Amazing Race – 2/21/10

Seeing as this past week was pretty slow for new shows due to the Olympics, I’m going to do a quick recap of last week’s Amazing Race to get everybody up to speed for this week’s episode. So if you haven’t seen last week’s episode and you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t jump with me. However, if you want to catch up then follow me.

I can’t help but love Jeff & Jordan, they really are amusing, and although Jordan is little intellectually challenged, they manage to make the team work. I have to say that I’ve been surprised by how patient Jeff has been, but then again that may only be the way it’s being edited.

Last Sunday had our teams heading towards Puerto Vargas by bus, and I found it surprising how many little mistakes were made during this leg of the race. Jeff & Jordan started out first but couldn’t manage to catch a bus on time, and the cowboy brothers (Jet & Cord) passed them easily. Showing all of us that the Cowboys may just be some strong contenders, even if they look ridiculous with the rain covers on their cowboy hats. 😉

Carol & Brandy teamed up with Joe & Heidi, hoping to help each other get further in the race. The ended up finishing 2nd and 3rd, so it worked a bit. Carol & Brandy always have some smart remark to say about other teams, sometimes they’re funny (i.e. when referring to Caite) and sometimes they get aggravating. I’ll have to see how long it takes for them to really get on my nerves.

The cowboys managed to get themselves out in front by actually paying attention to the bus departing times, and they had an easy lead over everyone, which they kept causing them to come in first. I’m sure it helped that both the detour and the roadblock, had tasks involving livestock.

In the detour the teams could either dress up a llama in a scarf and blanket, or put on wetsuits and jump off a scaffolding platform in a set of giant condor wings, trying to fly. If I was doing this race I would have easily chosen dress up the llama, even though animals are often unpredictable the prospect of jumping into cold water, and the wetsuits would slow a lot of people down.

The cowboys, Joe & Heidi, Carol & Brandy, and many others chose to adorn a llama. Jeff & Jordan, and Brent & Caite chose the flight of the condor one, and although they didn’t break any human flying records they managed to complete the task quickly.

This week’s road block consisted of having to collect some ingredients for a cake. Was it just me or did this task seem really easy? The hardest part was milking the cow, and knowing that a baker’s dozen is 13. Luckily, Jeff didn’t leave the math up to Jordan on this one or they might have lost seeing as we all know she can’t even count by quarters on a clock let alone know about a baker’s dozen.

Jody & Shannon (Grandma/granddaughter) team had a lot of difficulties this race, and it didn’t help that Jody got kicked in the head twice by the cow she was milking. I didn’t understand why if they were already behind, Shannon would let her Grandma do the task instead of taking charge and doing it herself.

First place was claimed by the cowboy brothers, followed by Carol & Brandy and Joe & Heidi. I find myself liking the cowboys, but they aren’t my favorite yet. Jeff & Jordan finished in the middle of the pack coming in as the 6th team, and although they need to step it up next time, I’m okay with that finish for now.

Jody and Shannon were eliminated, and I can’t say that I’m surprised. We’ve had some really competitive older people on the show, and while Jody was a fit Grandma she just wasn’t strong or competitive enough for the race. Besides she was kind of aggravating.

Catch an all new episode tonight on CBS at 8 pm. I’ll be back next week with more reviews, watch during the week for my reviews of American Idol. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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