Interview with Co-Creators Brad Falchuck and Ian Brennan from Glee

I was lucky enough to be asked to join a conference call interview with Glee co-creators/writers/executive producers Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. There are no real words to express my excitement, except GLEEFUL! 😉 I have no shame in admitting that I am a Gleek, have been since the first episode.

The first two cds are playing constantly in my van to the point where my 4 year old daughter sings Don’t Stop Believing, Gravity and Proud Mary word for word. (She’s a gleek in the making 🙂 ). I get aggravated when relationships on the show don’t go the way we hoped and I jump for joy when our Glee members succeed. So that’s why I love my job, for moments like this when a little piece of my dream comes true.

Unfortunately, I only got one question in personally, albeit the first question :D, but one none the less. My competition on the call was fierce including the LA Times and others, so I’m content with my one question. I will however include some questions from my fellow digital journalists and give you my feedback on the call and the innuendos in the voices that you couldn’t hear. Who better to over analyze an interview with someone from Glee than a fellow Gleek? I hope it’s everything you’ve all been waiting for and that my insight helps put your mind at ease. Without further rambling by me, jump ahead and read the interview, but beware they did discuss some spoiler-ish things and my comments might add to that. Read at your own risk if you don’t like spoilers. Let’s go!!

Let’s start out strong with my question 😉 .

Megan Ward- Hello. Thank you for taking the time today.

B. Falchuck-Hello, Megan.
I. Brennan- Hello.

It’s more than just a successful TV show, I mean with the CDs, the iTunes, and the tour. Are you ever surprised at how quickly it became so popular?

B. Falchuck- I think we’re all very surprised. I mean we shot the first 13 episodes without any of them airing, except we did the special sneak screening of the pilot, so we had no idea what we had. We thought we had something very entertaining and good, but we didn’t know it was going to be quite so epically popular quite so quickly. We’re very pleasantly surprised, obviously. And we knew we were working hard to achieve that, but we didn’t know it was going to become the kind of phenomenon that it has become. We certainly couldn’t have expected that. It would have been inappropriate to expect that; it would have been hubris.
I. Brennan- Yes, on a daily basis it surprises me. We believe in the show and we knew it was good, but I had no idea. I thought that it would kind of be like a niche hit that was good and people liked, but somehow it just struck a cord with people, and that is a real, real pleasant surprise.

[Note from Me: First of all, girlish squeal because it’s the first time someone I’ve interviewed actually used my name. Color me a geek. Second of all, I love these two. Such success and still so humble. I only got one question before they cut me off, sometimes I feel like the New Directions of the conference calls in comparison to the others who are more funded and popular like Vocal Adrenaline but wait until we win Nationals. LOL 😀 Now for some other questions from my colleagues.]

So the back nine episodes seem to sort of focus on how Finn will try to win Rachel back. What will we see from that?

B. Falchuck- Well the Finn/Rachel relationship is obviously a core to the show. It’s something that’s really sort of important because it’s the bridge of the two worlds that really in the pilot we were trying to put together, which was this sort of popular jock boy with this unique Glee girl. She represents Glee and he represents the rest of the world.
And so we always are going to explore that relationship in many different ways, and it’s going to be a push and a pull in that sometimes it’s going to be him going after her and sometimes it’s going to be her going after him, and they’re always going to sort of be watching each other from afar. No matter what’s going on in their lives they’ll always have one eye on the other one. So we’ll see a bunch of that, and then by the end, I think by episode 22 of the back 9, so episode 9 of the last 9, we’ll reach a really temporary conclusion to that.

[Note from Me: His voice sounded like he really meant this in a good way, not a bad way. That’s just my interpretation of it though. Honestly, the show wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the two worlds coming together in some way all the time, and although we would love for them to scream their love for each off the roof tops we have to remember sometimes the foreplay is as good as the conclusion. *grins* ]

Well, everyone’s favorite couple seems to be Puck and Rachel. What can you tell us of the developments between them that we’ll see in the back nine?

B. Falchuck- Well, every good girl likes a bad boy, and there’s nobody more good than Rachel and nobody no more bad than Puck. So we had no idea it was going to be quite so popular, those two. We did it, sort of again like I said, we shot all those episodes in a bubble, and so we didn’t know that putting them in a relationship was really going to make people so excited. So we go back and explore that a little bit in the back nine, and like I said, we’ll continue to explore it. It’s high school, and everybody is always bouncing around to everybody else in high school, so that won’t stop.

