TV News – 5/23/10

It’s Sunday and due to the craziness that is upfronts week, I missed a bit of news last week and to make it up I’ll do an extra post now. There isn’t a lot of news because most people were focused on the upfronts, but I’ll give you what I have! Here we go.

CBS is going to be airing the last 5 episodes of Three Rivers this summer starting on June 5th at 8 pm. The series which stars hottie, Alex O’Loughlin, was cancelled in November 2009, but it’ll help to fill the summer slots for the network and get fans time to fall in love with O’Loughlin even more before he appears on our televisions in fall on Hawaii Five-O also on CBS. We’ll hear more about CBS’ summer schedule later this week. Source

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Tom Welling let it leak in a recent interview that Smallville will done after next season, making it’s total 10 seasons. I have to agree that it’s about time, while I enjoy an episode here or there I think the show has run it’s course. One more season will make it a good run, better than most shows see. Besides Welling needs to work on producing his new project for The CW, the cheerleading show, Hellcats. Source

Finally for now I have some spoilers for you from Ausiello. There are details on a lot of your favorite shows, including Glee. If you don’t like spoilers then there’s nothing to see here, everyone else click away.Beware SPOILERS ahead!

That’s all for now keep you checking back to the site for information on all the new summer shows, still to come. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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2 Responses to TV News – 5/23/10

  1. Margroks says:

    I’m glad to see we finally get to see the rest of Three Rivers, a show which was cancelled too soon and never really given a fair chance or a decent time slot.

    As for Smallville? That awful show which trashed the Superman legend by depicting Clark Kent as a total jerk who abandons his friends when they need him most and giving us a “Lois Lane” who’s an an uneducated bimbo who cheated her way into the Daily Planet and slept with her boss for favors. The Not-Clark and Not-Lois show should have been cancelled years ago. I can’t believe this travesty of a series which gets terrible ratings gets to stay on TV for ten awful years. Good ridance to Smallville.

  2. MichaelC2B says:

    I am a happy Alex O. fan! We all have the Moonlight DVD and have seen those eps many times, but just like when Sci-Fi does their ML marathons, I love seeing it on the air. Now we will have it on CW beginning 6/3 – and the last 5 Three Rivers that has been bugging me since December – YAY!!! THEN – Hawaii 5-0, which is obviously awesome. TBUP was fantastic (I got to go to LA and see Alex 3 days in a row and finally meet him at the premiere – best time I ever had!) – now we will have Alex back each week. Happy days for his fans and Alex is rocking it out. He’s a star, that’s all there is to it! Happy fan here…