Week in Review 5/9/10 – 5/15/10 (Glee, Criminal Minds & Grey’s Anatomy)

What a fabulous week it’s been on television! Glee was in great form on Tuesday night with some really strong work from the whole cast but especially from Kurt (Chris Colfer) who’s singing and acting were superb. Wednesday didn’t let us down, with a new episode of Criminal Minds that had some moments that made me shriek with disgust but others that made me melt with aww-factor. Then there was Thursday that brought us a busy episode of Grey’s Anatomy where relationships were being defined, and guest stars (Demi Lovato) were be diagnosed. If you haven’t watched these shows, and don’t want to be spoiled then don’t jump with me, everyone else let’s get started.

Glee was so intense this week that I’m going to have to be work really hard not to forget anything! I’m going to do it a bit different this week, and separate it into categories. Let’s start with Rachel and Finn.

First off Rachel is being Rachel again. Her judgemental, controlling drama queen self, but that’s why we love her. She has the choir room bugged so she can prove to Will that there are members of the Glee club not carrying their weight. Finn’s excuse for his slacking is that he lost confidence because Will has been giving all the male leads to Jesse. I get that. Will hands out an assignment that they all need to sing songs that show who they are and sing them solo.

Rachel volunteers to go first and chooses The Climb (by Miley Cyrus) because it a representation of her fight against the rest of the club’s laziness. 😀 Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. She starts singing and it was… terrible! *Gasp* She has lost her voice, which causes a panic mode for Rachel who rushes to the doctor.

Finn goes with Rachel to the doctors and really tries to be supportive, but Rachel flips her lid when she finds out she has tonsillitis and an ear infection, even more so when she thinks she may need surgery and damage her voice forever. I love how Rachel goes off on these la-la-land tangents that are usually the worst case scenario type thing.

Funny enough, watching Rachel’s silhouette while she changes behind the curtain, and his insistence that he’d love her whether she could sing or not, brings around the number that we’ve been waiting for, Jesse’s Girl (by Rick Springfield). Finn sings it to Rachel in the Glee rehearsal too, as his song that shows himself. Aww, he really does love her.

Later Finn is upset by how crazy Rachel is acting about losing her voice, so he takes her to visit his friend,Sean, who happens to be paralyzed by a football injury. Sean tells her that while he was rightfully angry at first, and it still really bites to be paralyzed, it’s helped him learn that he has more to him than just football. He’s great a math and he can sing.

Rachel was really taken aback, and I’m so proud of her for learning something from that. She goes back to visit him by herself later, and thanks him for showing her that just because she’s “not good at anything other than singing doesn’t mean [she’s] not any good if [she] can’t sing”. In a show of gratitude for his help, she offers him singing lessons starting with the U2 song One, which ends up being a number performed by the whole glee club. Finn was really strong on this song, and the whole story line reminded me again why Glee is so amazing. It can make us laugh one minute, but teach us a wonderful lesson the next. Bravo!

I really loved how we see Finn’s feelings in this episode and how he really shows Rachel that he’s going to love her regardless. While Jesse’s Girl was a bit predictable, I enjoyed it fully and just wish that Jesse was gone and we would see Rachel and Finn together. Soon, I hope!

Let’s move onto the second storyline that was of interest, Puck and his popularity. Puck had his head shaved by his doctor when his mom was worried about a mole on his head. First let me say personally he’s WAY hotter with the mohawk gone, it was getting old. Puck didn’t see it that way, and neither did most of the school. The nerds actually had the guts to throw him in a dumpster for all he’s done to them and the daft Britany didn’t even know who he was. So classically Brit!

Puck had a really funny moment where he said to Santana that he felt “like that guy that lost all of his hair, then lost all his strength.” Santana responds, “Samson?”, and Puck hilariously answers, “Agassi”. 😀 I was giggling at that
one for sure.

Anyways, while Puck was laying in the dumpster thinking of dying, he hears Mercedes singing and realizes that if she can become popular so can he, by dating her. What a crazy idea, these writers are bonkers but I love it.

He hits on Mercedes but she puts him down at first, then he sings The Lady is a Tramp (by Sammy Davis Jr.), and he was smokin’ hot. The cool cat vibe, the hat, the suit, the vocals, I swooned… did you? It becomes a duet with Mercedes joining in and it became a great duet.

Quinn was fine with it once she was sure that Mercedes knew that Puck was just using her to regain his popularity, but warned her that Santana is going to go crazy over it. Mercedes calls Santana up to remind him that The Boy is Mine (by Brandy and Monica). This was a FANTASTIC duet! I really enjoy Santana’s voice and the attitude both of the girls have makes the song that much better.

