Week in Review – 3/28/10 – 4/3/10

It’s been a great week for television, with a couple of my favorite shows returning from hiatus, and the premiere of a new show. ABC Family’s 10 Things I Hate About You returned on Monday with a fabulous new episode, that made us laugh and smile. Bones had it’s spring premiere leading up to it’s 100th episode next week, and CBS premiered it’s new Jerry Bruckheimer medical drama, Miami Medical which brought in some great ratings. Also this week was a great episode of Grey’s Anatomy where we got a glimpse into Alex’s past when his brother dropped by. With lots to discuss let’s get started, but remember if you haven’t watched these shows and don’t want to be spoiled then don’t jump with me.

10 Things I Hate About You, picked up right where it left off, with Patrick (Ethan Peck) and Kat (Lindsey Shaw) riding off into the sunset after getting suspended. Kat was hilarious in her excitement at sticking it to the system, however after an icy dip in the ocean she realized that her father is going to kill her and she’s put a mark on her permanent record by getting suspended. That realization thankfully comes after some hot lip locking action between Kat and Patrick, those two make an adorable couple, and I love when he kept kissing her to make her stop talking.

Kat goes home and faces the music, her father is obviously upset but she says she did it to defend some poor boy who’s back pack they’re going to search, unfortunately, that was a lie. As a punishment for the suspension, Walter tells Kat she has to paint the living room on her day of suspension.

While painting the next day, Patrick comes over to see Kat and they talk. Kat learns that she’s going to get a zero for missing the English test while suspended and freaks out. Patrick calms her down by telling her he’ll help her break into the school to take a test. 🙂 So amusing. What unfolds next is very funny, Kat and Patrick acting all Mission Impossible, and running into Bianca and Joey making out in the janitor closet. (I’ll explain more about that fiasco in a moment.).

Kat gets to take the test after distracting the flighty English teacher with talk of Oprah. That teacher reminds me of my grade 11 teacher Mrs. Brindle, she was super nice, but flighty as a chipmunk on crack. Anyways, back to the show. LOL. Kat decides she’s aced the test, but before they can escape the school security sees them. Patrick being the guy that he is runs away to lure the guard away from Kat, unfortunately Kat turns around and bumps right into the principal. Oops!

Walter is called down to the office and although he’s angry at Kat, he’s more angry at the principal for punishing Kat for trying to do well in school. I agree, kind of stupid. While Walter is giving a speech about how Kat is a good girl, the security guard brings Patrick into the office and the principal informs Walter that this is the “poor boy” that Kat was defending. Busted.

Walter leaves the school really angry and disappointed in Kat. Poor Kat, I actually believe she did the right thing, and I hope her father comes around.

Now onto the other Stratford sister, Bianca (Meaghan Jette Martin). What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive. Chastity is on the war path trying to find out who the girl was that she saw kissing Joey. Bianca is helping her, or leading her astray actually because that girl is Bianca.

While dealing with Chastity, she’s still trying to find a way to talk to Cameron (Nicholas Braun) who is hurt and angry with her over the Joey kissing thing. Cameron was in love with Bianca, and he’s angry that she took him for granted and he was hurt seeing her kiss Joey. Aww, I really enjoy Cameron. He’s adorable, and funny but he’s got to let go of the heartbreak. They were such great friends, I missed those moments on the show.

Eventually, Bianca convinces Joey to get to the security tape so they can erase it and Chastity will never know who the girl was. Cameron beats him to it, and gives the tape to Chastity himself, however showing that he’s still a good guy he erased Bianca’s identity. Chastity was angry but Bianca reminded her how fabulous she was, and that calmed her down.

Bianca brought the tape back to Cameron, who was still angry and told Bianca that she deceived him. She wasn’t sweet and innocent, she was a vixen. Ouch. I’m proud of Cameron for standing up to Bianca, but I felt bad because it really hurt her. That aside it made Bianca think about what she was doing, and she decided to come clean to Chastity.

While I agree the truth had to come out, I couldn’t help but be scared for Bianca because Chastity is scary. 😀 Proving me right she dumped a cup of frozen yogurt over Bianca, and chased her to the parking lot, where Bianca jumped into the car with Kat and drove off. Chastity said she’d see her tomorrow and I’m guessing this is going to be an epic cat fight. All over Joey? I don’t get it, he’s cute enough but there’s something about a guy that daft that turns me off. I prefer a man who can remember my requests without writing them on his hand 🙂

I loved the first episode back, but I’m really looking forward to the next episode where Kat has to invite Patrick over for dinner. That’s going to be fun! My hope is that the writers leave Patrick and Kat together for a while because they make an entertaining couple. Tune in to ABC Family on Mondays at 8 pm for all new episodes. In the meantime be sure to check out my interviews with Meaghan Jette Martin and Nicholas Braun here, as well as with Ethan Peck and Lindsey Shaw here

Bones was back on Thursday night after a fairly long break, man did I miss my weekly fix! The episode had a lot of character development and we got to see a lot of great acting by John Francis Daly who plays Sweets.

