Glee – 5/7/10

badreputationTuesdays are such a great night for television, mostly because one of my favorite shows, Glee is on. Tuesday’s episode, Bad Reputation, was funny, sad and quirky all at the same time. To say I love this show is an understatement but even I have issues with it. Jump ahead with me for a full recap and my thoughts.

We see Kurt, Mercedes, and others watching a video which turns out to be Sue Sylvester doing jazzercise to Physical by Olivia Newton-John and it’s hilarious. What’s even funnier is how Finn decides to post it to YouTube and Jesse backs him up saying that the Glee club needs to get bad ass. The video goes viral, and it’s quickly a huge hit. Of course, why wouldn’t it be? ๐Ÿ˜€

Sue is furious, and demands that Principal Figgins expels the whole club for what they did, but Will thinks that’s too extreme. Then the “Glist” appears. This is a list ranking the glee club member on a “hotness quotient of sexual promiscuity”. It had most of the club on the list rated from Quinn at the top to Rachel at the bottom with a negative five. Ouch. Will promises to find out who is responsible for the “Glist” and expel them himself. He does try, in a cop interrogation sort of way, and it was a blast to watch. Unfortunately, he learns nothing.

Will is upset about his club getting bad reputations so he gives them a new homework assignment and it’s too take songs with bad reputations and make them worth listening to. I loved Will starting it off with Ice Ice Baby. He was fierce at the rapping and the dancing on this number was insane. I loved how characters like Matt (Dijon Talton) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) got to be in the front of the dance pack. The whole group did a fabulous job during this dance and it made me want to dance along. While Ice Ice Baby is still not uber cool, it always makes me want to dance.

Everyone in the club is worried about their reputations but especially Kurt, Artie, Mercedes and Tina who didn’t even make the list. Damn that’s way worse than -5 Rachel ๐Ÿ˜‰ They decide to pull a scandalous stunt to break into the top 3. Their plan? Put on a performance of U Can’t Touch This in the library. It was redonkulus! I really enjoyed the outfits, and the dancing. Artie pulled off the vocals wickedly on this, and the dancing by the others was great. The plan flopped though because the librarian thought it was cute and wanted to get them to perform at her church on Sunday. Also in this group was Britany, who ended up there for numerous reasons. One she was in the choir room when they were discussing it because as she said “I took all of my antibiotics at once and I forgot how to leave.”. Secondly, she wants to break into the top 3 on the list. Are reputations that important?

Rachel thinks so, she’s so upset at hers that she decides to make a video of the song, Run Joey Run by David Geddes. However she plays dirty and enlists Puck, Finn and Jesse to be her leading man, without telling any of them about each other sharing the spotlight. Puck singing in the video was sexy as hell, they all looked hot but Puck was by far the sexiest. Yum! The boys were all upset when they saw each other in the video playing the same character. Puck seemed pissed but Finn and Jesse seemed genuinely hurt. Finn is who upsets me the most because he hit the nail on the head when he said that Rachel wanted to bump up her rep by making it appear that all 3 were fighting over her, but pointed out that it wasn’t worth their feelings.

While taping Puck and Rachel had some intense moments and it was hot. Puck was trying to convince Rachel to cheat on Jesse with him, but she withheld. That didn’t matter to Jesse though, he was pissed at sharing the spotlight with Finn and Puck when he’s supposed to be her boyfriend. He says he gave up everything to be with her,(not that she ever asked for him to do that). Jesse doesn’t even cut her any slack after she gives him a heartfelt explanation about how she had a “pathological need” to be popular. After Rachel says she always knew he’d break her heart, he said that she broke his first. It was a bit dramatic but I’m hopeful that this will lead the way for Finn and Rachel to make up. Finn might be the one who forgives Rachel’s stupidity when the others don’t. Side note: Did anyone else notice their choice to use the french “FIN” at the end of the movie instead of writing “The End”? Foreshadowing perhaps?

