TV News – 4/7/10

I’m so excited for the new Criminal Minds tonight, that most of you are probably already watching in the Eastern time zone as I am really late with my news today. Oops.. Sorry 😀 Let’s get straight to it.

Ausiello has put the full interview with Katherine Heigl up on his site, do to the out pouring of fan requests. I’m going to pass it on to all of you because it’s a great interview. The thing is I still think she’s a bit of a diva, but I hope that the real reason was her child, not her ego. If she truly left to bond with her adopted daughter then I have a bit more respect for her. Either way I wish we’d had more closure with the whole Izzie situation. Read the interview here.

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Would you go to see a Veronica Mars movie? I would, I think it would be fantastic. Mars being cancelled was one of the biggest tragedies in the history of Dawn Ostroff’s reign at The CW Network. Despite the rumours that the movie idea was dead and gone, the creator of VM, Rob Thomas, says it’s still in his mind. Good news, Rob, Great news really. Ausiello is suggesting that we make #VeronicaMarsMovie a trending topic on Twitter and I concur… let’s do it people! Please for me 😉 Source

ABC has announced it’s summer schedule and I’m excited about it… well some of it anyways. There are three new scripted programs being debuted and this is good news for our summer viewing pleasure. Perhaps ABC is taking a page out of their sister network, ABC Family’s playbook, in launching new programs and seasons in the summer when there isn’t much on TV to watch.

The new series are: The Gates premiering June 20th at 9 pm, about a mountain town that is beautiful, but has some hidden secrets, really juicy, dark secrets. It sounds good, and I’m all for dark secrets and mystery to spice up my summer nights.

Second is Scoundrels premiering on June 20th at 10 pm, and stars David James Elliot (JAG). This series is based on the New Zealand series, Outrageous Fortune and follows family of criminals who try to live the honest life after the patriarch is sent to jail. It looks promising but not as much as the next series.

Rookie Blue premieres on June 24th at 9 pm and it stars Everwood alumni, Gregory Smith as rookie cop dealing with the issues of big city police work. The lead role goes to Missy Peregrym(Reaper) who plays Andy McNally, and we watch her struggle with her job, her family and life in general. I’m so stoked for this series to start because I love Smith and it’s been too long since he’s been on TV, don’t you agree? Not too mention the fabulous Peregrym who’s work on Reaper was both fantastic and amusing. I’ve missed them both on my television set weekly and I’m looking forward to new TV during the summer. Source

Maura Tierney(ER), will be returning to Rescue Me for the final seasons as Kelly, Tommy’s (Denis Leary) love. It’s the first time back to television after receiving treatment for her breast cancer that caused her to drop out of her role in Parenthood, which was later filled with Lauren Graham. I love Tierney and wish her well, she was always great on Rescue Me, I’m glad she’s feeling better. Look for her in season 7, sometime in 2011. Source

That’s all for now, I hope you didn’t miss the new episode of Criminal Minds tonight, where we met the members of the new team for the spinoff. Check back later this week for my interview with Glee co-creators Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan.

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