American Idol Top 3 – 5/18/10

American Idol is getting to the end of it and tonight was a battle of the final 3, for the top 2 spots. Each contestant sang two songs tonight, one they chose and one the judges chose. There were some real highs of tonight’s episode but no real lows. It was such a great night so jump with me to read my recap and review. If you haven’t watched yet and don’t want to be spoiled then don’t jump, everyone else away we go.

Casey James
Song #1 – Ok, It’s Alright With Me
My Thoughts: This was Casey’s choice and it was rather dull. It wasn’t bad, just not good.He’s a talented guitar player, but as far as singing goes, he’s mediocre at best. Good thing he’s nice and the cougars dig him, he’ll have some sort of a career when he goes home this week.
Judges: They thought it was too safe and too easy. I would just call it lazy.

Song #2 – Daughters
My Thoughts- I love this song, and I adore John Mayer but I didn’t love Casey doing this song. Is it just me or is Casey playing and singing to “just get by” with no real fire attached? Again I say that his guitar playing was great.
Judges: Kara and Randy were patting themselves on the back for the song choice, while Simon thought the song was boring.

Crystal Bowersox
Song #1 – Come to My Window
My Thoughts: Crystal singing Melissa Etheridge was bound to happen sooner or later, and she did it pretty well. I wasn’t as blown away as I was expecting but it was another solid Crystal performance. The harmonica is really good, and so is the emotion she puts into the vocals, but I just want more… this is for the top 2 after all!
Judges: Ellen thinks that Melissa would have been proud, and Simon thought it was an honest performance.

Song #2- Maybe I’m Amazed
My Thoughts: No guitar. No Harmonica. Just great vocals. Ellen chose the song because she just wanted to hear Crystal sing a song she liked, I can appreciate that and I enjoyed it. Her voice was really great on this song, even though I wouldn’t have thought it before. It was a good shot for the top 2. I’m happy with her.
Judges: They all liked it, and Randy thinks Crystal is in it to win it now.

Lee Dewyze
Song #1 – Simple Man
My Thoughts: Lee’s song choice is a good sign of who he is. He’s a Simple Man, but he was also fairly pitchy. Oops. That however, doesn’t make me love him less. I still love him. While I should be unbiased, I can’t be because Lee is adorable and I feel he represents a lot of us little people wanting to make it big. Good for him. Well done Lee.
Judges: They all like that Lee seems more confident and Simon thinks it was a brilliant song choice.

Song #2- Hallelujah
My Thoughts- I got chills, and while I’m an obvious Lee fan, I dare you not to be moved by that performance. However, I didn’t like the back up singers. They distracted me from Lee. šŸ˜‰ Lee didn’t try to be anyone other than himself, and he delivered a raw and moving performance. Based on this song he should definitely be in the top 2 if not win it all!
Judges: They all loved it and Ellen even called it “stunning”.

Overall it was a good night, and Lee is the obvious winner, with Crystal a close second. It’s time for Casey to go home, we loved you once but you’ve stopped growing. So if America gets it right, Farewell Casey Farewell!

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