Week in Review – 4/25/10-5/1/10: Glee, Bones and Grey’s Anatomy

It’s been a great week in TV, well in what I’ve seen and I loved it all. From the emotional episode of Glee to the duet by Booth and Brennan on Bones it’s been good television. I’m also going to discuss all the craziness that is Grey’s Anatomy. If you haven’t see these shows and don’t want to be spoiled then don’t jump ahead, everyone else let’s go!

Tuesday brought us an all new episode of Glee titled, Home. We got to see some deep story lines from Kurt and Mercedes this episode, as well as from Finn. While I loved the Madonna episode last week, because let’s face it, it was kind of epic, I really enjoyed this week’s episode and all the emotional storylines it brought.

We open with Sue giving a talk to Mercedes and Kurt about losing weight. She telling Mercedes if she doesn’t lose 10 lbs in a week, and start wearing the Cheerios skirt before the big interview for Splits magazine where they’ll name Sue Sylvester the top coach in the last 2000 years. Sue also tells Kurt he has hips like a pear. 10 lbs in a week is insane, and so unhealthy. Mercedes starts dieting and learns that the Cheerios stay slim off of a concoction that Sue developed that is freakishly close to a diet some girls actually do, (drinking water with cayenne pepper, and syrup) to lose weight.

Also during this time we get a sidebar and see Britany tell Santana, “I’m pretty sure my cat’s been reading my diary.” These one liners they keep giving her are genius, and Heather Morris does a great job of appearing ditzy.

I was also a little put off when we saw Becky weighing in and Sue congratulated her on becoming a normal teenage girl obsessed with her body, because unfortunately it’s so close to the truth. Too many young girls today are more worried about their appearances than anything and it costs many their health.

Will finds out that Sue has padlocked the auditorium for the Cheerios to practice inside because of the weather. That really makes it difficult for them to practice but Will promises to find somewhere else to practice. He sets out to find somewhere and he finds April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth).

April is running the local roller rink (wow I’m having flash backs of youth group trips!), which was given to her by her Buddy Libowitz, the strip mall owner, and he gave her the roller rink, as a gift to his mistress. April and Will do a duet of Fire and it was great. Those two have wonderful voices and they really meld together well.

Will chats with her about looking for a someone to sublet his apartment, and April offers to take it on. She insists she’ll need to try it out the next night, after she gets her bikini wax. I smell trouble, don’t you?

Finn is dealing with the news that his mom is dating Kurt’s dad, and that she’s in love. He’s really upset when she starts selling off the old furniture, and truly heartbroken when she tries to sell his father’s easy chair. I was torn by these scenes because on one hand, Finn’s mom deserves to be happy, but I get why he’s sad, he lost his dad when he was still so young and that chair is one of the most real memories he has.

Finn confronts Kurt, and Kurt just feeds into Finn’s anger by telling him that soon they’ll be roommates while they’re parents are upstairs together. We also see in a flashback that Kurt actually introduced his dad to Finn’s mom, and we can see the wheels of ulterior motives spinning in his head. Frankly, Kurt is just trying to get into Finn’s love. This isn’t going to work.

Kurt sings A House is Not a Home , and it seems like it’s a great serenade for Finn. Others notice it too, like Puck who looks confused at Finn. A funny side note is that Santana and Britany end up cuddling, and it’s amusing and sweet at the same time. They might be the most functional couple on the show. 😀

We see a side scene of Finn singing this song to his dad’s chair with an urn in it, and the whole scene was heartbreaking. I feel bad for Finn, and the loss he’s feeling, but it’s good for him to start dealing with it and possibly move forward for his and his mom’s sake.They leave it like that, but I’m sure it’s going to go somewhere else.

April shows up at Will’s for a sleepover, much to his disliking. She puts on music and starts singing One Less Bell To Answer with Will joining in and it was a touching song especially with Will kissing her forehead goodnight. April goes into A House is not a Home, and then gets up and walks into Will’s room. She climbs into bed with him and they end up holding hands and then just sleep. These two lonely people are really depressing, but it’s good TV. April and Will have some amazing duets together and this one is no exception. I love it when April comes to town don’t you?