[Note from Me: Okay I have an opinion… are you really surprised? I think that Puck/Rachel is amusing to watch for a short time, but I wouldn’t want them together for a long time. That said there was some serious heat between them and it’s fun to see. High School wouldn’t be believable if everyone stayed with the same person for the whole time, and seeing how Ryan Murphy joked on Oprah yesterday that they’re not going to graduate, we need some variety.]

Just to go a little bit off of Megan’s question, I am curious is there has been maybe any pressure felt on a lot of the cast. It kind of seemed to just skyrocket, and it’s everywhere. You can’t escape; even when it’s been off for four months there’s always something going on, White House, record deals, anything like that. Has there been any pressure felt amongst you guys?

[Note from Me: Love him going off my question! Looking for the geek.. Here I am!]

I. Brennan- Speaking for everyone I mean we just got back from Chicago where we filmed Oprah and then went on to the White House; we just got back last night. I was shocked at how poised and professional everyone has been. And like Brad said earlier, this has been a journey of about a year for them. And so you can see how some of these kids, like Chris Colfer who is 19 years old, how poised and how awesome he is in interviews and on camera, and how much the kids like one another, and like us, at least for now. I think it’s an interesting time for them, but they all seem to be handling it really well, kind of the publicity and the fame and all of it. I could not have been more proud of them this weekend.

[Note from Me: They really do a great job of seeming poised and I love it. It would be hard for the cast not to like each other because they’re all fabulous.]

This question is specifically for Ian. I know you based the initial premise on your experiences singing in show choir at Mt. Prospect High School. I’m wondering what feedback you’ve heard from teachers and students involved in show choir?

I. Brennan- I mean I think it’s amazing. I’ve heard kind of rhetorically a lot of schools, I think, are going through, I mean we’re in California, which is having such an incredible budget crisis right now, and I think that’s happening in states everywhere, and I actually heard from a guy who worked I think in the public school system somewhere in Washington state and he was like yes, we’re having a ton of problems, programs are getting cut. The one thing he said, he was like the one thing no one is touching now is Glee Club, which is such a fascinating blow back from this show. Like if you said a year ago that we were going to kind of be a nationwide commercial for show choirs I would have never guessed it.
So it’s a weird kind of snake eating its tail aspect for me to have kind of come full circle from when I was in mixed company. I was a cherub; I had the worst haircut and real bad t-zone issues, like just greasy forehead, super skinny in an ill-fitting tuxedo and a sequined tie. And 15 years later this would be happening. It’s all very, very strange and wonderful.

[Note from Me: Every teenager, just sighed. It’s amazing to be understood. I’m talking from my inner teenager, who was in choir. 😉 Nothing like being the chubby, pimpled girl in school, only to see being a geek made cool. ]

Brad, can we go back to something you said? I didn’t quite understand it talking about Finn and Rachel, you said by episode 22 we’ll reach—

B. Falchuck- What I was saying by episode 22, by the end of the scenario of the first season, we’ll have reached some kind of understanding between the two, but it’s always temporary with those two. I think their relationship is always going to be, like I said, a challenge for both of them, even though they both I think secretly, and not so secretly, sometimes love each other.

[Note from Me: Two worlds coming together is always a challenge, but an enjoyable one to watch. I really feel that Brad has the best of intentions for our favorite couples.]

I also wonder do you see an irony in that you’re following a show that’s often dismissive of Broadway singing[American Idol]?

B. Falchuck- I don’t see an irony in it. I don’t know if our show– Our show is such a musical menagerie, it’s not like we only rely on Broadway singing. We have so much other– We have as many rap songs as Broadway songs. And you know we’re just lucky to follow Idol. I don’t think any of us would complain if they stood there and said anything, because we’re lucky to have the chance to follow them because they’re just juggernaut; they’re the biggest hit on TV.

[Note from Me: He has a point, Idol is a ratings giant and to follow it is golden.]

Have you heard from anyone on Idol?

B. Falchuck- I have not personally, but I’m sure. I know that the kids, the actors, my wife always yells at me for calling them the kids, but the kids are there all the time. They go to the tapings there and sort of enjoy it and just love the show. Everybody is always talking about it the next day, who was eliminated, and all that stuff. So I know there’s some cross over there certainly.

Either of you can take this, and it kind of goes to something that was said earlier. With product placement becoming very important on scripted shows, shows like yours, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, the ancillary income, the concerts, the iTune downloads, things like that, is that the new model for shows like this? Is this where the industry is going?

