TV News – 4/1/10

It’s been a pretty good day, busy but good. I’m running late with the news, so I’m going to get right to it.

Last night on American Idol we saw a promising bottom 3, with Tim Urban, Didi Benami and Katie Stevens. I think that Tim should have gone home, but America is obviously still in love with his wanna be Zac Efron looks. Unfortunately, Didi Benami went home. Although I have loved her voice since the beginning she’s been all over the place these past few weeks making it hard to stand behind her. Farewell Didi, I’m sure it’s not the last we see of you.

Ausiello broke the news of S. Epatha Merkenson leaving Law & Order after 16 years. Merkerson has been on the show for a long time, and this season her character Lt. Van Buren has been battling cancer. The actress has decided that it’s been a good run, and that she didn’t want to renew her contract with the show. I respect that 16 years is a long time to be working on one show, and she’s always been fabulous. To read Ausiello’s interview with the wonderful S. Epatha Merkerson head over here

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Keeping with the Ausiello goodness, he has some juicy spoilers for us this week. There are details on Glee as well as Grey’s Anatomy and more. If you like spoilers then please click the link, otherwise don’t. Warning Spoilers A AHEAD!

Robert Knepper (Prison Break, Heroes) and Julie McNiven (Supernatural) have been cast as guest stars in the second season of Stargate Universe. Knepper will be there for 6 episodes and McNiven for 5 episodes, both playing members of the Lucian Alliance. I think that Knepper is an excellent choice as is McNiven, I look forward to seeing how they fit in with the cast. Speaking of SGU don’t miss the spring premiere tomorrow night at 9 pm on Syfy. Look for my interview with Louis Ferreira and Brian J. Smith to be posted during the day tomorrow. Source

Yesterday, Nigel Lythgoe announced the second all-star dancer for this season is Kathryn McCormick from Season 6 and her style is contemporary. I’m not as familiar with her as some of the others, but I’m sure she’ll be great.

ABC has renewed Castle for a third season consisting of 22 episodes. Yay! That’s not the only exciting Castle news, Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars) is going to be guest starring on and episode of the show during May sweeps. Gonzalo will play a high school friend of Beckett’s who finds herself caught in the middle of a murder investigation. I’m excited for more Castle and for the guest star aren’t you? Source

That’s all for today, don’t miss an all new episode of Bones tonight at 8 pm on FOX, followed by the return of Fringe at 9 pm also on FOX. It’s going to be a great night!

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