American Idol Top 9 – 4/6/10

It was one of those nights on American Idol, where my world is turned upside down. My favorites were only mediocre and others who weren’t my favorite were great tonight. Tonight was songs by Lennon and McCartney week, and I just expected more. Anyways, if you haven’t watched yet and don’t want spoilers then don’t follow me. Everyone else.. Ready. Set. Jump.

Aaron Kelly
Long and Winding Road
My Thoughts: Really off key, and slightly painful. I really wish that people would stop saving him and let him go home. His voice was shaky and I just didn’t think it was a performance worthy of the Top 9.
Judges: They didn’t like it, but they like him.

Katie Stevens
Let It Be
My Thoughts: Here’s where I was surprised, she was pretty good tonight, although it’s not hard with a song that good. She really sang it with conviction and I felt her connect to that song. Big improvement.
Judges: They all loved it, but Simon was still trying to take credit saying it was close to the country side of things, and that was his suggestion of her style. Simon was smoking some funky stuff tonight because he was wacky with his comments. It was more R & B.

Andrew Garcia
Can’t Buy Me Love
My Thoughts: I wasn’t impressed with him this week. I think he needed more to pull this performance off. I do like him and think he’s moving back in the right direction. I just wanted more.
Judges: Weird, they thought the band was too much, I don’t know what’s with them tonight.

Michael Lynche
Eleanor Rigby
My Thoughts: It was a good performance, I actually enjoyed the R & B vibe that the version had. I’m still not a huge fan of Mike’s so we’ll see what he does in the future.
Judges: Simon called it a musical, I found that as odd as all the other comments he’s made tonight.

Crystal Bowersox
Come Together
My Thoughts: I didn’t love it, but I enjoyed it. Crystal is awesome in general and very consistent, but tonight was only mediocre not fabulous.
Judges: Randy thought it was solid.

Tim Urban
All My Lovin
My Thoughts: It was corny, like most of his performances. He just smiled and sang. It wasn’t the worst performance ever, it was just not good.
Judges: I love how Randy has decided that Tim needs to be judged on a scale of “Tim” and tonight was a good Tim performance. They’ve given up because Tim just stays because of the young girls.

Casey James
Jealous Guy
My Thoughts: I finally get it. I see the sexy side of Casey. This performance was hot, and had a nice blues feel to it. The choice to go with an acoustic guitar was a great one, and it was incredible.
Judges: They all like it. Simon called him “goldilocks” and said it was the best performance of the night.

Siobhan Magnus
Across the Universe
My Thoughts: Siobhan was pretty good tonight, way better than last week. I found the little speech she did about her sisters at the end was a little over the top emotional. These Idols seem really stressed this year, what’s going on? The performance was good, and didn’t do her famous shriek, which was such a nice change. I get tired of the same high screamy note at the end of her songs, and this week we could hear the quality of her voice.
Judges: I don’t understand them. One week someone is saying she can’t always shriek, and then this week Kara thinks she was “too restrained”. They’re driving me bonkers.

Lee Dewyze
Hey Jude
My Thoughts: I was expecting more and he didn’t give it. Lee is my favorite and I still find him incredibly sexy but it just wasn’t a fantastic performance. It was better than others because Lee’s better than them not because the arrangement or the performance was better. The bag piper seemed so out of place, that was odd. Whatever the case I still love him.
Judges: They didn’t dig the bagpipes and Simon didn’t love the performance.

Overall, it was a strange night with strange instruments (didgeridoo), and I think that the bottom three should be Aaron Kelly, Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia, for their performances tonight. I hope Tim goes home.

That’s all for now, tune into the results show tomorrow at 9 pm on FOX.

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