TV News – 3/1/10

March 1st, where is the time going? I’m living in a sick house right now. My daughter and myself both have terrible colds, which makes us all cranky and not so much fun to be around. While she sleeps I’m going to get the TV news out to you, so here goes.

Janeane Garofalo (24), has joined the cast of the new medical pilot from John Wells. Her character, Angel will be the head nurse and manager of operations. She’ll be the one who keeps things running smoothly and will help hold the team together. The pilot will center around a group of doctors and nurses who travel around the country helping those in the worst of situations. It is yet to be named. I’ll admit that the more I hear about this drama the more intrigued I am and somehow I still hold hope that it will be more than just another medical drama. In the meantime hit the comment section and let me know what you would name it if you could. Source

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The tour dates for GLEE LIVE! IN CONCERT but with an exclusive four city schedule, many of us (myself included) will not be able to attend. The cities include New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Chicago. For complete details head over to The TV Addcit, who has a list of ticket sale and performance dates.

Two of the cast members from Nip/Tuck, have found themselves new homes on TV, landing roles in upcoming pilots. Dylan Walsh will be heading over to CBS to play an ATF agent who tries to balance his career and his family life. The pilot is tentatively being named ATF.
Joely Richardson will be appearing on ABC in the new legal pilot, The Whole Truth, where they will show a case from both the defense and prosecution’s point of view. That sounds familiar… I know Law & Order! I’m already not jazzed about another legal show, and hope ABC just decides to put some more time behind The Deep End which was really under advertised, despite how good it really is. Source

Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants) has joined the cast of the new CBS drama pilot, The Quinn-Tuplets. The new show will be focused on a set of adult Quintuplets, who come back together after the death of their mom. Their mom had allowed their childhood to be filmed as a reality show, and we’re going to see how that affected all of them. Sounds like it could be a project based on the future of the Gosselin children… 😉 I really loved Tambly on Joan of Arcadia so I’m happy to see her back on TV, but we’ll have to see how decent this show turns out to be. For more on this and long list of pilot casting news head over to The Futon Critic

That’s all for today, but enjoy TV going back to normal tonight. Watch all new episodes of How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory on CBS starting at 8 pm. Don’t miss the 2-hour finale plus the 1-hour ‘After the Rose’ special for The Bachelor, too (according to Jenny 😉 ).

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