American Idol Top 4 – 5/11/10

top4americanidol1It’s the Top 4 on American Idol and it was a Cinema themed week. The contestants were mentored by Jamie Foxx, who was good, but not as great as Harry Connick Jr. last week. The night was slightly under-whelming with a few high points. If you haven’t watched and don’t want to be spoiled then don’t jump ahead, everyone else let’s go!

Lee Dewyze
Kiss from a Rose

My Thoughts: While I honestly LOVE Lee, I didn’t Love this. It was just okay. The song came across as boring and predictable. I felt like Lee got swallowed up by the big notes. All that being said he’s still adorable and his voice is still sexy, just wish he was more on key tonight. He’s not going home because America loves him and he’s better than the other boys, but he needs to step it up next week.

Judges: Randy and Simon disliked it, and outright said so. Ellen and Kara didn’t like it but found nice ways of saying the same thing.

Michael Lynche
Will You Be There

My Thoughts: Free Willy + Michael Lynche + Michael Jackson = Bad choice! I really disliked it, a lot. I found him over confident and perhaps he should have been paying better attention to the notes and less attention to appearing smooth. Ugh.

Judges: Simon was hilarious with his lack of knowledge on the movie. “What’s it about, a willy?” πŸ˜€ I love Simon. The judges didn’t like it at all and they expected more… I didn’t. πŸ˜‰

Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox Duet
Falling Slowly

My Thoughts: I loved it, and I thought their voices really melded well together. There was some definite chemistry between the two of them, and Crystal even admitted that Lee was her “musical crush”. We need to see a final two with Crystal and Lee, it’ll be fantabulous.

Judges: They all loved it, Simon even called it “fantastic”.

Casey James

My Thoughts: I was a little taken back by his choice of songs, because he spent so much time being referred to as Kara’s crush. Is she his Mrs. Robinson? I thought it was just okay, and slightly boring.

Judges: They were the best part of the performance, because they were making jokes about Kara and Casey. Simon thought it was lazy and Ellen wished he had switched it up a bit more.

Crystal Bowersox
I’m Alright

My Thoughts: She gets huge points for choosing a song from Caddyshack! I thought she did really well, and I loved the guy on the drums. The spin she put on the song worked and made it even better than the original, I’m a fan.

Judges: Ellen said she “Crystallized” the performance, and it was better. Simon said that Crystal was back in the game, and that’s great news.

Casey James and Michael Lynche
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

My Thoughts: I found it awkward to watch two men duet on this song, I don’t know why but they looked awkward. Their voices were really off on the high notes, but Casey’s guitar playing was fierce. If I could have shut out the voices and just listened to Casey play the guitar I would have. I didn’t like it at all.

Judges: They all loved it, and said it was great. Ellen said, “As a matter of fact, yes I have loved a woman.” πŸ˜‰ One of the top lines of the night.

Overall, I hope that either Michael or Casey goes home, it really doesn’t matter which one goes this week and one next week as long as it’s a Lee and Crystal final two! What are your thoughts? Email me, tweet me (@BaffledAddict), or comment below!

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One Response to American Idol Top 4 – 5/11/10

  1. Jenny says:

    Hmm, I don’t agree with your Casey/Michael comments. While I didn’t like it nearly as much as Lee/Crystal, I still really enjoyed it. The duets were definitely better than any of the solos, or even all the solos put together. LOL