B. Falchuck- I think that television it’s a much harder marketplace now. If you look at the ratings of even the biggest show on TV, like American Idol, 20 years ago that show would have been cancelled because the ratings have been too low. And so it’s a sort of a different marketplace, and so I think that television is adapting, and it’s adapting really well actually, to finding new income streams to make shows profitable. For a while it was DVDs and syndication, and now you look at a show like ours where we sold, you know, we have two gold records, I think four or five platinum singles, we have—
Yes, four and a half million singles just so far and we’ve only aired 13 times. And then we have the tour coming up; we’ll be in Chicago and New York and LA and Phoenix, and obviously t-shirts and all that stuff. All the little ancillary things I think that any business needs to expand or find new ways to generate revenue, and so I think it’s exciting the way it’s happening.
Because the fact is none of it is hurting the brand and none of it is changing the creative process. We’re still just telling the best stories we can tell and trying to put out the best episodes we can put out, and all that other stuff is just enhancing it; it’s not coming first. So I think that’s sort of interesting.

[Note from Me: You can tell that the show comes first because it keeps getting better and better!]

Just kind of a related question, is it harder or easier now to get music clearances on the show now that it has become such a cultural phenomenon? Are the bigger groups more prone or less prone to let you use their music?

B. Falchuck- It has always been relatively easy; we’ve had a pretty good– PJ Bloom, our music supervisor, does a very good job in clearing songs. But now, when we premiered in the U.K. Don’t Stop Believing, the original version suddenly started climbing up the charts again; that’s a 30-year-old song. And so I think artists appreciate that we are never making– Whatever they think of our particular versions of the songs we’re introducing their songs to a whole new generation of people that might not have heard them before.
And that works both ways; there are people that, are culture relative right now, that people in their 40’s aren’t that familiar with, and so they hear a Beyonce song and they’re like hum, Beyonce she’s kind of interesting, and suddenly they’re downloading her music, too. So it works both ways, both with the younger and the older audience on our show.

Following-up on that, is that the reason why we’re seeing so much more music in these back nine? It just seems jammed packed with songs, and I’m guessing that perhaps that comes from the success with the downloads.

B. Falchuck- No, it actually– Like I said, all of the ancillary things, like the downloads and the albums and all of that stuff, is secondary to the storytelling, and we’re always focused on the storytelling first and the fans’ reaction to the storytelling. The reality is from the first 13, like I said, we didn’t know because we hadn’t aired them yet, people love seeing the songs in the show. And so we said well this also kind of works for the show when we have more music, so we decided to put more music in there. It really was to enhance the experience of that hour of watching television. It really wasn’t about what was going to happen after that.
And we’ve aired 13 times, and I think when you look at most shows when do they really hit their stride. They hit their stride in season two, season three, and so we’re still really learning the voice of the show and what works and what doesn’t work. And so the more music really has to do with we’re saying maybe more music is better; maybe more music works better for our show.

[Note from me: It’s so important that they know this. We love the music but the story is what we love the most, and the music makes the story that much better.]

And can you talk about how the Brittany character developed?

I. Brennan- Heather Morris is just a total comic genius. Her background is mostly with dance… But I forget, Brad, how it worked, but I think like occasionally we would just kind of toss her a few lines, and then they ended up being so shockingly hilarious. And then randomly being able to pair her with kind of this twosome in Heather’s character and then Naya’s character, Santana, they’re like this kind of weird, wonderful, brilliant, comedic duo that we stumbled upon, which was totally not really intentional. It’s such a gift to have them; they’re both really good and really funny. They’re absolutely my favorite stuff to write now.

And so are you writing more towards them in these back nine?

B. Falchuck- Definitely. Yes. I mean a little bit. They have some stories. I know Naya gets to sing in the back nine. We have such an incredibly talented cast that a lot of stuff comes out of just sort of being with them and seeing what they do and seeing what they’re good at and seeing what makes the laugh and what about them makes us laugh. Someone like Heather is so brilliantly funny and had never really acted before, and yet is so brilliantly funny and brings something so special that it started really entertaining us to start putting her in there and giving her stuff, and it sort of really developed out of that.

[Note from Me: Heather is fabulous at the lines she’s given, and the duo of Britany/Santana is comedic genius at it’s finest. These writers are why we watch the show.]

Did you have any temptation to try and get Idina Menzel and Kristin in the same episode?

B. Falchuck- You know it didn’t work for the storytelling, so it really wasn’t necessary. We always, with all that stuff, it’s always story first, what’s the story, what’s the story, what’s the story, and then we kind of go from there about can we get so and so the play that character, are they available, would they be even interested in doing that. When you people like Idina and Kristin, who are such mega talent stars, you have to sort of get them just the right thing and you want to really treat them right. So it never really came up.

