Pilot Review – The Good Guys 5/11/10

thegoodguysRecently, I got the chance to screen the pilot of the new fox police comedy, The Good Guys, created and directed by Matt Nix (Burn Notice). It was very amusing, and I thought the character of Dan Stark played by Bradley Whitford was the highlight of the show. Jump ahead if you would like to read my review of the pilot.

The Cast:

Assistant District Attorney, Liz Traynor– played by Jenny Wade, who played the demon girlfriend to Ben (Rick Gonzalez) on The Reaper. I loved her on that show. Liz is the former girlfriend of Jack Bailey, and they are still friends. She tries to remind him to stay on the case provided and not piss anyone off.

Jack Bailey – A by-the-books detective who has pissed off almost everyone in the department is played by Colin Hanks and he does a great job of appearing arrogant and aggravating. Jack just wants to get out of solving petty crimes and get into something bigger like homicide.

Dan Stark – An older cop still riding on his glory days and who has a slight issue with alcohol, played by Bradley Whitford (The West Wing). He saved a Governor’s son back in the day and now he’s being babysat by Bailey. He sports an awesome moustache that deserves it’s own credit line in the show.

Lieutenant Ana Ruiz– Played to perfection by Diana Maria Riva (Castle), She’s strong, and very amusing. She definitely has her hands full with Jack and Dan.

The Good:

I have to admit that while slightly corny, the show had me intrigued. I enjoyed the playful banter between the characters. Dan and Jack kind of reminded me of Texan versions of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence from Bad Boys. In the way that everything they did ended up wrong and causing property damage, but eventually they solved a crime.

The setting in Dallas, was a great choice, it made it different from the other police shows. While there was a lot of action there was enough story line to keep one interested.

The Bad:

I could see this show getting tiresome if they aren’t careful with the story lines. They need to make sure to allow the characters a slight room for growth and give us some sort of ending to cheer for. That being said there wasn’t much bad about the show. I might have suggested a different wardrobe for Jack, but besides that I really enjoyed it.


The series will premiere on Wednesday, May 19th at 8 pm on FOX and then it will move to Mondays, June 7th at 9 pm on FOX.





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2 Responses to Pilot Review – The Good Guys 5/11/10

  1. Jenny says:

    My husband & I are both really looking forward to this one. We’ve heard great things about it! 🙂

  2. […] Tonight is the series premiere of The Good Guys on FOX at 8/7c. The series by Matt Nix (creator of Burn Notice) is an action-packed and comedic look at what happens when a washed-up, old-school cop (Bradley Whitford, The West Wing) and a by-the-book, modern-day detective (Colin Hanks, Mad Men) try to expose the big picture of small crime. It also stars Diana-Maria Riva and Jenny Wade (Reaper). Check out our review of the pilot HERE. […]