American Idol Top 12 Finalists Named – 3/11/10

I am honestly and truly angry with the voters of this season’s American Idol. Being Canadian I can’t vote but I wish you picked a better Top 12. So I don’t spoil it for anyone the results are after the jump.

I’m going to list the Top 12, and then give you my opinion. After that list we’ll discuss the stupidity of the eliminations.

Your Top 12 for American Idol season 9 are:

Didi Benami– She may not have been very consistent but she is very talented and deserves to be here.

Siobhan Magnus– She’s odd, and sometimes I don’t love her, but the girl can sing. Good choice.

Paige Miles– Here’s where we get sticky because there are other girls that deserved this spot more, because they are plain and simple more talented or more consistent.

Crystal Bowersox– If America had voted her off, I might have stopped watching. She’s pure and simply the most talented there.

Lacey Brown– Hmmm… no comment.

Katie Stevens– She can sing, but she isn’t necessarily ready for this competition because she’s not good at song choice.

Casey James– No surprise there, but he better step it up.

Tim Urban– He doesn’t deserve to be there.

Lee Dewyze– One of my favorite guys, he was a no brainer.

Michael Lynche– He’s not my favorite but he can sing and he deserves to be there.

Aaron Kelly– I just don’t know if he’s ready for this.

Andrew Garcia– I was worried after yesterday that America wouldn’t still love him, but at least they did something right. Andrew deserves the chance to be there as much as Lee. They are my two top guys.

If you’ve paid attention the eliminations were:

Katelyn Epperly – She’s inconsistent but she’s a better singer than Lacey Brown. That said I’m okay with this elimination.

Lilly Scott– What the HELL!?!?! This was the worst choice in history. Lacey Brown, or Paige Miles or even Katie Stevens… but not Lilly Scott. America this was a stupid choice. I admire the way that Lilly laid it out for America saying she doesn’t know what they want. I’m so unimpressed.

Todrick Hall– He’s had a few rough weeks, but he does have a way better voice than Tim Urban. All that aside I’m okay with this elimination because I didn’t really like him.

Alex Lambert– I get that he’s not the most fun to watch on stage, but his voice is good. Again I say TIM URBAN! The only reason Alex is gone and Tim is there is because Tim is cute for the young girls. I’m telling you Alex that mullet killed you.

Overall, I’m happy my favorites went through (Crystal, Andrew, Lee, Didi) and really pissed that Tim is still there. All I have to say is America you had better get it right soon!

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2 Responses to American Idol Top 12 Finalists Named – 3/11/10

  1. Angelstorm says:

    Yeah . . . definitely agree with you about Lilly cannot believe she got voted off ! But then I’m way super glad that Crystal is still there because she is awesome !

  2. Megan says:

    Lilly being voted off was terrible, but Crystal still there is great. It was a night of double edged swords.