[Note from Me: Let me say that the first 3 episodes back we’ll see these ladies and the characters are awesome. They didn’t over do it with them, and make the guest star the lead of the story. That’s key to keeping us loving them, because while we love Kristin we want to see our favorite Glee members and their daily life.]

You were you both in D.C. yesterday for the White House event, so I was just wondering what that was like and what else the cast did there besides the performance?

I.Brennan-Met the President, for one, which was amazing. We all did, which was a total, absolute surreal dream. Amber absolutely knocked the National Anthem out of the park; for me it was just one of the best moments of my life by standing there right by … Because we kind of all stood up and watched Michelle and Barack and Milia and Sasha standing next to Amber as she kind of wailed. And what was great was Obama kept looking over to Michelle kind of like eyes wide like damn this girl is good. It was just absolutely, absolutely incredible.

Did the President say he was a fan of the show, because you know Michelle and the daughters both seem to be?

B. Falchuck- I think he was telling some of the kids that I think he wouldn’t let one of the kids, or maybe both of the kids, watch it yet because they were a little too young.
I. Brennan- I think actually Sasha, the young one, does watch it. I think Milia, the older daughter, hasn’t. And I know Michelle has. I don’t know who’s watching it. I would encourage all four of them to …
B. Falchuck- I would encourage all four of them to get Congress to mandate it as some kind of a law that everyone in the country has to watch it. Call it the Glee Reform.
I. Brennan- Yes, I think a lot of the problems that we have would be solved if … got together and watched Glee.
B. Falchuck -If People watched it. I agree.

[Note from Me: I think it should be a law in Canada too :)]

For Ian, I know you talked sort of generally about things that you based on in the show from your experience at Mt. Prospect, but were there any specific scenes or anything that you did?

I. Brennan- No, not at all. It was more my experience in high school. I was in show choir for three years, we weren’t very good, I was very busy, and it was kind of stressful period of time for me. And it just seemed like I thought it was an interesting world that nobody had written about.
Then when I met Ryan and Brad, Ryan had also been in glee clubs and he had actually been in it through college, which is a whole other world of just nerdiness, wonderful nerdiness. So it was kind of the three of us, me, Ryan, and Brad, all kind of collectively bringing our high school experiences to it.
So it’s more an amalgam than anything; it was more just having been a part of that world, such a niche little microcosm, I think, of what a high school experience is and what like the American experience is I guess.

When I talked to Jane Lynch, a long time ago said that there was no way she was going to sing on the show. How did you talk her into it?

B. Falchuck- It wasn’t hard. No, we just gave her the script. It was in the Madonna episode, which is truly, I think, probably our most spectacular episode to date. It is truly a spectacular that you watch and you can’t believe you’re watching a television show. And when she saw it and saw what she’d be doing she was so excited. And then when you see her do this Vogue it is … awesome. It’s incredible. So it wasn’t hard. She was being modest, I think, when she told you she would never sing.
I. Brennan- Yes. Yes.

[Note from Me: Vogue was fantastic. Lynch was beautiful and she sang wonderfully.]

Are you guys worried at all about any type of over exposure?

B. Falchuck- I don’t know exactly what we can do about it. It’s sort of like we’re here, get on the conference call; there are 35 reporters that would like to speak to you. We’re going to talk to them. If the President asks you to come or Oprah asks you to come you’re not going to say no.
I think all we can really do is keep trying to make the best stories we can and keep these characters interesting, and we really do focus on that. It’s sort of like every at bat is important, and we get up there and try and hit as best we can. It’s really that simple. All that stuff doesn’t mean a lot, when Ian, Ryan, and I get in a room and we’re writing or when we get on the set and we’re working with the actors, it’s sort of none of that outside stuff really means that much. We just have to sort of do our best. And so we don’t worry too much about it, because I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it.
I. Brennan-And particularly like Ryan and Brad they both have a real good taste of keeping things– If we keep things interesting for us, and as long as we don’t get bored with it, I think we’ll be fine. And they’re really good, Ryan in particular, just kind of mixing it up and keeping it interesting. So I don’t worry so much about that.

You guys have some guest stars coming up, including Idina and Kristin is returning, but also I’ve heard about J-Lo and stuff like that.

