American Idol Top 12 Boys

Lee Dewyze

Tonight it was the Top 12 Boys on American Idol and like the girls last night there were some highs and some definite lows. I was overall okay with tonight but there were only a few stand out performances. Follow along with me if you care to hear my opinions.

Todrick Hall
Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
My Thoughts: Are you kidding me? That was horrible. The arrangement was risky and bold, but he didn’t pull it off and that made it suck. I still find him incredibly arrogant and taking a song by the first Idol winner ever, and screwing it up makes for a bad performance.
Judges: They judges thought that he should have stuck to the original arrangement or picked another song, but then why did they tell the girls last night to switch the songs up a bit. So flip-floppy.

Aaron Kelly
Here Comes Goodbye by Rascall Flatts
My Thoughts : The boy really does have a pretty fantastic voice, but he looked like he was going to vomit on the stage. I think that his age is going to be his failure, although I think he’ll get a lot of tween votes.
Judges: Simon actually thought it was good. They were all really nice to him which I found odd, lol.

Jermaine Sellers
Get Here by Oleta Adams
My Thoughts: I don’t like him, I try but I just don’t. This song didn’t help matters much either. It’s a classic, a truly beautiful song and when he sang it (although the singing part is debatable) I wanted to plug my ears. My husband who is almost tone deaf, said “Is that even the right key?” πŸ˜‰ Bad.
Judges: Ellen thought he was pushing too much, but Simon said he completely blew it and I agree with both.

Tim Urban
Apologize by One Republic
My Thoughts: I really had high hopes for him although he’s not my favorite. My hopes were dashed when he ruined one of my favorite songs. πŸ™ I just can’t believe how terrible he sounded singing this song. He doesn’t have that falsetto range that is needed for this song and it was painful to watch. On the other hand he might get through because he’s kind of cute in the Zac Efron way, and the young teen girls will swoon. Mostly the deaf teenage girls… I’m just saying. πŸ˜‰
Judges: Simon was blunt and that’s why we love him. He said that they judges made the right choice the first time not letting him through. I agree.

Joe Munoz
You and I Both by Jason Mraz
My Thoughts: I am a huge fan of Mraz, so when I heard that Munoz was singing one of his songs I cringed. He was mumbling and I could barely make out the words. Seriously, who handed out the butcher knives at the beginning of the show? He also needs his eyebrows plucked.
Judges: They were all over the chart but the general consensus was that it was a forgettable performance.

Tyler Grady
American Woman by The Guess Who
My Thoughts: I believe that he tries too hard to be sexy and fails. He was decent but slightly off key. Although compared to what has been put out so far tonight that was an exciting performance.
Judges: They want to see less 70’s rock star wanna be and more Tyler Grady.

Lee Dewyze
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
My Thoughts: I was excited when I heard he’d be singing this song because it’s really one of my top 10 favorite songs, that I could hear a thousand times and not get sick of. I will admit that he has really sexy eyes, I get distracted watching him. The raspy quality in his voice makes him even more adorable. As a whole, it was a great performance, and a cool mix up of the song.
Judges: Simon thought it was the best of the night so far, and I agree completely.

John Park
God Bless the Child , Jazz Standard
My Thoughts: I wondered if he chose this song because Shania Twain sung it at one time. (Seeing as in his video clip we see her drooling over John during his audition). He does have a nice voice but he mumbled a lot tonight. What is with the guys tonight?
Judges: They thought there was no emotion from him for such a big emotional song.

Michael Lynche
This Love by Maroon 5
My Thoughts: Weird song choice for him. The first thing I thought was that the guitar looks like a ukelele next to him. (Funny that Ryan voiced that thought as well… great minds.) Anyways the song was very energetic, but not overly wonderful.
Judges: Simon thought that he’s better than that song and I have to agree again.

Alex Lambert
Wonderful World by James Morrison
My thoughts: It was really bad, and I’m sorry about that. BLAH! What is with that horrible mullet??
Judges: Simon said it was “the most uncomfortable performance” and he hit it on the head. Alex looked so nervous and uneasy on the stage.

Casey James
Heaven by Bryan Adams
My thoughts: Kara is a cougar, she watches him like she wants him… bad. (Mind you she is married, and just fantasizing lol) I’ll admit that he has a really good and sexy voice. He’s not the hottest guy there but he’ll probably get a lot of older woman votes. The song was sung well and I was happy with his performance. He didn’t make me want to mute him so that’s good. He’ll make the Top 10 easily.
Judges: Well Kara is just over the moon, calling him “eye candy and ear candy”. They were all really whacked during that performance, too busy making fun of Kara for being attracted to him.

Andrew Garcia
Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy
My Thoughts: I think I’m the minority tonight when I say I loved his song choice. It was a great song, but just not for tonight. He should have picked something a little more upbeat and mixed it up a bit more. That being said I enjoyed him a lot and hope he sticks around for a long time.
Judges: Didn’t like the song choice and they all expect more from him.

Okay, that’s all for tonight, but if I had to pick who was going home I’m leaning towards Alex Lambert and Joe Munoz because they’re really forgettable. Check back tomorrow night for my recap on the results show and my thoughts on who went home.

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