new comedy pilot, Love Bites. The series will feature three slightly intertwined stories about love, dating and married life each week. Newton’s character will be a virgin who loves romance, and is always bright and sunny. While I’m still irked about Ugly Betty getting cancelled, Newton on another new comedy will help, although I hope that it’s a success and not just another NBC joke. Source

Bristol Palin, (former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s daughter), is going to be appearing on The Secret Life of the American Teenager as herself sometime during season 3. The thing is, sometimes this show is good and really brings some reality to the teen mom situation, but other times it’s writing is off and it makes bad decisions. (ie. adding the controversial teen mom, Bristol Palin). Source

Chris Golightly was kicked out of the Top 24 on American Idol for not telling the powers that be about an old recording contract. The thing is that the old contract was finished in May, 2009 and he didn’t sign the new one with Idol until June, 2009. Chris is still trying to get added back to the group of boys performing on Wednesday, and I think that American Idol should do it, make it top 13 boys and let America decide. It’s only fair. I know that fair means nothing in the entertainment world, but I really believe they should give Chris another chance, besides, Tim Urban who replaced him is not nearly as good. That’s just my opinion though 😉 Source

Jane Kaczmarek (Raising the Bar, Malcolm in the Middle) will be joining Adam Arkin (Sons of Anarchy) in a new ABC comedy pilot, Who Gets the Parents?. The two will be playing a married couple who gets a divorce causing their adult children to be really upset. I’m happy to see Kaczmarek back on TV because I really do enjoy her. Source

That’s all for now, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. Catch a new episode of Lost at 9 pm on ABC, and the season finale of The Little Couple on TLC at 10 pm.

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