Glee Review – “The Power of Madonna” – 4/20/10

It’s the episode Gleeks everywhere have been waiting for… “The Power of Madonna”. What an episode it was!! 😀 We got some really good scenes with our favorites, some sad and some fantastic. There were also a few shocking moments in the episode, so let’s get to it.

We open with a Sue monologue, where she’s writing in her journal about how iconic Madonna is and how she makes women powerful. She then makes Principal Figgins blast the music over the PA system all through the day. 🙂 She gets this by still blackmailing him for the so called sex-capade that took place between Sue and Figgins, even though Sue is fully clothed in the pictures.

I loved the scene with the Cheerios, where the girls have bracelets on that have “WWMD” on them. (ie. “What Would Madonna Do”). Then the fact that the she told the girls to date younger guys, because that’s what Madonna does.

Moving on, we see the Glee club girls sitting around and Rachel decides to talk to them about losing her virginity. Although she says it’s only hypothetical because she’s not dating anyone, LOL, when really she’s talking about Jesse. She tells them how she was unsure about “doing it” and the guy got all weirded out and left. Santana told her to do what she does, just don’t say no. Well gee, thanks mattress back. 😉 Tina agrees that men just don’t respect them, especially after Artie gave her a speech about if they’re going to be together she needs to lose the Goth thing because she has it and should flaunt it.

Will over hears the girl’s little pow-wow and asks if they’re really having that much trouble with boys. Quinn tells him that he wouldn’t understand because he’s a man. She also states that women still earn 70 cents for every dollar a man earns, and that thinking like that starts in high school. So true. Boys aren’t always raised with the proper respect for women, and the media doesn’t usually help much.

Will wants to help so he goes to Emma to talk about it, and tells her he knows this area is her “blind spot” but he’ll help her. That’s great remind her she’s a virgin. 😉 He walks down the hall and hears an idea, and by that I mean he hears the Cheerios practicing to Madonna’s Ray of Light. They are fantastic, and on stilts. It’s all very glamorous but Sue doesn’t like it, she’s said it was sloppy. Best line from Sue, “Oh Hey William, I thought I smelt cookies wafting from the ovens of the little elves that live in your hair.” Will comes up with an idea from hearing Sue talk about how much Madonna empowers women, and leaves to talk to his team.

Will asks the club what they think of when they hear, Madonna. Rachel says “genius “, Kurt says “icon” and Puck says, “hall of fame milf”. However, when told that they’re assignment is to pick a Madonna song, the boys are upset and don’t think they it’s a horrible idea and that Madonna doesn’t translate for show choir. Cue Rachel.

She gets the girls up and they sing Express Yourself, and set it on fire. Rachel sings lead, but Quinn gets few wonderful lines as well as Mercedes. I was so happy just watching them, making me proud to be female. Kudos to the co-creators who are all male 😉 Not to mention they all looked smokin’ hot in their black pant suits with silk corsets under them. Such a great number. I was thrilled. The boys still weren’t but oh well 😀

Brittany is dating a seven year old? So wrong. Brittany tells Santana to go after Finn, and try to take his virginity. She tells him he’s as sexy as “a cabbage patch kid”. He says no at first because he has feelings for someone else, but then Santana tells him that Rachel is still seeing that guy Jesse, and Finn is upset. I don’t like where this is going.

Finn confronts Rachel, saying that he never thought she would lie to him, and she says that she wants him to trust her. Points go to Finn for agreeing but telling her that if it turns out bad, he won’t be her friend anymore.

They move on to practice their duet, Open Your Heart, and it was intense. There is so much sexual tension between them, that it makes me sad they aren’t together. Yet, I have to give it up to Cory Monteith for this episode he actually looked a bit more co-ordinated 😀

Sue gets on Will about the club doing Madonna, and then Will actually has a hair comeback for Sue after she bashes him again. “How’s the Florence Henderson look working out for you?” LMAO, way to go Will. Mercedes and Kurt see the confrontation take place and feel bad for the devil.