Finn and Kurt go out for dinner with their parents, and doesn’t go as Kurt planned. Kurt’s dad starts talking sports with Finn, and it hurts Kurt’s feelings, because his father never engages in a conversation as deeply as he did with Finn. Amazingly, Finn actually starts coming around about the dinner after the football talk, and that hurts Kurt even more.

Later we see Kurt in his room, ripping paint samples off the wall, and his dad comes in. They talk about how it hurt Kurt that his dad was so into talking to Finn, and his dad said that he was just enjoying some “guy talk” with another boy. That comment just broke Kurt’s heart because he said “I’m a guy”. Aww, poor Kurt.

Mercedes is still doing her Sue Sylvester diet, and it’s making Artie and Tina worry about her. Along with being cranky, Mercedes starts hallucinating that everyone is food. Then she faints and ends up in the nurses office with Quinn. This was a great scene for both Mercedes and Quinn because we see Quinn start to become motherly, and tell Mercedes that she’s always been comfortable in her skin and she shouldn’t let Sue take that away from her. I was shocked at how sweet Quinn was, especially when she told Mercedes she was beautiful, it’s a welcomed change. Quinn also admitted that her relationship to food changed when she became pregnant, and that’s a good thing. I was really happy when this scene happened because I was starting to worry about the message they were sending young girls. I should have known better.

Will tells April that they shouldn’t make a habit of spending the night together, even if all April did was sleep. He didn’t sleep because she spent the night kicking him. 😀 He also tells April that she needs to find a home, and what she wants from life. It encourages her to go break up with her sugar daddy.

Finn and Kurt decide to start trying to break up their parents. Finn takes a big move by telling his mom he’s going to flush his dad’s ashes down the toilet, and his mom lays into him calling him what he is “selfish”. She tells him that Burt (that’s Kurt’s dad.. original eh?), is the first man she’s had feelings for since Finn’s dad died. Then she cries and tells him how she’s taken the urn to bed with her every night for 16 years, and talked to it, asked advice and waited for responses that would never come. *tear* Finn’s mom just wants to move forward out of the past, not forgetting but trying to live. I really hoped that Finn comes around because this is just horrible. His poor mom.

The pep rally takes place and the journalist comes to watch the show. Yet it wasn’t the show that Sue was expecting. Mercedes takes the microphone and instead of singing right away she talks about how we all feel ugly and fat, and that we shouldn’t. She starts singing Beautiful, and it is inspiring. She invites everyone who likes it to come down and sing with her. They do, even Puck joins her on the floor. Will looks so proud, where as Sue looks like she’s going to kill someone. Uh-oh! 😉

The journalist, admits that he disliked Sue instantly, and says he came there to write an article that exposes her for what she is, but changed his mind after seeing that performance. He called her a visionary, 😀 , that’s HIL-A-RIOUS! She dodged a bullet, but so did Mercedes can you imagine how angry Sue would have been if it went wrong? Ouch.

Finn finds Burt in his kitchen, and is told it’s time for a man to man talk. Burt tells Finn that his dad is a hero not only to the world for what he did but to Finn, he gets that. Then he admits that he loves Finn’s mom, that’s she’s like “an angel that came down and woke [him] up”. He knows he’ll never be Finn’s dad but he’ll be his mom’s hero for as long as she’ll have him. *tear again* Finn crumbles and asks him to watch the game with him, and even lets him sit in his dad’s chair. Wow, some really heavy emotional stuff, that’s only made worse by seeing poor Kurt watching them through the window, in a depressing yet creepy way. This is going to be a great story line for Kurt, and I’m so excited to see him get more screen time.

April comes back with news that she is rich because her sugar daddy had a stroke and his wife paid her hush money. She also tells him that she bought the auditorium for the Glee club, it’s now the April Rhodes Civic Pavilion. Yay April! Will is flabbergasted but the club knows what to do. A song of course!

April comes out in a gorgeous white dress, and starts singing Home from The Wiz and it’s wonderful. Chenoweth is fabulous actress and singer, so diverse. It only got better when the Glee club backed her up. I loved the moments with Quinn and Mercedes looking at each other, with a new found mutual respect and teary eyes. That line where it talks about time to grow up fits so many of them right now especially Quinn. What a special ending to fabulous episode.