B. Falchuck- J-Lo will not be on this season, but—
I. Brennan- Neal Patrick Harris.
B. Falchuck-Neal Patrick Harris will be, and he’s amazing. And who else? Anybody else coming in there? Michael O’Malley will be back, who is just playing Kurt’s dad, who is just honestly just the biggest gift we could get. He’s truly extraordinary and really humanizes both those characters, I think, with what he did with Kurt’s father. That’s been a real grounding relationship in the show is Kurt and his dad.
And Idina is incredible and the episode with Kristin in it, I think, is maybe our best one yet. It’s called Home; it’s the third one back, and it’s really so moving and hilarious. She is obviously Kristen, so you kind of can’t keep your eyes off her.

So have you guys thought about bringing her back next season as well?

B. Falchuck- She’s a mega talent; you can’t sort of not want to have her around as much as possible, so certainly. But we haven’t gotten into all that stuff yet, and we have some plans for next season. But like I said, every episode is sort of what’s going on right now and what do we need right now and what are the stories that are really compelling and interesting right now for these characters, and so we really sort of go day-by-day in that way.

[Note from Me: I was getting a little sick of all the questions about guest stars, because I want to know more about the show and the cast. The guest stars are awesome, but they’re not why I watch. Well, except for Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother because that’s legendary.]

Can you talk a little bit more about Matt and Emma and what we’ll see with them coming up?

I. Brennan- It’s great. That’s another kind of one of the relationships that we kind of I actually had no idea how much people were going to love that and how much we enjoyed writing that. And another one where’s there’s kind of a lot of that’s a very complicated relationship, and there is a lot of push and pull that you can tell kind of two people who want to be together and kind of struggle to get through because of their own issues. So we deal with it a lot in the back nine.

[Note from Me: I will say that both Will and Emma are working out their own personal issues during the next 3 episodes, and I’m excited to see where they go from there. They want to be together but there are things that need to be fixed. ]

We all adored the moment with Mark Salling’s Puck when he did Sweet Caroline. Of course a lot of people loved that. Is there going to be another such moment with him in this season singing solo, any in this part of the season?

B. Falchuck- I’m actually trying to remember and I can’t remember. I know that Puck—
I. Brennan- Yes, Puck is one. Yes.
B. Falchuck – Yes, he does. Mark has really taken that character, and again he’s humanized it in a way that has really given it a lot of dimension and made it really fun to write. And so Mark has a lot of very focused stories in the back nine, and so yes, he’ll have plenty of moments. Because again, it’s like we have talent like that, where a guy looks like that and he can sing like that and he just has a very easy sort of movie star charm about him and an accessibility, you want to write towards that. So yes, he’ll have plenty of stuff. Puck’s hands will get plenty of Puck in them.

Yes, he’s great. He mentioned that he would do a Rat Pack style number.

B. Falchuck- Yes, and—If you haven’t fallen in love with him yet after that one, good Lord.

[Note from Me: I love him, because Puck is sexy. I hope this number is hot.]

Well, I would like to see if there is anything you can tell me about Neal Patrick Harris when he was on, either how he interacted with the cast or how he took to the character?

B. Falchuck- The guy’s a frigging genius; he’s awesome. Everybody loved him, everybody loved working with him, he was delightful, he was easy. I mean he was all the things you want him to be, and he just brought something. When we were writing the character we were like oh my God what if for some reason Neal gets too busy and can’t do it. No one else can play this character; we’ll have to rewrite the whole episode.
I. Brennan- Yes.
B. Falchuck-So, I don’t know. Ian, you spent probably more time with him on the set than I did.
I. Brennan- I did. I was sick of writing. But he was fantastic, especially on the dailies. He was really, really good. Yes, he was really excited about what we had written for him and it was just a perfect mix. And then Josh Whedon, who is of Buffy and of Doll House, directed that episode and they had worked together on the Dr. Horrible, so they had a great rapport.
And I’m really excited to see the cut of that episode, because I think it’s going to be really, really good and really funny. There’s some great stuff in that episode, and then also Neal Patrick Harris, so that should be a good one.

What characteristics of Neal Patrick Harris can we expect to see in this character?

B. Falchuck Singing, dancing, acting, being funny; all the things that make him great. Just incredibly charming and endearing and singing.

And do you think we would be able to see his character again? Would you bring him back?

B. Falchuck- Again, it’s the same thing with Kristen. You have talents like that it’s very hard to not want them back. The one advantage we have is that I think we have so many incredibly talented people in our regular cast that guest actors we don’t need them as much. But there are certain very special people that of course you’d always be interested in, but you never know is what I say.

[Note from me: I’m glad Brad mentioned the talent of the amazing cast, because that’s the most important part.]