They go see Sue and she tells them about how her hair was damaged by her trying to bleach it while she was a child. They offer to help her find a new look if she lets them use the Cheerios in a special project. 😀 The project is the Vogue video done with Sue as Madonna and backed up by Kurt and Mercedes. It was EPIC! Such a fantastic moment for the show. Jane Lynch was fabulous and she looks sexy and womanly in a lot of the shots. The girly blonde hair really suits her. I loved the part where she inserts “Will Schuester I hate you” so funny.

Meanwhile, Finn agrees to sleep with Santana, and Rachel agrees to sleep with Jesse. *Sigh* I don’t like this at all. On another note, Emma tries to take control of her sexuality, and tell Will that they’re going to have sex. It was hilarious, they discuss it like it’s a dinner date.

I love the Like A Virgin sequence. Will, Emma, Rachel, Jesse, Finn and Santana singing was awesome. Santana has a great voice, I can’t wait for more solos by her.

Emma and Rachel didn’t go through with it, neither of them could give their virginity up. Finn, however went through with it. Afterwards he regretted it because he felt nothing, and because it meant nothing. Finn lied and told Rachel that he couldn’t go through with it, while Rachel lied to Finn and said it was no big deal. Oh my dear children, throw it all aside and just get back together! NOW! … please?

A big stumbling block has been placed in front of Finn/Rachel now though, Jesse. He transferred to McKinley school and although it all looks on the up and up, I smell a spy. Not to mention how angry Mercedes and Kurt were about it, because they already have to fight for solos.

I guess that’s why they went to the Cheerios. *Gasp* I know. They are going to do both Glee and the Cheerios, because Sue has added vocals to her numbers to help win the competitions. I have to admit that Kurt and Mercedes wailing out 4 Minutes was Glee-tastic and they deserve some more spotlight!

Best moment was the guys singing, What It Feels Like For a Girl. They sounded amazing, and I loved the harmony. It was a good lesson for them. It causes them to see things from the other side, causing them to apologize for their treatment of the girls. Finn even welcomes Jesse, and turns down a sing-off, for the sake of Rachel. Finn admits that it’s his fault she’s with Jesse because he acted like a jerk.

The closing number of Like a Prayer was great, loved the costumes. The vocals were fierce and I really enjoyed the choir in the background. Finn was singing to Rachel and I think that’s always going to be the case. He loves her now he just has to prove he’s worthy and still be there to pick her up when Jesse crushes her like we know he will.

Overall, I wouldn’t have changed a moment so far, the writers are genius and my emotional journey through these episodes is thanks to them not giving the fans what they want entirely all the time. Watching Finn and Rachel do the will they/won’t they dance for these episodes has made me realize that it’s an important thing. Finn pursuing Rachel, makes her less needy and more beautiful, not to mention makes Finn more respectable and more believable. Well done writers, we love you.

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3 Responses to Glee Review – “The Power of Madonna” – 4/20/10

  1. Meesh says:

    LOVE YOUR POST!!! The episode was pure magic – amazing. And as a Fichel supporter – it is so wonderful to see how Finn is in pursuit. You are right about watching the dance – it is so important and going to make it even more beautiful and epic when Finn and Rachel finally get together. He loves her…they are each other’s lobsters…and that is that. I loved that he had to swallow his words when saying “I will do my best to stay away from your girl”. and OYH was unbeliveable – I couldn’t talk for a while after – it was that great. They are meant to be 🙂 Fichel supporters have so much to look forward to in this back 9!! I just don’t want to see Rachel get hurt… 🙁

  2. Brooke says:

    Great review, Megan!

    This episode, far and wide, exceeded all expectations. The dialogue, the jokes, the subtext? Insane.

    And the Finn and Rachel stuff just broke my heart. It’s quite clear the story is building to them getting together (finally!), but it’s going to be quite the journey to get there. I can’t wait to watch it 🙂

  3. Megan says:

    Thanks guys! I am so excited for the story to unfold as well. Finn and Rachel together is going to be worth the wait, I’m sure of it.