Happy Town Review & Contest! ***WINNER & ANSWERS ANNOUNCED***

Happy Town cast

Thank you to everyone who wrote in guesses to the contest quiz! The winner, chosen randomly!, of the Happy Town goodies is… Whitney! Congratulations!

The answers to the quiz & the review of the series premiere are after the jump!

What do the following shows have in common with Happy Town?

Set A Answer:They are all set in Minnesota.

  • Coach
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Set B Answer:They all share 1 character with the same first name as a character in the show. (This was a hard one! Just wondered if anyone would be able to figure it out. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have, either! LOL)

  • Martin – Tommy
  • Friends – Rachel
  • Glee – Emma

Set C Answer:They all have 2 word titles. (Easy when you think about it, but… rather obscure, huh?)

  • Gossip Girl
  • South Park
  • Criminal Minds

Set D Answer:They all starred Amy Acker.

  • Alias
  • Angel
  • Dollhouse

Set E Answer:They all starred Steven Weber.

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  • Once and Again
  • Wings

Thanks again to everyone who played along! Whitney, check your email and your mailbox soon!

The Happy Town review is below. Enjoy!

I recently got to preview the first episode of ABC’s new mystery drama, Happy Town, which premieres April 28th at 10:01/9:01c. From ABC: “Haplin, Minnesota, “Happy Town,” has enjoyed an uneasy peace for five years, but all that is about to change. Still haunted by a number of unsolved kidnappings, the small town now faces a dark new crime that brings all its unresolved fears to the surface. Has the elusive “Magic Man” – who many believe is responsible for the bizarre abductions — returned to claim another victim? As Haplin’s mysteries are revealed, many of its prominent citizens’ motives come under scrutiny as their own secrets and personalities are peeled back one layer at a time.” You can read more about the show here at ABC.

Amy Acker & Geoff Stults on Happy Town . Steven Weber on Happy Town

The show was kind of creepy, with lots of mysteries already popping up for some of the main characters. M.C. Gainey plays Sheriff Griffin Conroy, who goes into a trance-like state every so often, spouting about someone named Chloe. Lauren German plays Henley Boone, a newcomer in town, who is sneaking around in a hunt for information. Another newcomer to town is Sam Neill as Merritt Grieves, who seems vaguely like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. My favorite characters are Henley, Sheriff Conroy’s son Tommy (Geoff Stults) and Tommy’s wife Rachel (Amy Acker), as well as Big Dave Duncan (Abraham Benrubi). There are quite a few other characters that are interesting, quirky and just plain odd. I will continue watching the show if for no other reason than the fantastic ensemble cast. It’s definitely something you should check out when it airs on April 28th!

Lauren German on Happy Town . Sam Neill on Happy Town

Sarah Gadon on Happy Town . Robert Wisdom & M.C. Gainey on Happy Town

Lauren German & Others on Happy Town . Jay Paulson on Happy Town

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