Glee Teasers – “Dream On” – 5/16/10

I am reposting this, because I think it must have gotten lost in the shuffle. Come on, Gleeks, I know you’re out there! Chime in with your opinion of the upcoming episode and guesses to our hints below! We at TV is my Pacifier obviously love television, but even more so, we are also GLEEKS! (Megan is a little obsessed 😉 ) As Gleeks, we were excited with getting to watch next week’s episode, Dream On early. This isn’t just any episode. It guest stars Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Idina Menzel (Wicked) and Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening). As if that wasn’t enough, the amazing and talented Joss Whedon stepped in to the director’s role for this episode, making it… E-P-I-C.

If we could, we would recap the entire episode in detail for you step by step, however that would ruin your entire experience. The shock, the awe and the heartache. *sigh* It was so good that I am out of adjectives to say fantastic! Instead of ruining the whole experience, we are going to give you a few spoiler teasers after the jump. Be patient… You only have to wait until Tuesday :D. If you do not like spoilers, you shouldn’t jump with us, but seriously seek medical help for your self deprecating behaviour. 😉 Everyone else, let’s do this!

  • Jesse is back from vacation, and helps Rachel with an important project regarding her *a***t**e.
  • There is a great Artie/Tina storyline. In fact, this is very heavy on the Artie/Tina stuff, and all of it is truly amazing. We see Artie ****e!
  • Neil Patrick Harris’ character is named Bryan Ryan, who is a member of the school board and in cahoots with another character.
  • Bryan and Will have two duets, including one when Will buys Bryan a ***r.
  • Molly Shannon is back, and her character is a member of Bryan Ryan’s S*o*c*i*r Con******* Gr***.
  • Bryan Ryan has sex with one of the characters.
  • Bryan Ryan has a box of p***b**** hidden away in his basement like porn.
  • Idina Menzel finally sings.
  • We see some of Jesse’s motives come to light.
  • Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) gets more screen time, much deserved!
  • We love Les Mis!
  • There are a lot of touching Rachel moments.
  • Artie has a solo, Dream a Little Dream.
  • We see mullets. Seriously, the clothing and hair?! O-M-G!

That’s all we’re going to give for now. There was some fabulous music, but too much of it gives away plot, so we’re going to shy away from it. Tune in Tuesday at 9 pm on FOX to watch one of the best Glee episodes yet.

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4 Responses to Glee Teasers – “Dream On” – 5/16/10

  1. Jenny says:

    *listens to the crickets* lol

  2. Samantha says:

    Not sure about the hints but I try not to do spoilers anyway. But I am so excited that Neil will be on the show. How I Met Your Mother is hilarious 🙂 Plus Idina can sing(love her singing Defying Gravity) so i am sure that will be great 🙂

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