TV News – 4/13/10

It’s Tuesday, and the last day I’ll be posting news for a bit while I’m on my way to visit some family back East. More importantly it’s the GLEE spring premiere tonight on FOX at 9:28 pm after American Idol !! DO NOT MISS IT! I’ll have a review of the episode, up tonight after it airs! Let’s get to the news.

Diane Keaton () is currently in talks to take the lead in the new HBO comedy, Tilda. It’s about a “feared Hollywood blogger” and is written/directed by Bill Condon. The story is still developing but I’ll let you know when I hear more.Source

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The new ABC drama, Rookie Blue (formerly known as Copper) premieres on June 24th and the TV Addict is giving us a sneak peek at the sexy cast before hand. Gregory Smith (Everwood) and Missy Peregrym (Reaper) both look hot in uniform so check out the photos here.

There is a bit of talk about a new Law & Order franchise for the fall. Law & Order: Los Angeles is rumoured to have already been picked up for 13 episodes, yet there is little known about casting, etc. I’m not sure we really need another Law & Order, and frankly think it’s high time they stop trying. That said, I do enjoy Law & Order: SVU and think that if any of the L & O franchises deserve more press it’s that one. Source

That’s all for today, Jenny will be keeping you up to date on TV news while I’m on my journey East. Don’t miss Glee tonight at 9:28 pm on FOX, and you can read my review back here after the episode. I’ll be back before you know it :D.

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