John Barrowman, he has expressed interest in being on the show. Have you guys have talks to try to fit him in …?

I. Brennan- Not that I know of. Be exciting though. What’s actually exciting about the show is that we’ve … And then really in the first 13 realizing, as we kind of wrote those first 13 that have aired, of how deep a bench we have like inside the show. There are so many, I think that’s what’s been great is being able to find the ancillary characters, like Tina and Artie. And once we get into those characters we realize that wow those are actually some of our best episodes. So it’s not like we’re dying to get guest stars, because we have a pretty good cast as it is.
B. Falchuck- Yes, we have so many great actors to service with stories that guest characters sometimes we don’t have room for them.

[Note from Me: Hallejuah! Service your actors! :D]

So speaking of, does Mercedes get a love interest again now that she doesn’t have Kurt?

B. Falchuck- Yes.

I. Brennan- Mercedes is irresistible, so she’ll get a couple of suitors certainly.

Do you think you guys will have some original material featured on the series in the future?

B. Falchuck- We plan on it. I think maybe in season two there’s a thought about doing some of that. Again, like I said, the key with us is what’s the story right now and what do we want to say right now and what’s going on with these characters right now. And so there was thought about doing that in the back nine, but then it sort of didn’t fit in. And so there’s certainly thoughts of doing that in season two.
Ryan is sort of the music genius of the show and he manages all the music, and if he says that he’s thinking about us doing it then I believe him that he thinks about us doing it. So he’s been saying that we’ll probably do that in the back nine, so I do think we would do that episode. Yes.
I. Brennan- What’s great about it is we’re able to– The music always comes out of the writer’s room, that we never have a song and then try to cram it in or write a story around that. But it’s the other way around; it always has to service the story first, which I think is actually what helps. And how it helps it, what makes the music integrate well into the stories, is that’s the direction we come at it.

[Note from Me: Mark Salling is an excellent song writer. Original music would be great, make it happen!]

Obviously the script is the script. I’m just wondering are there any special Josh Whedon-isms that came when he directed the episode. While we watch an episode are there going to be any moments that bring Josh to us?

B. Falchuck- Josh is he’s so uniquely talented that when any great director directs something, even when it’s something they weren’t involved in the writing of, you can always see that director in it. I shouldn’t say you can see–you can feel that director in it. And he was incredibly reverent and respectful of the material, because he loves the show, and we were also very reverent and respectful of him because we think he’s such a genius. So I think you’ll see a great combination of those two things together where it’s really—
I. Brennan- Yes, he’s really detail oriented and smart too. And some of the things he would, I just noticed, little tiny, little grace notes that he added to stuff that we hadn’t thought of were just fantastic ideas. I was very, very impressed with him. There’s a reason why that guy is as well known and as well respected as he is.

Then I just wanted to come from the over exposure question from a different angle. I’m a huge fan of the show, but my concern is this. If I can watch the kids sing on the White House …, if I can watch them sing on Oprah, if I can watch them sing on the local concert tour that just makes what happens on the show just a little less special. It seems like with every episode the show is putting out like three clips of the performances. Do you ever want to scream to marketing can we dial it back a little bit and not give away the whole store?

B. Falchuck- Well our marketing department at Fox is really actually quite amazing what they’re able to do. And also we are incredibly involved with all of that, what material goes out, and especially Ryan is intensely involved with what gets out, what doesn’t get out. And I happen to not think that, because I see all of those clips and what’s going to be put out and what story points are going to be revealed, that the experience of sitting down for that hour and watching, actually experience the show as we intend you to experience and the moments we want you to feel. You can see a clip and see a song that might be in the show; it’s not the same as when you’ve been on that ride of the episode and what’s the emotional moment, the emotional impact of that song at that minute thirty-one as opposed to just seeing a little bit of the clip of it.
And also nowadays everything is everywhere, and you sort of need to sort of feed that beast. So we don’t get too concerned about that.

[Note from Me: Are they really a fan? This fan wants more! More! MORE! Don’t you?!?! There is no over-exposure when the people want it. If the sales drop then they can dial back until then, more.]

That’s it for the interview, and it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I appreciate FOX for letting me join the interview and I thank Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan for their time. I hope it answered some of your questions. We want more information on Finn/Rachel, more on Puck/Quinn and more on Will/Emma… basically just MORE! 😀 Don’t miss the first episode back on Tuesday, April 13th, after American Idol at 9:28 pm on FOX. Really, it’s fantastic don’t miss it.

