Glee Review – “Hell-O” – 4/13/09

Last night’s Glee was wonderful, delicious and everything else good in the world, but let’s face it even if it was mediocre we’d all love it because it’s been far too long without our fix of Glee. Sue is back and meaner than ever and lots of our favorite couples have movement in their relationships. For the recap and review jump with me.

The episode opens with Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt feeling great about being winners but their hopes are dashed when they’re slushied yet again. Did we really think they’d suddenly be popular? That would ruin the show.

We also learn that Finn and Rachel are ‘sort of’ dating but things don’t seem great in paradise. Finn is still getting over Quinn, (who seems to be dating Puck although it wasn’t announced officially), and he’s depressed. He wants to be a star, and he wants to date other women before he ties himself down to one girl.

Will suggests he finds himself through singing, and he does it by singing, Hello by The Doors. He’s actually quite hot in his awkward Finn way. Unfortunately, for Rachel, Finn decides he’s a rock star and breaks up with Rachel. She gives it to him, and calls him on his insecurities. He broke her heart, and then quickly turns around and goes out with Santana and Brittany on a double date. Eww.

I’m proud of Rachel for not taking it laying down because she comes back with a solo of Hope It Gives You Hell and directs it to Finn. Serves him right. I loved this performance by Rachel because she was angry and it made her voice raw. The whole group joins in and I loved seeing Harry Shum Jr get to show off his amazing dance abilities.

Rachel gets ambushed by Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff), at the library and he is trying to pick her up. His character is slightly full of himself, and we should hate him because he’s there to seduce our Rachel away from Finn, but damn it I don’t hate him. His voice is amazing, and gave me chills, if nothing else he’s going to add some interesting twists to the story. The duet of Lionel Richie’s song Hello was really hot. I thought it was odd how there was a piano in the library seeing as it’s supposed to be a quiet place, but I don’t care because it was fabulous. This was one of those scenes where Rachel shines, and reminds us that Lea Michelle is outstanding.

Cut to Finn on his date with Brittany and Santana, those two girls are so rude and obnoxious but you have to love the funny things that Brittany (Heather Morris) says. I mean “Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?” LOL Seriously that was hilarious. I kind of liked watching Finn realize that there was nothing for him outside Rachel, you could see it as he watched Santana and Brittany exclude him and be rude. He even defended Rachel to them which got him told to go wait in the car for them.

Finn you have got yourself in a mess now. You’ve lost Rachel to Jesse, and frankly you deserve to have to fight for her, and you’d better fight for her!

We get to see Will and Emma go on a date at Will’s house. He cooks dinner for them, and then they slow dance in the living room to the song Hello by , which Will sings along to, melting Emma’s heart. The kiss and start making out on the couch but Emma pushes him away. She then informs him that she’s a virgin, and he seems slightly put off. They watch a movie together, and that’s it.

Finn goes to Rachel the next day to apologize and admit that he wants to be her boyfriend. Oops, too late buddy. Rachel tells him she’s met someone else who’s worthy of her talent. Finn gets his back up in typical male form asking “Do I know him? Is he bigger than I am?” She then tells him it’s Jesse St. James from Vocal Adrenaline and he makes a huge mistake. He asks Rachel if she thinks it’s a little weird that they win sectionals, and the lead of the best show choir picks her up. Rachel is furious, stating that she knows it’s hard for him to believe someone would want her without “ulterior motives”, but that Finn should move on because she has. Way to show her you love her Finn.

The club is furious with her. Mercedes, Artie, Tina and Kurt threaten to kick her out of Glee club if she doesn’t break up with Jesse. They say he’s playing her. She’s upset but I can see that she’s thinking about it. Problem is that Sue decides that she’s going to push Rachel to want to be with Jesse.

Sue forms an old maid’s club, filled with girls that are kind of unattractive, with moustaches and body odours. They all tell her stories of their love disasters, and make her fear being alone forever. She panics.

Speaking of Sue, the reason she got reinstated is because of her drugging Principal Figgins then taking pictures of him in bed with her to blackmail him. Gross but funny none the less.

Meanwhile, Emma is interrupted by Terri while she’s setting the table for Will. She tells Emma that the song that she danced to with Will, was actually her song with Will. She was so hurt, and upset. Emma forces Will to go get himself together, before they can be together. She doesn’t want him to compromise himself for her “crazy”. I admire Emma for giving Will the chance to find his own needs, and she’s going to try to get some help. She then asks him to leave so she can “close the door and cry”. *sigh* My heart broke for her, and for him because he’s just so lost.

Finn asks Rachel to be with him as a real couple. She turns him down for the “good of the team”, because she’s told him that her and Jesse are over.. which they aren’t. He then tells her that he’s not some guy she met at the record store, he doesn’t give up that easily. *tear* I was so sad for Finn, and for Rachel because she looked so torn. As much as I want Finn & Rachel together, I really need Finn to pursue Rachel for a bit. Really want her and know what he’s got, it’ll make the getting together that much better.

The club sings Hello, Goodbye, together and I have to say Finn is really trying to make her want him again. Rachel is a mess, but the vocals are great. At the end of the performance Rachel runs off the stage and Finn looks so hurt and alone. This is going to be a hard road but I’m sure we’ll love it, or at least love to hate it. 😀

Overall, I’m so happy that Glee is back and I’m looking forward to next week’s Madonna-themed episode.

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2 Responses to Glee Review – “Hell-O” – 4/13/09

  1. Meesh says:

    Fantastic Review!! I also thought Finn was so adorable when hanging up the cat calendar in his locker – I mean – who would hang up a pink calendar with their faces on cats? Someone that is in love <3!!! Finn better fight for our girl – and be there when the chips are down!! We know he will. Team Finn!!

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks 🙂 Sorry I wasn’t around right away to discuss with everyone, I’ve been travelling across country to visit family. I’ll be here all week, and then absent for a few more days.

    Meesh- I think that Finn will fight for Rachel because he seems focused on her now. I cannot wait! 😀