The students aren’t the only ones with bad reputations in this episode, Will, is struggling with his as well. After Sue Sylvester, becomes the counsellor for the school board, she counsels Emma. Sue tells Emma that Will was making out with the girl from Vocal Adrenaline and slept with April. Emma is furious, and Sue suggests she confronts Will in a public place. She chooses the staff break room, and let’s him have it. Emma calls Will a slut and tells him they’re through. Uh-oh, stupid Will. She was going to sleep with him and he goes and messes around with others, I’d be angry too.

Will didn’t know what it felt like to feel like he was on the outside until everyone was calling him a man-whore, because of this he goes easy on Quinn when he finds out it was actually her that posted the Glist. She posted it because she felt she lost everything but Will told her that someday she’d have it all back and more. My heart broke for Quinn in this episode because she looked like such a lost puppy dog, and it reminded me that while Quinn was a power house at one point, now she’s a young pregnant girl who’s all alone. (And we still don’t know where she’s living do we?)

Getting back to the Sue Sylvester and the Physical video. It didn’t go all bad for her, in fact Olivia Newton-John (guest starring as herself), contacted Sue and asked her to help her remake the video for Physical. They do a fantastic remake and we see Sue and Olivia dancing with some yummy, boys in wrestling jumpsuits. It was a little creepy, but the abs of those boys distracted from the silliness of the whole thing. The original was corny, and I’m glad it was a different decade that we had to watch that in.

I also loved all the scenes with Sue and her sister Jean, they were really sweet. Jean loved Sue’s new video, and Sue is donating all her proceeds from the video to Jean’s nursing home. It’s great that the show manages to show different sides to Sue, so that even when she’s deliciously vicious we still have to love her.

That’s all for Glee this week, and I’m so excited for next week’s episode aren’t you? Tweet me, E-mail Me or comment below about your favorite parts, I always love hearing your opinions. ๐Ÿ˜€

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5 Responses to Glee – 5/7/10

  1. Brooke says:

    Another great review, Megan.

    I, too, thought the “Fin” at the end of the video was a little wink from Ryan Murphy to the fans (kind of like the not-so-subtle Team Finn shirt in Hell-o).

    Another week where my heart broke for a few characters Quinn (for all she’s lost), Finn (because he wants Rachel so badly), Rachel (because Jesse dumped her), Jesse (though not so much since I’m still not convinced he has pure motives). I’m hoping my Finn and Rachel loving heart gets put back together next week though- the promo looks promising!

  2. Nicole says:

    “After Rachel says she always knew heโ€™d break her heart, he said that she broke his first. It was a bit dramatic but Iโ€™m hopeful that this will lead the way for Finn and Rachel to make up. Finn might be the one who forgives Rachelโ€™s stupidity when the others donโ€™t. ”

    Me tooooo!

    Here’s the thing with Finn and Rachel: they hurt each other a lot…but it’s because they like each other so much that they keep messing up. And they always forgive each other *because* they have such deep feelings for each other.

    I can understand Finn’s frustration. A lot of people think that he has no right to be hurt because he’s not dating Rachel, but I assume when she approached him about being her partner in a project where he plays her boyfriend, he might have gotten the idea that maybe she was finally starting to come around to him (and them) again and instead of thinking he was *the* guy, he finds out he was just another guy. That had to have hurt him.

    We know he’s with her at the doctor next week from the promo, so it seems whereas Jesse can’t forgive her and Puck doesn’t care enough to be mad, Finn, in Rachel’s time of need, will forgive her and take care of her. I can’t wait to see it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cath says:

    Jesse St James get out of Rachel’s life! She is Finn’s girl forever. (That said, Jonathan Groff, you have the voice of an angel!)

  4. Megan says:

    Brooke- Thank you. I want their heart back together too. Quinn broke my heart too. Definitely Ryan Murphy wink with the ‘Fin’

    Nicole- I think it’s always going to be Finn who’s there. They’re the core of the show. Puck cares but only about her smoking looks, Jesse is too full of his own pride to forgive her and Finn he’s just hurt once he gets over that they’ll be okay… for a bit at least ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cath- Groff does have the voice of an Angel… but he’s more of a dark angel in motives!

  5. Arianna says:

    It’s always great to read your reviews, they organize in well written, logic and entertaining manner my fuzzy thoughts after the episodes. Great, great episode!