TV News – 4/28/10

Hello everyone! I’m back home and loving it. While we’re all a little tired from the long drive, it was nice to sleep in my own bed, and my daughter was overjoyed to see all of her friends at school today. Let’s see what kind of news I can dig up for you today.

It seems that Steve Carell could be wanting to leave The Office after next season. During a recent radio interview, Carell admitted that next season “will probably be [his] last year.”. I don’t know what NBC will do without Carell, to help bring in the ratings. What do you think will The Office and NBC survive without Steve Carell? Source

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Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) will be co-hosting on The View on May 4th. The young actress recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and she was amusing. It’s nice to see Sidibe playing characters that are less depressing than Precious. She’s a great up and coming actress and I think she’ll do well hosting. Also in May, The View, welcomes Mike Tyson for the first time, to discuss his new show for Animal Planet. I’m sure that interview will be okay, I’m still not a huge Tyson fan but he does drama better than a lot of people. 😀 Source

ABC has ordered 13 more episodes of Supernanny, giving it a seventh season. Jo Frost (aka the SUPER nanny) is thinking that after this run she may pack it in for the show. Frost has said that, “I’ve lived out of a suitcase for the past five years, visiting 47 states for the show. It’s time to settle down in one place for the time being.” Do we blame her? After seeing that many different places and devil.. I mean angelic, children, she’s bound to be exhauted! Source

How do you feel about Wisteria Lane rolling up it’s sidewalks after 8 seasons instead of 9? It may happen, rumours are circling that ABC is thinking about cutting Desperate Housewives down to 8 seasons, instead of the 9 it had hoped for. A lot is contributing to this decision, including the fact that all the leading ladies only have official deals through season 8 but have nothing decided for season 9 yet. I am honestly okay with this decision. Let these sexy Housewives move on to different things, and please let poor Felicity Huffman’s character, Lynette, stop having children, the woman is tired! Source

Kristin over at E!Online has some good spoilers for Glee, and while they aren’t earth shattering, they are pretty fantastic! Some stuff on Baby ‘Drizzle’ and Cory Monteith’s opinion on the Finn/Rachel coupling. If you don’t like spoilers, then don’t click the link, everyone else (which let’s face it is most of us) go here!

That’s all for today, look for my reviews of American Idol and Glee to be up shortly. I’m still quite tired from the drive, it’s exhausting to be in the car for 2 and a half days. I hope you caught the all new episode of Modern Family tonight at 9 pm on ABC, followed by the series premiere of Happy Town at 10 pm on ABC!

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