TV News – 4/2/10

Easter weekend, are you ready? Wasn’t last night Bones fabulous? Let’s get to the news.

Chad Lowe (24, Life Goes On) has joined the cast of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars as Aria’s (Lucy Hale) dad, a role originally filled by Alexis Denisof. I’m kind of disappointed because frankly I prefer Denisof over Lowe. *shrug*

Also heading over to ABC Family is Gina Torres (Angel), to join the cast of Huge. Torres will be playing the doctor at the weight loss camp, Dr. Dorothy Rand. I loved her on Angel and I’m looking forward to this series. Source

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After the finale of Lost on May 23rd, the cast and the producers are going to be on Jimmy Kimmel for Jimmy Kimmel Live : Aloha to Lost. Jimmy has always discussed the show, so it’s only fitting that the final send off be on his show. Will you watch? Source 

I’m sure you are already sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen leaving Two and a Half Men, I am for sure. At the moment it’s a rumour, and one that seems to be a way for Sheen to shake more money out of the network, for his mediocre performance. For some crazy reason he is the highest paid sitcom star on TV at the moment, earning $825,000 per episode. For real? I would expect Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother or Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), to earn more than Sheen who’s performances on Two and a Half Men are frankly not as good as Harris’ or Parson’s. Whatever the case Sheen’s contract is coming up for renegotiation and I smell a bargaining tool, don’t you? He should stick by the show because it’s stuck by him through all his stupidity. That’s my opinion, and the only time I’m going to bore you with it until the news is finalized. 😀 Source

Okay that’s all for now, don’t miss the spring premiere of Stargate Universe at 9 pm on Syfy and the series premiere of Miami Medical tonight at 10 pm on CBS. Check out the clip below to get you ready.

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