TV News – 4/22/10

Well on the one hand it’s still Thursday on the West Coast. (It was when Megan had the news ready. Jenny’s fault for not putting up a couple of hours ago!) 😀 Sorry guys! That’s the down side to doing the news while I’m on vacation visiting family, I run into time conflicts some days. On another note I finally saw Avatar and it was fantastic, I really enjoyed it. Okay, enough about me (although let’s face it, I’m kind of fabulous 😉 ), let’s get to the news.

Megan Mullally will be coming back to Parks and Recreation in the role of Tammy, Ron’s (Nick Offerman) ex-wife. We’re not sure how long the stint will be only that it’ll be hilarious. Mullally, who is joining the Starz show Party Down in the new season, is actually maried to Offerman in real-life. I’m excited about this news even though I’m not a huge fan of Parks and Recreation. Source

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Ausiello is delivering again this week with some great spoilers. There’s some info on Modern Family, Glee and CSI, but if you don’t enjoy spoilers don’t click the link. Everyone who does like to indulge a bit go ahead but beware, SPOILERS AHEAD

FOX has decided to pass on a U.S. version of Torchwood even though it’s been in works with the creator up until now, it just didn’t make it past the ‘on paper’ stage. It’s not the end of the road yet though, BBC Worldwide says that they “are currently in discussion with several interested networks.” I’ll let you know what network picks it up, if any. Source

In American Idol news, I was overjoyed that Tim Urban finally went home. It was high time that America did something right. On the otherhand though, to save the season they should just admit it’s a race between Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze, and cut it to the final two battle. What do you think?

Four-time Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominee Hal Holbrook will be guest-starring in a four-episode arc of Sons of Anarchy‘s 3rd season, which premieres in September. He’ll be playing the father of Katey Sagal’s character, Gemma Morrow Teller. More info at The Futon Critic
According to Michael Ausiello, there are a ton of plot twisting happenings as we gear up to the end of the season. Births, deaths, weddings, sex, shocking returns, etc. There are 18 (!!!) confirmed fatalities. WTF? lol Anyway, definitely something to check out! He doesn’t list any show or character names, but if you click the link, you can see how many of what event will occur. Spoilerphobes, kind of beware. 🙂 Ausiello Files @ EW

Also according to Michael Ausiello, the Madonna episode of Glee was such a success, there is already a sequel in the works. The episode would air early next season. More info when you click the link! Ausiello Files @ EW (Speaking of the Madonna episode, FOX is repeating the episode tomorrow (well, today now) on Friday at 9/8c!)
Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy on Smallville) will be joinging In Plain Sight during the 2nd half of the season. For more info on his character, check out Ausiello Files @ EW

HBO has renewed Curb Your Enthusiasm for an 8th season, to premiere in 2011. More info here:

In other pickup news for HBO, they have also renewed How to Make it in America for a 2nd season. More info here:

According to Michael Ausiello’s Twitter account, FX has confirmed that season 7, which airs in summer 2011, will be the last season for Rescue Me.

That’s all for tonight, again so sorry I was so late. I hope you’re all enjoying your week and by next Wednesday night everything will be back to normal with my posts.

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