Overall, I may be slightly biased because frankly I love this show and I’m a Gleek through and through, but this episode made me emotional. The ups and the downs, were fantastic and I’m so glad that each week Glee manages to amuse us while still teaching some sort of lesson. Last week we learnt to the tune of Like a Virgin that waiting for sex until you’re ready is important. This week we learnt that we should love ourselves the way we are, and that the past is a lonely place to live. *sigh* Deep words indeed. 🙂

Bones was really amusing this week, with a lot of fun Booth and Brennan conversations even a rock duet.
The case of the week was kind of boring, but it made for a good back drop for the relationship stuff. A guy is found in an industrial washer, and it’s really gross. Although it was really funny when the testicle fell out of the washer, I loved the look on Booth’s face.

We find out that the body in the washer belongs to Cole, a rich man who plays out a different fantasy every year for his birthday. They fantasies show on his body too, from his bull riding experience where he likely lost his ball, to the injury from baseball camp, this guy did it all.

On the topic of the missing testicle, I thought it was great how they identified the victim from the serial number found on his prostetic testicle. Classic.

This birthday Cole, went to Rock and Roll Fantasy camp, where he didn’t make a lot of friends. He was in a dispute with the camp owner, blackmailing to get private lessons from the famous rock star, Cole also help ruin a camper’s marriage when he played a trick on him, and he also pissed off a girl he slept with, by telling her that his goal was to sleep with every girl at the camp to live out his rock star fantasy. What a jerk. I wouldn’t wish him dead, but in a way maybe the world is a better place.

The killer turns out to be another camper who is just angry that Cole was a poseur and had a wicked guitar and private lessons with the Rock star. When arrested he says take me it was worth it. Not really, but he’ll remember that later.

Okay onto the great chemistry and moments between Booth and Brennan. I love how Brennan is appearing kind of jealous of Booth dating Catherine. Brennan notices that Catherine bought Booth a tie with whales on it, and says that implies a “social contract”. Booth wants to know if Hacker ever got Brennan anything and she says a subscription to Lapham’s Quarterly. He didn’t seem to think that was really sexy, but is a tie sexy? Not really.

Brennan brings up Cathering at lunch with Booth and Sweets, and Sweets is impressed at how the two of them are handling dating. Brennan says that he should “expect to be impressed by me.” 😀 I love Brennan. She’s right though. I think that Brennan is feeling a bit of jealousy towards to Catherine but is trying to appear like she is just happy for Booth.

When Booth and Brennan head over to rock band camp to talk to people, the song Hot Blooded comes on and Booth says it’s their song and starts singing. Both of them get on stage, but Brennan grabs a guitar. Booth is confused “You play the guitar?” Brennan responds, “Well, I play the akonting, the folk lute of the Jola tribe, but the guitar is not dissimilar.”. Then she gets on stage and rocks the song with Booth. I loved this scene it was sweet and silly and reminded me of why I love those two together besides just the chemistry.

Later, Brennan talks to Cam about how Booth seems to like Catherine, but that she prefers to be alone, and admits it’s important for Booth to have someone. Cam points out Hacker and Brennan slips up and says that she likes him but not like Booth. She goes on to explain that she means who Booth wants to like someone, but the slip is already there. Cam assures Brennan that she’s normal, and not outside the laws of nature, Brennan concedes to wait for a surprise but doubts that it will end up with her in a commitment to anothe person. I hope for Brennan’s sake she can one day allow herself to feel love and give commitment, it’s a sad thing to miss out on.

There was a touching moment later at the bar, where Brennan tells Booth that their partnerships is still really important to her, and he says “You’d did for your partner, That’s the way I look at it.”. Aww, the glance they share is really kind of sad, and then the move on. Talking about Led Zeppelin and how she turned down tickets because she thought it was an air show. I love Brennan she makes me laugh all the time.

It was a good episode for the Booth/Brennan even if there was no real relationship movement.I’ll be okay as long as the writers are still moving them along in that direction and don’t dismiss their feelings for each other all together.

On a side note, Cam got some feelings of her own this episode. After finding a gynocologist for Michelle, she ends up dating that gynocologist, which frankly is kind of weid for poor Michelle. That said I was really happy that they finally found a love interest for Cam. Michelle finds out about the dates from a phone message left, and tells Cam that she needs a new doctor but that Cam should definitely keep seeing the other one, because she needs a life. What a sweet mother/daughter moment.