Although, the relationship doesn’t last because Mercedes sees Puck tossing geeks in the dumpster and decides she’s not willing to be popular if this is what it means. She even goes as far as to challenge Puck to take a good look at who he really is. I was loving all these story lines for the rest of cast, I mean I love Rachel and Finn, but it’s always nice to check in with the rest of them for a good story.

Finally, and my favorite story line of the night was Kurt (Chris Colfer), who was freaking fabulous in his singing and acting tonight. It all starts when Kurt’s dad tells Kurt he’s taking Finn to a Red’s game, and Kurt is really hurt. Let’s face it, he may never play football, or be the man’s man but he’s still his dad’s son, and he wants to be important too. After taking with Sue about it (really why would you ask that nut bar for advice) she informs him that he’s never kissed a girl or a boy so he doesn’t know what he is, and Kurt decides to hop the train to makeover-ville.

Kurt dons flannel shirts, and trucker caps, not to mention starts singing John Mellencamp. He even makes out with Britany, which proves to be educational. Britany loves the smell of her own armpit, it’s a turn-on? How freakishly odd!

After his dad walking in on him and Britany, Kurt is told that he can be whoever he wants to be, and to be ‘safe’. Why can’t men be more open with their feelings? Kurt’s dad still as dumb as a door knob drops by the school to pick up Finn for another outing that Kurt was passed over for. Ouch!

Kurt takes to the stage, performing a moving rendition of Rose’s Turn from Gypsy, and I was teary eyed. His dad actually sees it, after he passed on the activity with Finn when he noticed how upset he was. While it’s hard for Kurt’s dad to talk about Kurt being gay, he tells Kurt that it’s his job to be himself and his dad’s job to love him no matter what. *sob* Kurt and his dad hug, and I was so moved by this. I hope this is the start of some healing between Kurt and his dad, as well as the moving on to more about Finn’s mom and Kurt’s dad moving in, causing the eventual discussion between Finn and Kurt about Kurt’s feelings. 😀 I’m looking forward to that drama!

Overall it was a really moving episode with some Glee-tastic performances. The next episode Dream On is the one guest starring Neil Patrick Harris, Idina Menzel and directed by the brilliant Joss Whedon. It’s also an amazing episode where LOTS happens to our favorite characters. Be sure to tune in to FOX, Tuesday night at 9 pm to watch.

Criminal Minds was really intense on Wednesday, and I’m going to run you through the key points, especially things to do with Garcia and Morgan.

The BAU was called to a small town in Alaska after a series of killings take place. Due to the secluded area and the lack of technology, Garcia is brought with them to keep the satellite center running, and do her magic from there. Garcia has always been one of my favorite characters, and this episode made me love her even more.

The serial killer is killing people who are planning on leaving the town, due to abandonment issues. What’s worse is because he has a hunter’s mentality, he’s eating a part of every kill. Gag me. During the investigation, Garcia witnesses one of the murders, while she’s stupidly walking around outside at night in order to reset the satellite. Really girl? Are you crazy? Why wouldn’t you wake up the adorable and armed Morgan? *sigh* Silly.

When Morgan finds out what Garcia does, he was upset and protective, but then he pushed her too hard for details and made her rush out of the room upset. He felt horrible, but the case still needed to be solved. Before this all happened Garcia’s boyfriend, Kevin (Nicholas Brendon), is jealous because she’s sharing a room with Morgan, which is cute, but really we all know that Morgan and Garcia belong together.

Eventually the case is solved, and it ends up being a teenager who has always been too interested in hunting and killing. Match that with his need to be accepted, his abusive home life and his feeling of abandonment when a good friend moved away, you have the makings of a serial killer.

Getting back to Morgan and Garcia, they had a lovely scene at the end where Garcia admits to worrying whether the job is changing her or not. He reminded her as long as she could see the beauty around her, she was doing okay. He told her he loved her, and she said she loves him. It was sweet and poignant and I really hope it’s the sign that they’re finally going to take this relationship somewhere. They are meant to be together. Don’t you think? Don’t miss an all new episode Wednesday night at 9 pm on CBS.

Thursday was a really busy night of television, and I was weepy for sure. Let’s start with Grey’s Anatomy shall we?

There was a lot going on at Seattle Grace in this episode, long lost love, love triangles, and Demi Lovato. First we have a couple of elderly patients Henry (Alan Mandell) and Betty (Marion Ross) bump into each other while awaiting surgery. We learn that they were lovers once a long time ago, but they haven’t seen each other in over half a decade. They fell in love and slept together just before Henry was set to marry Betty’s best friend, but she fled due to the guilt of the cheating and instead of standing up as the maid of honor and watch him marry someone else. Both of them went on with life as usual, got married, had children, grandchildren and one day buried their spouses.

