American Idol – 4/13/10

Megan left tonight to visit family. Since she won’t be around to post a bit about tonight’s American Idol, I thought I’d give it my best shot. 🙂 Overall, I think it was a decent night. There were some great performances, some surprises, and some disappointments. I don’t know the original songs well enough to really compare them, but I did have my opinions on what sounded good and what didn’t. Adam Lambert, tonight’s mentor, did a great job. We got to the see cast of Glee in the audience, which was great, too! Check out my thoughts below, then leave a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s performances, please!

Crystal Bowersox – Saved
Judges: Randy called it dope and compared her to Bonnie Raitt. Ellen said it was fantastic. Kara thought it was solid, with a good uptempo, and had a lot of drama in the performance. Simon said it was not an obvious song, it suited her and she put her own slant on it. He thought it was original and definitely not karaoke.
Adam: He really loved her voice and loved the song. When she asked, he recommended that she use the electric guitar instead of the acoustic.
Me: I thought it was perfectly Crystal! I loved the bluesy-jazz/gospel feel to it, and she smiled and seemed like she was having a flat-out good time. She just gets better and better, in my opinion.

Andrew Garcia – Hound Dog
Judges: Randy called it “not good karaoke”. Ellen wanted a little more swagger, but liked how much he changed it. She thought he pulled it off. Kara felt like he didn’t own it, like the mic was his crutch instead of owning the performance. She didn’t feel it. Simon called it lazy, unpredictable and not a star performance. He thinks all of Andrew’s coolness is being sucked out of him.
Adam: At first, Adam told Andrew during rehearsel it was boring, that he needed to change it, step it up.
Me: He slowed it down a bit, had some fun with it, walking around the stage and behind the judges with the mic. I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t Straight Up, but it was pretty cool. Not his best, but not his worst, either.

Tim Urban – I Can’t Help Falling In Love
Judges: Randy actually liked it. Ellen compared him to liking tequila the more she drank it. (uh huh…) Kara’s favorite Tim performance ever. Authentic, real, from his heart, current, meaningful. Simon said he’s managed to go from zero to hero in two weeks. Good song, clean arrangement, growing in confidence, taking their advice well.
Adam: He thought Tim did a really good job, had a really pretty voice and good guitar work. Pushed him to get out of his comfort zone at the end by going into his falsetto.
Me: I wasn’t a big fan. To me, it was slow and sleepy. Audience was dead still and quiet. No sway or anything that I could see. He didn’t take Adam’s advice at the end, keeping it low instead of going to his falsetto.

Lee Dewyze – Little Less Conversation
Judges: Randy said he’s in the zone, with another great performance. Ellen said it sounded like a brand new song, he made it so current. He showed more confidence and is getting better and better. Kara said he really went for it vocally, changed up the intensity, wanted a little more playful, a little lighter, but the vocal was fire. Simon disagreed about the playful, asking Kara if she wanted him to play with kittens. He said Lee nailed the song full-stop.
Adam: He loves Lee’s voice, but told him he needs to smile more, perform more, be more playful, but it sounds awesome.
Me: I’ve loved this song since the show Las Vegas, so I was happy to hear that Lee was singing it. I love his voice, no matter what he sings. He was great on the guitar, could have smiled more, but seemed a bit more loose and relaxed.

Aaron Kelly – Blue Suede Shoes
Judges: Randy said it was better during the 2nd half, the half time part. Ellen thought he did a really good job, but didn’t think he got all the way there. Kara said he was out of his comfort zone and she liked it. He had nerves but she thought it pushed him. She thought it made him younger and current. Simon disagreed with Kara completely, thought it made him older and not current, very karaoke and unoriginal, like a high school musical.
Adam: Adam said his voice is really great, that he’d underestimated Aaron. More energy, to grab it. He doesn’t think Aaron believes in himself yet and needs to commit to it more.
Me: The crowd was into it from the beginning. He seemed a little nervous, his voice a little shaky, but playful, interacting with the audience and the judges. When he slowed it down towards the end, I thought he got much more relaxed and had more swagger and confidence. The end was iffy, to me. Like his voice wasn’t strong and solid. (And no, he doesn’t believe in himself yet… most 16 year olds don’t!)

Siobhan Magnus – Suspicious Minds
Judges: Randy said she took some risks and he kind of liked some of it, but that she can sing. Ellen said she looked fabulous and she agreed that she liked the 2nd half more when she slowed it down a bit and hit the bigger notes. Kara said she’s getting confused about the two voices Siobhan seems to have. Simon said something confusing about a time machine and didn’t think she hit the notes well, sounded very erratic and screachy, and it wasn’t one of her best performances.
Adam: He said she’s got the pipes but it sounded a little sleepy, had her speed it up some.
Me: I… I dunno, I’m just not a fan. I don’t know if I can’t get past her hair, but most of it was eh to me. Parts I enjoyed, but overall, I just didn’t really like it.

Michael Lynch – In the Ghetto
Judges: Randy said it was a little sleepy for him, but it’s a singing competition and they were hot vocals. Ellen said she was glad they’d saved him. Kara said it was a beautiful song and he definitely sang it well. Simon said it was a million billion times better than last week and one of his favorites that Michael’s done. Terrific choice of songs.
Adam: He said Michael should be a little more theatrical with it, but Michael said he’s wary about being theatrical since the judges have shot him down for that several times. Adam thinks Michael deserves to get down to the end.
Me: Michael slowed it down, sitting on the edge of the stage, and it felt very heartfelt and like he connected to it completely. I loved it more than I’ve loved any of his songs in the last handful of weeks.

Katie Stevens – Baby What You Want Me To Do?
Judges: Randy said she was getting a little sassy and it was nice vocals, and he was very entertained. Ellen made a joke about it being a very horny song (it was accompanied by a lot of horns). Kara said Katie *snaps fingers* showed us judges. Simon found it loud and annoying, but just didn’t like the song very much.
Adam: Katie was told to show her anger and frustration with the judges, to let it out and get throaty. Needs to make us believe it.
Me: She had a lot of attitude, which was great to see. She got more and more comfortable as the song went on, and really got into the music and the lyrics. I think it was my favorite of hers in awhile.

Casey James – Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Judges: Randy said he didn’t see anything different, but it was a solid performance. Ellen said he looked and sounded great. It wasn’t really exciting, but he was good. Kara said they know what he is capable, but it really fell short. Simon said it was a wasted opportunity but it was a good vocal with a forgettable song.
Adam: He told Casey to build a little more of an arc, with more of a climax, work on the arrangement.
Me: I like Casey, but wasn’t really a fan of the song. Don’t know if that was Casey or the song. Casey has had moments of brilliance, but he seems almost one-note at this point for me.

My prediction? I think, based on tonight’s performances only, Andrew, Siobhan & Aaron will be the bottom three. In reality? I think it will be Andrew, Aaron & Katie. Check out the result’s show tomorrow night on FOX at 9/8c. Adam Lambert will be performing and two contestants will be voted out!

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3 Responses to American Idol – 4/13/10

  1. Angelstorm says:

    Totally agree with you – Crystal was easily my favourite of the night (by about 1000 miles!) lol so it just all kind of went downhill after her really !

  2. buckeye3 says:

    Anyone who thought big mikes’s performance was good is smoking something. It was terrible and the judges were covering their butts by stateing it was good, he should go home along with Garcia, easily the two worst performers last evening. Shame on the judges and those that follow their cues. Bowereson is easily the star of idol this year and win or not, her future is guaranteed to be a success following idol.

  3. Jenny says:

    Well, I was right about 2 of the 3. lol