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36 Responses to Interview with Co-Creators Brad Falchuck and Ian Brennan from Glee

  1. Mike says:

    Wow fantastic article, Im not mad. Great Job. I have to ask though that there is a rumor that is making Wemma fans not panic but really confused. Apparently Will is doing not so platonic things with the guest star in the 3rd episode.

    Can you explain what is going on? What happened with Will and Emma in Madonna that makes Will do this in the next episode.

  2. Brooke says:

    Fantastic interview, ladies. Great read and I *really* enjoyed reading your particular thoughts on it!

    Thanks so much!

  3. Megan says:

    Thank you. I had a blast doing the interview.
    Mike- It’s nothing huge in Home so don’t panic. I can’t give all the details away, because honestly I want to keep getting the chance to get the details 😀 Don’t worry it’s not as big of a deal as everyone is making it, It’s actually kind of sweet.

  4. Mike says:

    Okay thank you Megan great job on the article. It was EPIC, lol.

  5. Megan says:

    Mike- you’re too kind, thank you.

  6. Nicole says:

    Thank you for the interview!!! I’m really glad to hear it seems that the producers seem to feel the same way about Finn and Rachel (my favorite Glee pair) as I do 🙂 There’s so much potential for them…I hope the show can do it justice!

  7. Meesh says:

    Megan – you rock my Fichel loving world!! Great interview – and exciting to know my favorite characters are in love 🙂 We knew that all along, but let’s hope they verbalize it – preferable to each other!!

    We have a lot to look forward to in this season – and the many to come! and I hope RM is right – 10 seasons would be fantastic. Cory will definitely have gray hair by then – but he may start a new trend for teens, kind of like when I got my hair cut like Jennifer Aniston. Kids will now just have to by a touch of gray… loreal will love Cory…

    Will Finn continue to pursue Rachel throughout the back 9? Do you think it is evident that Rachel still has feelings for Finn? Does Jesse know about their connection?

    I saw Hello – so I kind of know some of it – but interested as you have seen 3 eps – you don’t have to give away anything – hinting would suffice too 🙂

    Thanks for all of your work on this… I am a fan!!

  8. Megan says:

    Meesh-Like they said in the interview, they’ll always love each other. So I would say yes it’s evident.

    Thank you all for reading, that’s why we do it.

  9. Megan says:

    you can follow the site on twitter @tvismypacifier and you can follow my personal twitter @BaffledAddict

  10. Mike says:

    First it was Murphy and now its Ian who are shocked at how much people like Will and Emma, what is so shocking about it?

    So you don’t have to give anything away but is the back 9 looking promising for my fave couples?

    BTW which one was your favorite of the 3 to watch?

  11. Megan says:

    Oh I loved the Madonna episode, but Home made me the most emotional.

    I kind of get why the writers/creators are shocked:
    If I was the writers I’d be shocked at how much people like anything really, because as a writer when you’re work is received well you are shocked, honored but shocked. It’s like you think, “who really wants to hear what I have to say?” That’s just my opinion though.

  12. Sam says:

    Thanks for all the Finn and Rachel scoop! Put my mind at ease 😀

  13. Arianna says:

    Very interesting interview, but what made it great it was your comments. Often I think that journalists don’t grasp what people that actually watch the shows want to know (aka tons of questions about guests stars).The worry about over exposure was a blatant cue of the complete lack of knowledge of the audience habits.
    The writers were great and very clear about their intentions.
    But I really would appreciate if talking acting skills they could mention Cory Monteith sometimes, since I think he’s the best actor among the young cast

  14. Caty says:

    I’m a huge Finn/Cory Monteith fan and I heard that there’s an emotional song that Finn sings in Home. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? Is it as compelling as the I’ll Stand by You number that Finn was singing?

  15. Emily says:

    Nothing on Quinn/Puck or Artie/tina 🙁 makes me sad

    But, thanks for the Fichel news

  16. Liana says:

    Thank you so much for posting the interview! I love everything about it, especially what was said about Finn and Rachel!

  17. Megan says:

    Caty- I don’t want to give too much about that away because frankly it’s one of the most emotional scenes of the episode. I was teary eyed.

    Emily- I know but there are a few moments for Artie/Tina in the Madonna episode okay?

    Thank you for reading, I appreciate your feedback/questions.

  18. Mike says:

    Great job on the article Im following you on twitter. Can’t wait for your other reviews to come out.

    Question the scene from the promo with Emma and Will kissing and she stopping and saying that making out in the same place you shared with her the one you made a fake baby in.

    It was aired in promos and used most recently in the one with Lea singing Like a Prayer.