The old feelings are obviously still there, and Henry asks Betty to move in with him. She first says no and tells him she moved on, and they both go into surgery. I thought for sure one of them were going to die, but as fate would have it they didn’t. Betty agrees to move in with Henry and it was sweet. You can’t let love go when you know you’ve got it, especially when you believe it’s true love, that happens so rarely.

Moving onto the threesome issues. First Mark, goes to bed with Reed and is caught by Teddy, what makes it hilarious was when Mark asked Teddy to join them. It was amusing in the train wreck sort of way, and because Mark (Eric Dane) looks spectacular in a towel. 😉 First Teddy is okay with the whole thing but later she ends things with him.

Mark later realizes that he’s still in love with Lexie, and tells her that. She tells him she has a boyfriend (Alex said that they’re an item) and he informs her that she could have a husband. Wow, that’s a huge thing to drop on a girl. I honestly think that Alex would get it, especially after he admitted to Meredith that he was just acting in the role, because Lexie is a ‘normal’ girl. I believe that Alex wants her to be happy, doesn’t he?

The other triangle has to do with Cristina, Owen and Teddy. Owen asks Cristina to move in with him and she accepts but the happiness doesn’t continue for long. Meredith hints to Cristina that there is something going on between Owen and Teddy, and while she won’t give Cristina details because of the line she can’t cross as the chief’s wife, she plants enough of a seed of doubt that Cristina starts looking for the fault.

Eventually, Meredith confronts Owen and tells him that he needs to tell Cristina the truth about him trying to have Teddy let go, and if he doesn’t then they’ll both know he’s not a good guy. He tells Cristina, and she makes him look inside and admit that his feelings for Teddy are really messed up and they’re all mixed up with what happened in Iraq. He does tell her that he loves her, but then a pager goes off and we see Teddy below them in the staircase and know she’s heard everything. I haven’t been really liking Cristina with Owen lately, but that’s because Teddy clouds my judgement. I don’t care for Teddy’s character, and I wish she wasn’t sticking around.

In a cute moment, while comforting Cristina, Meredith shows her the plans for their new house and shows Cristina where her room will be. Mere is making Cristina her own room in their house, that’s the ultimate best friend.

Speaking of Meredith, she’s all happy and content with Derek and that’s a really nice change. I just know it’s not going to stay that way, because it wouldn’t be a TV show if it did.

Bailey was also getting her happy on, but it didn’t take away the outspoken Bailey that we love. Bailey finally did the deed with Ben (Jason George), but not before setting up some ground rules about keeping her private life private. Ben didn’t help her concentration while giving her speech, because he started to strip naked, and my oh my is he fine. 😀 The secret wasn’t secret for long when both Bailey and Ben were heard by Derek and Mark humming the same song, at different times. Derek and Mark said “Go Bailey”, and I concur. Yummy.

Unfortunately, Bailey sees Ben flirting with a cute nurse and she gets angry and flees. She later questions Mark as to why men have to go and sleep around, but Mark points out that he wasn’t exclusive with Teddy, and Bailey should find out if she’s exclusive with Ben. Bailey didn’t think of that.

Bailey does her best to ignore Ben, but he finally corners her. He explains he flirts with that nurse because she’s a bitch and she’s only nice to him if he flirts, so he does it to make his life easier. Ben tells Bailey that he only uses his lazy flirting for the nurse and saves his good stuff for her because he cares and he’s all in. Kid, messy divorce and all, he’s game. That’s awesome, but again it’s going to be rocky isn’t it? Why do they make us happy with a couple and you know it’s going to go downhill. I hope my gut is wrong.

Finally, we had the superb guest appearance by Demi Lovato who played a teenager who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and is in the ER because she tried to scratch her own eyes out. She kept saying “I’m not crazy” and Alex believes her and wants more testing. Derek and Arizona agree to let him research and study her for a bit but then the parents are going to have her committed.

Alex finds the diagnosis of a rare disorder where she had a whole in her eardrum, that caused her to hear all the noises going on in her body and outside her body, that’s why she couldn’t sleep or eat. The problem is fixed and Alex saved this young girl’s future. Everyone is really proud of Alex, and I was surprised at how much I liked watched Demi. She was really fantastic in this role, well done!

Overall, it was an eventful episode but not as eventful as the upcoming 2 hour season finale starting this Thursday at 8 pm on ABC.

That’s if for these reviews but stay tuned to the site for more interviews and upcoming reviews. Also be sure to let me know your thoughts, I love your feedback. You can comment below, email me or tweet me (@BaffledAddict).

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