Overall, it was a great episode with lots of fun stuff. Hodgins found Angela’s knowledge about guitars sexy, and the Zack fill in for the week Arastoo, was amusing about the baseball stuff, even if he’s not my favorite fill in. I hope that we see even more character growth, including some relationship movement for Angela and Hodgins because they really belong together.

<Grey’s Anatomy was full of drama this week, baby drama and general people acting loopy drama. It was a good episode and I have to say that the other cast members are doing such a good job of filling up the roles that I find myself saying “Izzie who?” 😀

We pick up where we left off last episode with Sloan showing up at Mark’s door in labor, just as Mark and Teddy were getting it on. Mark runs next door to Callie’s apartment looking for some suture kits, but comes back with Callie, Arizona, Cristina and Owen, but Teddy has already delivered the baby. Arizona checks the baby over and then hands him to Mark, accidentally calling him “Grandpa”.

The problem is Mark is so emotionally immature right now. He wants a family, and a part of him sees Sloan’s baby as a chance for him to have that. Unfortunately for Mark, Sloan has already decided to put the baby boy up for adoption. Honestly, that’s the best plan for this baby to have a semi-normal life.

Mark gets his hopes up when Sloan suggests that her and the baby could move in and they could raise him together. Arizona jumps all over Mark, and while I respect the fact that she’s right, I found her really abrasive and inconsiderate this episode. Sloan and his grandson are, in Mark’s head, his chance to have a family. He tells Arizona that he needs to figure things out.

Later in Derek’s office, he throws a few things around and says that he doesn’t want to call strangers to come and take away his kid. Oops, Mark it’s not your kid. Derek points out that Sloan is his kid, not the baby. Mark realizes he’s been wrong and goes to Sloan. He tells Sloan that she’s his kid, and she’ll be a part of his life no matter what. I loved this scene, Mark grew up a bit and Sloan finally found the love and acceptance she’d been looking for.

Later, Mark is the one to hand the baby over to the adoptive family, and it was emotional. He did it and then went to the door where Callie was and they just held hands. Now I know that everyone loves Callie with Arizona, but I really love the chemistry between Callie and Mark. Those two should have a baby together.

Speaking of Callie and babies, there is still the ongoing drama between her and Arizona about kids in their future. Arizona promised to discuss the issue not to change her mind, but Callie’s not giving up. Callie wants to figure out why Arizona doesn’t want kids, and she thinks she’s done it.

Callie confronts Arizona saying that she understands that because Arizona lost her brother and watched her parents deal with that, and she watches parents go through that every day, she doesn’t want to risk her own child. She insists that they’re baby would beat the odds, and not be one of those children. (How does she know that for sure?) This doesn’t make Arizona happy, or even emotional, just angry.

Arizona spouts off stuff about not having a psychological problem that Callie can diagnose or fix. She just likes her way the way it is, and she thought she liked her life with Callie in it, but maybe she was wrong. Ouch. I understand that Arizona is set on not having kids, but a little more compassion for Callie’s feelings would have been nice. I’m not liking the story with these two lately.

Callie tries to talk to Arizona when they go to bed about how kids smell like poop, and her cousin’s baby punched her cousin in the eye and who needs that. The words are pretty but Callie doesn’t really believe them because she starts sobbing, and I’ll give Arizona points for kissing Callie and feeling a little bad, but I don’t think Arizona is ever going to agree to kids. In a way that’s good because children are a huge commitment that you better make sure you’re ready for before you decide to have them.

Other members of Seattle Grace staff are having commitment issues this episode too, but not just relationship ones. Teddy’s contract at the hospital was temporary but she just assumed that Derek would offer the permanent position to her. He assumed she was looking elsewhere so he started to schmooze other heart surgeons, including one of Cristina’s idols, Dr. Tom Evans (Scott Cohen).

Cristina is like a little school girl meeting her teen idol,when she meets Dr. Evans. She gushes over him and laughs at his silly jokes, and is just so excited to be assisting him on a surgery. While assisting on that surgery she doesn’t even get to touch the patient, she just watches. Evan plies her with compliments about how she’s more like fellow and not a resident. Cristina leaves the surgery, on cloud nine. The funniest moment of the whole Cristina storyline tonight was where Alex compared her to a kid with trading cards, that were cardio surgeons. She agrees and admits that Teddy is the love of her life, but she’s a cardio whore. LOL That was seriously amusing.