We open with Sweets on a subway and chatting with a man who recently beat cancer and was looking forward to travelling and dating exotic women. Suddenly there’s an earthquake that causes a water main to bust, pushes the subway off course and all over the place. The cancer survivor, gets launched forward smashing his head on a pole in the subway, and dies. There were no other casualties.

Sweets is really upset by this event, because he was just talking to the man. I loved the emotion we got to see from Sweets this week because usually he’s focused on the case, and Booth/Brennan, with very little personal moments for him. He was emotionally torn up by the death and we see him go through the motions of trying to decide what’s important in life.

It appears that he’s going to break up with Daisy after he’s been avoiding her all episode. However, it’s the opposite. He finds her cataloguing bones in storage, and he proposes. 🙂 It was sweet, and although I actually find Daisy aggravating, this scene was adorable. Seeing him realize that all the adventure he needs from life is found in his love for her was romantic, and I was happy for them.

The case of the week was focused on a body that was washed up in the subway tunnel during the earthquake. It’s a man, who was blind and wrote letters for a living. I’m not just talking letters, all sorts of letters. Legal, letters to the editor, and most important to the case love letters.

It seems our victim was writing love letters to a female police officer, played by the fabulous Clea DuVall (Heroes, Carnivale, The Faculty), from a security guard. This lady was upset because she broke up with her boyfriend (who was the owner of a pawn shop), for the security guard after reading his wonderful letters. When she found out that the letters weren’t written by the guard she tracked down the blind man and killed him. It’s amazing the things that set people off.

All throughout the case Brennan was being followed by a Japanese journalist, to talk about Brennan’s new book. The journalist was more interested in learning about the steamy parts of the books as opposed to the way the writing process went. She was also interested in drawing all sorts of comparisons between Brennan & Booth’s relationship to the characters in the book, although they are different.

We also learned some steamy details about Angela and Hodgins’ love life thanks to page 187, although we don’t know specifics, we know that whatever Hodgins does, it’s amazing and unforgettable. The reason it’s in the book is because Angela actually helps Brennan write her book by suggesting sex scenes, or personable moments that Brennan herself couldn’t think of.

After hearing how much people love the people orientated parts of the books, the ones that Angela helps with, Brennan decides to compensate Angela. I loved the moment when Angela looked at the check and was in awe, obviously it’s a lot of money, they’re worldwide best sellers!

I was also pleased with the Angela and Hodgins scenes, where we learned that Angela and Hodgins are both still hung up on each other. When Hodgins confronts Angela about what’s on page 187, and how he’s only one who does that move, he was very funny. I loved when he said to her, “My advice. Only sleep with guys that can’t read. Because otherwise, you’ll never be rid of me!” Her face was priceless. Loved it. My hope is that these two crazy kids get back together soon, because frankly they don’t belong with anyone else.

Overall, it was a great episode with lots of character growth. I was hoping for more Booth and Brennan relationship movement but it didn’t happen. On the bright side, I can tell you that the 100th episode is very Booth/Brennan centric, and you should not miss it! Tune in to FOX Thursday nights at 8 pm for all new episodes of Bones.

Thursday also brought us some family drama on Grey’s Anatomy as well as some baby talk, relationship woes and the usual humour. Seeing Alex’s brother was great and eye opening, as were the moments between Christina and Owen. It was a great episode making me realize that although Izzie (Katherine Heigl) was mentioned in regards to her sending divorce papers to Alex, we don’t really need her presence at all anymore, the cast is doing just fine without her.

We start the episode with Derek telling Meredith that they’d make beautiful children together, and him mentioning he’d like to start having children soon. Of course, Meredith is a little wary of this because let’s face it, her mother was a horrible mom. Mere then runs into the bathroom to talk to Alex while he’s in the shower, because he’s being a girl for her. 😀 Loved that! I really love the friendship that Mere and Alex have, it’s an interesting dynamic and frankly Alex needs the support.

Meredith eventually decides that she would like to have children with McDreamy (because hello? who wouldn’t?). She realizes that she might make an okay mom, and tells him that she’s willing to try. They are all lovey dovey in bed, and I found it amusing when she said that they weren’t trying right now, and he called it practice. They’re so cute together, and I’m really enjoying this Meredith we’re getting right now. The only mildly freaking out one, instead of the crazy off the deep end one. She’s really enjoyable to watch lately.