    Is that in one of the 3 episodes.

  19. Jessica says:

    Great article!

    I was wondering about what Matt asked too, is that scene on the couch in Madonna? Not the hello, again scene but the Fake baby one?

  20. Jessica says:

    Sorry I meant Mike not Matt lol

  21. Megan says:

    I actually didn’t see that scene yet. Hmm.. I’ll double check but I’m going to say that that’s from another episode.

  22. Mike says:

    Terri is in home though correct, not Emma right?

  23. Jenny says:

    That scene with the couch and the fake baby is in Hell-O.

    Emma is in the episode that Terri is in. I *think* (If I haven’t mixed up my memory of the episodes. lol) Emma is NOT in the episode that April is in.

  24. Mike says:

    You are correct Emma is not in the episode April is in Home. I saw Hell-o last night and I did not see that scene with the couch and the fake baby, that is weird.

    I thought that scene was in Madonna, the only scene I know of in Hell-o with Wemma on the couch is “Hello Again” where Emma confesses to Will that well um the reason she is part of her song in Madonna.

    It was in the promo with Lea singing “Life is a mystery”, it goes to Wemma kissing and then she pulls back and says “its kind of weird for me making out in the same place you shared with her, the one you made a fake baby in” I thought that scene was in Madonna.

    Also is Terri in Home? Which episode is Terri in. I know she is in Hell-o, but is she in Home?

  25. Mike says:

    Im sorry I just really want to know where that scene is from, lol. It is in the promos, in fact the first one where they were just showing scenes from the first 3 so I assume it is in one of them, but which one.

    Thank you for responding Jenny, can you help me?

  26. Mike says:

    Starts at 0:16 seconds.

    I just really want to know where is this scene. I think it is in Madonna since this is an all Madonna episode promo.

  27. Megan says:

    Mike- I didn’t see it in Madonna. I’m actually sure it wasn’t in any of the three. After I finish Mommy duties this morning(ie. Daughter has gymnastics and a birthday party) I’ll go through the ones I can again. But you might just have to watch and tell me 🙂 Sometimes We don’t know everything… but only sometimes 😀 LOL

  28. Megan says:

    Did you see Hell-O at one of the early previews?

  29. Mike says:

    I have to wait till the 20th to see Madonna and yes I saw Hell-o at one of the early screenings.

  30. Megan says:

    well, if it’s any comfort I have to wait until May to see the next new episode 🙁 Sometimes even the good things have a down side LOL. I’ll get that info for you later today Deal?

  31. Mike says:

    Okay thank you so much, lol. Its just it makes no sense that the scene is not in the first 3 yet its in every single promo. As far as I know all the promos released have only had scenes from the first 3, ugh its bothersome.

    Yeah your right, you have to wait a while, lol. So since your a wemma shipper I wanted to ask what was your opinion of what happened in Hell-o.

    To me I don’t think Wemma were official by any means more along the lines of experimenting. Will/Shelby was really awkward and weird, like she talked during the make out.

    I laughed honestly, I laughed because it was so random and awkward and weird you had no choice but to laugh.

    Wemma were epic though as were Fichel.

  32. Mike says:

    Also is Terri in Home, I know she is in Hell-o and I wanted to kill her but is she in Home as well. I know she is not in Madge.

  33. Jenny says:

    Hmm, ok, sorry, I was wrong about that scene being in Hell-O. I was thinking of something else. lol Ok, so yeah, I guess I was thinking about the promo when I remembered that scene. Eesh. I’m getting old!

    Mike, Terri is only in Hell-O, not in Home.

  34. Mike says:

    Ah thank you for the clarification Jenny.

    Hmm maybe the scene was cut, oh man it looked promising and Emma’s line was hilarious.

  35. Megan says:

    It’s not in Home either… I’m guessing it’s from another episode… Terri isn’t in Home.

    I don’t want to say too much about Hell-O because not everyone has seen it yet , but I found Wemma slightly awkward in the episode. Those two have a lot of individual issues to deal with before they’ll be good for a long term relationship. I still love them though.

  36. Mike says:

    I completely agree Megan, thats why while what Will did was incredibly wrong I don’t find it as cheating as him and Emma were never really official by any means. There first scene told me they were trying to date or experimenting at best.

    But yeah the Will/Shelby make out was really funny, I think that is how it is supposed to be though,lol. It is just incredibly awkward and weird, and just so out there.

    Wemma were still pretty EPIC in Hell-o as were Fichel. HG was phenomenal, and very angsty.