TV News – 4/5/10

Happy Easter Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration and that the Easter bunny found his way to your house. πŸ˜€ Let’s get to what little news there is.

The TV Addict has some really good spoilers and details on some of our favorites shows, such as Life UneXpected, Fringe and Castle. To indulge your need for details (and why shouldn’t you it’s a holiday after all) check out the spoiler chat here, after all it probably won’t go to your hips as fast as those Mini-eggs you’ve been eating. πŸ˜‰ If you’re one of those purists who doesn’t enjoy a good spoiler, don’t click the link.

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The USA network has announced that Burn Notice and Royal Pains will return on June 3rd. Royal Pains is starting it’s third season while Burn Notice is starting it’s fourth season. I’m excited for the return of these shows, but I’m also excited for Coby Bell (Third Watch, The Game) to join Burn Notice cast, because let’s face it… he’s yummy. πŸ™‚ Source

Ausiello released a hilarious photo from The Big Bang Theory’s April 12th episode. If you’ve ever wondered what Sheldon (Jim Parsons) would look like as Wonder Woman ( let’s face it who hasn’t LOL) check out the picture here.. There are no exact details as to why our four favorite geeks are sporting women’s clothing but I’m sure it’ll be hilarious.

Tisha Campbell-Martin (Rita Rocks, My Wife and Kids) has been added to the cast of ABC’s new pilot, Wright vs Wrong. She’ll play Evelyn Wright’s (Debra Messing) stylist. Tisha’s husband, Duane Martin (Rita Rocks, All of Us) has also been added to the cast of a pilot, but his is over at NBC. Duane will be joining the pilot, Next, with Paul Reiser (Mad About You), about a former TV star trying to live a regular life. I’m happy the couple is working, but I’m not sure that Duane will be long… I don’t think that Next is going to be a fantastic new comedy, but then again maybe they’ll prove me wrong. Source

That’s all for today, check back tomorrow for more news. Don’t miss all new episodes of : Chuck at 8 pm on NBC, Trauma at 9pm on NBC, and Castle at 10 pm on ABC.

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