I’m a little concerned about that Mercy West resident, April who Derek brought back, pretty much to be his assistant. She has a real crush on Derek, and watches him in that stalker way. I see this possibly going a couple ways. One- she really is a stalker and she tries to kill either Meredith or Derek because that’s what jealous stalkers do, or Two- Derek and Meredith have a fight and April manages to work her way in to ‘comfort’ Derek. That would be horrible. I’m for way one, we need a good murder plot on the show 😉 .

Lexie was great when she notice April looking at Derek all longingly, and confronted her. She was amusing when she yelled at her, and we were supposed to feel a little bad for April because she is sorry and knows her feelings are wrong. I don’t feel bad. I didn’t like April before and I don’t like her now.

Speaking of Lexie and April, they were working on a case with Richard, involving a woman who had a relapse of her cancer. Three years ago she was given an outlook of 6 months to live, and she signed papers stating that she never wanted to be kept alive on machines. The doctors operate, get the tumour, and think the surgery went well. However, while Lexie is telling the woman’s husband that the surgery went well, the woman has a stroke while April tries to take her off the ventilator. The woman will never wake up or breathe on her own.

As most husbands would do, he fights the directive to take her off the machines, but Derek agrees with Richard and says they have to follow her choices. Richard makes Lexie do the unplugging and I was moved by the acting in this scene. Lexie (Chyler Leigh) was fantastic, and really convincing.

Lexie even asks Mark how long it took him to toughen up on cases like this and he answered that he’s still learning. I really hope these two find their way back to each other because they’re one of my favorite couples.

Lexie unhooks the machine and the woman breathes on her own. *sob* Everyone is amazed and it renews hope for the doctors that anything is possible.

The other big case of the episode was Alex’s brother, Aaron. He showed up out of the blue to see Alex because it’s been 7 years since Alex has been back to see his family. Aaron shows Alex the lump on his belly, and it’s actually a umbilical hernia that requires surgery. The problem is that he doesn’t have insurance, so Alex goes to Bailey to ask her to do the surgery pro bono.

The scene with Alex asking Bailey to do the surgery was adorable, especially because she was in the daycare center with her little boy Tuck, who was so sweet. Bailey just let Alex keep offering things to get her to do the surgery, and even though she would have done it for nothing, Alex agrees to schedule all her surgeries for a whole month. It was a great scene and I really enjoy watching Bailey be so calm and let things just come to her.

Meredith is on the case with Bailey, and she helps prep Aaron for surgery. Aaron is a talker for sure. He tells the ladies how Alex and his siblings had a rough childhood with a mentally ill mother, an abusive dad, being poor and bounced around from foster home to foster home. We learn that Alex was in 17 homes in five years, but eventually ended up in juvenile detention at around 12 due to him stealing food for his family that his mom forgot to buy. Heartbreaking.

Alex shows up and tells Aaron to stop talking about stuff because he has to work here, but that doesn’t stop Bailey. She’s amazed at Alex and how he’s overcome so much to become a surgeon. It was great to get such a good glimpse into Alex’s past because up until now we’ve only had hints at it. I think it makes Alex more likeable to see that his tough exterior is because he doesn’t want to fail and he doesn’t want to love because he’s lost so much already.

Unfortunately, Arizona and Lexie accidentally tell Aaron that Alex was married, to a woman who had cancer and they’re getting a divorce. Aaron is angry because Alex didn’t tell his mom about the marriage, and he’s upset that he’s leaving his wife. Not realizing it was Izzie who left Alex. The end up in a fist fight, and Aaron tells Alex he’s just like their dad. I was so sad for Alex at the moment, Aaron shouldn’t have said that.

After his surgery Aaron wakes up and sees Alex sitting by his bed, he tells him that he was the best parent he’s had. He also told him that Amber turned out okay, and Alex tells him that he turned out okay too. Aww. Aaron admits he’s confused as to why Alex doesn’t keep in contact with his family. Alex explains that he sends money every month, and his moms meds, but he can’t be in that life and still be a surgeon. This was a great scene for Alex (Justin Chambers), and I was really sad for him, yet proud of his accomplishments.

Christina and Owen had a few emotional scenes this episode, with Owen being a little loopy and Christina not knowing how to handle it. During surgery, Christina accidentally causes more damage to the patient and Owen takes her to task on it. Callie sides with Christina, and Teddy who is also there just wants to deal with the surgery. They end up saving the patient but can they save their relationship?

Teddy tells Christina to give Owen the time he needs because he really loves her. Christina wants him to go to therapy, and because Teddy understands what Owen is going through with the Post traumatic stress disorder, she urges Christina to tell him how she feels not to tell him what to do.

