TV News – BONES 99th and 100th Episodes Hints!

Recently, Jenny and I got a chance to screen the next two episodes of Bones including the 100th episode. Let me tell you they were fabulous. 🙂 We’re going to give you a few teasers, some you’ve probably heard, some maybe not. If you’re interested click ahead… if not then don’t 😀 Be warned SPOILERS ahead!

In the 99th episode which airs on Thursday, April 1st at 8 pm on FOX the following things might happen:

-Someone has a near death experience.

-Brennan is interviewed about her newest novel

-Someone’s sex life is made public

-Rat poop plays an important role in the case

-Sweets makes a decision about his future

In the 100th episode,airing April 8th, at 8pm which was directed by David Boreanaz :

– It’s a flashback episode so we get to see Zack (Eric Millegan)

– We learn Brennan can hold her tequila quite well

– There is a lot of kissing…

– Booth and Brennan, will make some sort of decision about their future

– As Ausiello already reported a conversation takes place that’s something like this “If we don’t work together anymore, we can have sex.” The other person then replies “I’ll call a cab.” Seriously juicy.

-Brennan exercises her violent side.

Unfortunately, that’s all we can give you, or else I’m sure our privileges will be cut off 😀 Rest assured I’ll be around to discuss both new episodes after they air. Also, check out Jenny’s interview with David Boreanaz here: David Boreanaz interview

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