While Cristina has been floating on surgical cloud nine with Evans, Teddy has been crashing and burning all over the place. She was thrown off her game, when Derek said he’d put her “into the mix” for those being thought of for head of cardio. You’d think she’d do better under pressure but she doesn’t. Teddy starts to look like an idiot while she’s trying to fight to get a word in edge wise, and then she sneezes during a dangerous surgery, and Owen makes a mistake while taking a giant shark hook out of a man’s chest. Derek is angry and doesn’t see why he should even consider her for a full-time job. Teddy loses it and ends up crying in Owen’s arms in the elevator and then they almost kiss! Yikes.

Teddy later tells Cristina that if Tom Evans becomes her new attending she’ll never learn, because he doesn’t teach. She points out that she doesn’t need Cristina to hold her instruments or help her during surgery, in fact she’d be faster without her, but she does it so Cristina can learn. Cristina feels like an idiot and rushes to Owen to tell him to go talk to Derek to convince him to keep Teddy.

Owen on the other hand, doesn’t say anything to help Derek want to keep Teddy. He tells Derek that she’s a great surgeon and she’ll be okay if she doesn’t get the position. He’s obviously scared that if Teddy stays around he’s going to do something stupid to lose Cristina. After Evans turns down the job, Teddy gets the permanent job. Making Cristina, Mark and Dr. Webber happy. Dr. Webber thinks that Derek just offered the position to Teddy, but Derek tells Webber that he offered Evans the job first, but when he turned it down Teddy got it. Webber looks really upset by this.

Derek is not making a lot of friends as Chief but he is making an admirer, April. She’s still drooling over him every chance she gets. The funny thing is Meredith now knows because Avery teases April about it in front of her. April doesn’t help her own case by rambling on nervously to Meredith about how great Chief Shepherd is and how great Meredith is. Yada, yada, yada. I was really proud of Mere for finding it funny instead of being jealous.

Later, Meredith is telling her friends about the situation and Alex comes up with another good line. He tells Mere that guys like girls who adore them, or at the very least ones that shave their legs. Meredith admits she shaves her legs, sometimes. 😀 This episode shows such growth for Meredith because she still holds it together instead of getting all crazy she goes to see Derek. She tells him she picked up his dry cleaning and got his car washed, and was really cute with the whole “Chief Shepherd” thing. She seduces him on his desk and it’s a great story line for the post-it married couple. I really hope they finish up this April storyline soon because I’m not a fan at all.

It seemed to be the episode of growth for Grey’s, because Lexie really had some great character movement as well. Alex has been sleeping with Lexie but then treats her like crap at work. Lexie’s just been taking it too, until Bailey points out that he’s using her like a “scut monkey”. 😀 Bailey also points out that her photographic memory is a gift and she’s also a good doctor, she just needs to start believing it and stop letting Alex walk all over her no matter who great the sex is.

Lexie follows her instinct on the patient and ends up saving the day. She discovers that the father and son that came in from the fishing accident are also both suffering from a contagious form of pneumonia. Saving the father another surgery and saving both of their lives. Yay Lexie! Alex was a bit upset she didn’t give him the heads up on the diagnosis but she points out he didn’t have time. Which he didn’t, he just kept blowing her off like it didn’t matter what she had to say.

Lexie later tears a strip off Alex, saying that he can’t treat her like crap all day, and then expect her to respect him or spread her legs for him. She told him that if he didn’t start being nice to her, she won’t be having sex with him again any time soon. He gives her the beer she asked for and smiles a bit, I think part of it was shock and the other part respect. I hope that Lexie can continue having this great back bone, because it’s a wonderful character growth for her.

Overall, this episode kept us laughing and still tugged at our heart strings. I hated the way that Arizona treated Callie and I hope that gets resolved. While I was always a fan of Mark/Lexie as a couple, I really do think that it’d be better for Callie and Mark to get together because of their chemistry. I’m also not happy with the whole Teddy/Owen/Cristina love triangle and I wish that Teddy would just disappear. What did you think? What was your favorite part? Feel free to comment below or email me at megan@tvismypacifier.com. (That’s right I’m moving up in the world I have a work email address. LOL)

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