Christina comes home and finds Owen in the kitchen happily cooking until he burns the sausage. He gets angry but then goes to hug Christina and she quivers away from him. That’s a wake up call, when Owen realizes that Christina is afraid of him even though she doesn’t want to be. He admits he needs to go back to the therapist, and I hope it works. I do like the Christina/Owen relationship and hope it works out.

Also in the episode we see Callie and Arizona dance around the baby topic brought up last week, with Arizona talking about anything but the baby. I loved the pound cake talk and how Mark thought it was something dirty.

Callie asks Bailey when the right time to have kids is and she’s honest and answers that there isn’t a perfect time. There really isn’t perfect time to have kids, but once you have them it’s like you’ve known it was the right time all along.

Callie finally tells Arizona that she wants to have a baby and that it’s not going away, Arizona seems nervous but at least now their talking about it.

Finally, we have Mark and Teddy. I don’t like this relationship at all, maybe it’s because I’m a Mark/Lexie fan. Anyways, they sleep together and Teddy tells Arizona it was amazing and he’s a legend for a reason. Duh, we all already imagined that 😉 Later they’re in bed with chocolate sauce (naughty and delicious), Teddy is trying to be honest about the children discussion but he tells her they’ll talk later. Well the chocolate foreplay is interrupted because Sloan’s daughter shows up at the door and says the baby’s coming. I wonder why little Sloan didn’t think to go to the hospital? Anyways, I’m sure we’ll see lots of drama next episode about it. I wonder how Teddy will react.

Overall, it was a really eventful episode but I’m looking forward to more next week aren’t you? Watch it Thursday nights at 9 pm on ABC.

On Friday night we were treated to a new medical drama on CBS courtesy of Jerry Bruckheimer. Miami Medical was actually decent, even though I watched it with the intention of hating it. There have been so many new medical shows this season that I was getting tired of them, especially since CBS cancelled Three Rivers. I’ll be honest and say that this new show has some real potential and managed to snag my interest. My DVR isn’t going to be happy with another show to record. 😀

In the pilot, there’s a gas explosion that causes a car accident. There are a few victims, most prominently is a pregnant woman who is covered in cuts and has broken bones after being launched from the car. Her husband had a cut on his neck that was treated at the regular ER but keep reading for more on that.

The pregnant woman is in and out of consciousness and the doctors are working frantically to save her. Just when everything is looking good, they realize that she has a placental abruption, and the baby needs to be delivered now. It’s too far to make it to the delivery ward, so the Trauma team does an emergency c-section. Saving the mother and the baby, making me happy.

Unfortunately, when looking for the husband to give him the good news. The trauma nurse, Tuck, finds the husband bleeding out on the bathroom floor. It seems that the cut on his neck actually knicked an artery and he needs to have it fixed, immediately. During trying to rescue him, Dr. Eva Zambrano, argues with Dr. C (who they saw is a medical cowboy with all the risks he takes), on which route to take. Eventually, Eva takes charge and manages to stitch the artery damage up, saving the man’s life. Total rock star move. In fact that’s how nurse Tuck, describes the trauma doctors “Rock stars of medicine”, and he says the ones at the Miami hospital are The Rolling Stones.

There was a man burnt in the explosion. His injuries were very serious, and he only had hours to live. Dr. C, found his fiancee and managed to get them hooked up by video conference to say goodbye. At least the burn victim wasn’t alone when he died.

One of my favorite parts, was the story of a man who’s hand was cut off by a falling sign after he pushed a young girl out of the way. The new doctor, Dr. Proctor, was able to reattach his hand and give him a 80% chance of being able to use it again. The most emotional part was when the young girl came to thank him for saving her, making the risk of not using his hand seem bearable.

There was lots of drama going on, not only medical drama but personal drama. They said that trauma doctors burn out faster than any other doctor, and the former team leader, Dr. Rayner is proof of that. After working a couple days in a row, and then saving a mild case from the explosion, he just walks out of the trauma room and strips down to nothing. Standing outside naked. He finally broke, it was too much for him after many years. No one knows if he’s coming back or what, but now the hospital has appointed Dr. Proctor the new team leader. The team accepts it after Dr. C and Dr. Eva both wanted it, but realize that Proctor will make a better leader.

The show was fast paced and I liked that they didn’t save all the patients it made it more real. I would recommend you at least give it shot. It airs Friday nights at 10 pm on CBS, but double check your local listings for updates.

That’s all I have for this week, thanks for reading. Don’t miss an all new episode of The Amazing Race tonight at 8 pm on CBS and I’ll go back to recapping it next week. Happy Easter Weekend!

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