TV News – 5/18/10

Happy Tuesday everyone and a Happy 8th Anniversary to my husband, Dave. I love you more today than I did yesterday, now take out the recycling! Let’s get to the news.

The CW has renewed both One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected for 12 episodes each. I think it’s a wise decision but I’m just happy that they didn’t cancel Life Unexpected. I love that show! The network also picked up Hellcats (produced by Tom Welling) and Nikita while cancelling Melrose Place. I’m slightly intrigued by Hellcats and I think that Melrose Place being cancelled is a great idea because it was a train wreck from the start. Source

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CBS has sharpened it axe and cancelled SEVEN shows. Ouch. Ghost Whisperer, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Cold Case, Miami Medical, Accidentally on Purpose and Numb3rs. Wow, I’m actually a little upset over Whisperer and Cold Case, but I get it. In the category of “there’s a sliver of a chance”, Ghost Whisperer and Christine are co-owned by ABC, and could have a stay of execution if the the alphabet network decides to rescue either or both. It’s not likely but you never know. In the just renewed category we find Medium and Rules of Engagement, both of which were up in the air until now. I’ll let you know if I hear of any news for Whisperer or Christine. Source

Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) is heading to Desperate Housewives, how fabulous is that? She’s going to be a troublemaker, and her story line is going to be connected to Paul (Mark Moses). Everything else on this story is sketchy at the moment, but who cares, it’s Vanessa Williams! I’m excited aren’t you? Source

Charlie Sheen has signed a two year deal to stay on Two and a Half Men and is going to get paid over one million dollars per episode… EW! First of all, he’s not worth it considering he’s playing a slightly exaggerated version of himself, and second of all the show is funny, but not THAT funny. While I enjoy CBS and a lot of their programming, this is ludicrous! I wish they would have just let him go and even cancelled the lack lustre comedy. *sigh* What do you think, is he worth it? Source

That’s all for now, don’t miss all new episodes of American Idol at 8 pm on FOX, followed by an all new episode of Glee at 9 pm. Seriously, do NOT miss Glee tonight because it’s E-P-I-C!

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2 Responses to TV News – 5/18/10

  1. Jenny says:

    I was quite upset about Ghost Whisperer. 🙁 Last week’s ep was a horrible next to last ep of the series, and I doubt this week’s finale will wrap up ANYTHING. GAH! 🙁 Come on, ABC! You know half your new shows are gonna tank! lol Do what CBS did with Medium from NBC and pick GW up!

  2. Cristina says:

    I think it’s a shame about Ghost Whisperer and Cold Case, both were excellent shows and far better than Two and a Half Men. There is no reason for that show to still be on and 2 great shows get canceled.