American Idol – Top 5 – 5/5/10

American Idol last night brought us the smooth stylin’s of Frank Sintra’s music, mentored by the impeccably cool Harry Connick Jr. I loved the music, loved the vibe and L-O-V-E-D Harry on the show! He should become the new judge when Simon leaves. If you haven’t watched last night’s show you are seriously missing out! Jump with me to hear my opinions… you know you want to. 😉

Aaron Kelly
Fly Me to the Moon

Harry’s Advice: Make sure not to hold certain notes too long because it doesn’t meld with the melody. I thought the arrangement that Harry did for Aaron was wonderful.
My Thoughts: Really enjoyed him this week, and he looked adorable. I was surprised that I didn’t hear too much country twang in his voice and I enjoyed the sweet melody. This was the week that Aaron finally made me feel like he was competing.
Judges: Ellen and Randy loved it, while Kara and Simon thought it lacked charisma. I’m in agreement with Ellen and Randy!

Casey James
Blue Skies

Harry’s Thoughts: He felt the performance was bad because of the bad sound on the stage.
My Thoughts: Holy train wreck! I hated every minute of it, and he looked like a cheap pimp. His voice was (as it has been for awhile) shaky and slightly like a sheep. So disappointed in him, and hope he goes home.
Judges: They thought it was the worst performance of the night, and Kara said he sounded like a lamb. I seriously wrote the above before she said that, and I agree obviously.

Crystal Bowersox
Summer Wind

Harry’s Advice: He didn’t think she needed to hear anything because she’s already there.
My thoughts: It wasn’t her best performance but it was kind of mesmerizing because she demands attention. She looked amazing and elegant. I was expecting her to be a bit better, but when she sang softly her voice had a haunting quality to it. Not my favorite performance but definitely enough to keep her safe in my opinion.
Judges: Randy thought it was sleepy and Simon thought it was just okay. I disagree to a point because it wasn’t sleepy, and Crystal has such stage presence that she could be better than okay while singing the phone book.

Michael Lynche
The Way You Look Tonight

Harry’s Advice: He told him to sing it like he was singing it to his woman.
My Thoughts: The arrangement was good, Harry is amazing at working the arrangement for the voice. Big Mike actually surprised me a bit, by making me enjoy his performance. I still don’t love him, but this was a solid performance.
Judges: All raved about it.

Lee Dewyze
That’s Life

Harry’s Thoughts: He was really great with Lee and gave him confidence. He admitted that his wife like Lee and that there was a resemblance.
My Thoughts: Lee was superior to the rest tonight, he crooned me into a puddle. Is it just me or could he really pass for Harry’s son? I loved the way that Lee was all suave and cool, made me love him even more. If he recorded this I would buy the album for sure. It was funny watching Harry and Lee joke around, and make a connection.
Judges: Kara said she thinks he can win it, and Simon thought it was the best of the night. They all loved it.

Overall, it was a great night, minus CASEY! If America doesn’t send him home they’re tone deaf. I think that Harry really should take over Simon’s chair because he had a way of inspiring and guiding the idols that is a welcomed addition. Tune into FOX tonight at 9 pm for the results.

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