TV News – FOX Programming Call 5/17/10

Today I got to be in on the FOX programming call, and there were a few details released that I thought you might be interested in. The details on Glee and American Idol were particularly interesting. So jump with me to find out more.

Here’s the basic run down for you:

American Idol will be changing it’s format. The performance show will be longer and the results show shorter. The people have spoken and they want more singing and less results show, and I have to agree with that don’t you?

There was also talk about finding Simon’s replacement and the basic plan is to find someone who knows music and is entertaining. I think that Harry Connick Jr. fits that perfectly don’t you?

Glee is going to be on Tuesdays at 8 pm, and then when Idol starts it will move to Wednesdays, however unlike this season there won’t be as big of a wait for new episodes. Glee is only expected to come off the air for a month as opposed to the three it was off this season.

Glee has also been slated to follow the Superbowl with a supersized episode on Sunday, February 6th. I think that’s a fabulous idea and I’ve never been so excited for Superbowl. đŸ˜€

FOX actually picked both Lie to Me and Human Target up for another season, and I’m okay with that aren’t you?

FOX is confident that “With three daring new dramas, a fresh new animated series and three new live-action comedies, they’re positioned to rebuild the FOX comedy brand, introduce the next generation of unique characters and deliver an even more compelling experience for our viewers next season.”

They’ve decided to keep the number of new shows down so that they can concentrate on advertising and marketing for them, and I believe this a brilliant move. Often networks pick up too many new shows and don’t have the money to give them the marketing they need and deserve, FOX might just have cornered the success on comedy this season.

That’s all the real highlights from the chat, but be sure to check out the schedule here and the descriptions of the new shows here.

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