American Idol Top 2 – 5/25/10

I loved American Idol tonight because I adore both Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze. Tonight felt like a true competition with two prize fighters laying it all down. Each of them got to sing 3 songs tonight – one they chose, one Simon Fuller picked and one that’ll be the first song they release. They were close most of the night taking turns being on top of the round. I’m going to review it round by round, and tell you who I thought won that round. Jump with me to see my thoughts.


Lee Dewyze
The Boxer
My thoughts: I enjoyed it and I love him singing this song. I didn’t love it as much as the first time he sang it but it still gives me chills. Lee is such a sweet guy that’s it’s hard not to love him.
Judges: They liked it but didn’t have as much energy as they would have liked and Simon wanted more passion.

Crystal Bowersox
Me and Bobby McGee
My thoughts: It was a really good performance, as good as the first time if not better. She really played to the audience and it paid off.
Judges: They all loved it and Simon thought she was just like the Crystal they loved from the beginning.

Round 1 goes to Crystal.



Lee Dewyze
Everybody Hurts
My Thoughts: I loved it. I know that a lot of people thought that it was a little boring, I thought it was smouldering. His voice sounded lonely and haunted, granted there were some off notes, but I still really enjoyed it.
Judges: They all noted the bad notes, but enjoyed it none the less.

Crystal Bowersox
Black Velvet
My Thoughts: I dislike this song, and I didn’t like the arrangement. She looked awkward coming down the stairs in heels and I felt like she was shouting. Did she sound great? Yes, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as Lee.
Judges: They all adored it and Ellen thought it was fantastic.

Round 2 goes to Lee in my opinion because I didn’t enjoy Crystal.

Lee Dewyze
Beautiful Day
My Thoughts: I loved this song, and I was so glad it wasn’t some corny, special winner’s song written for the contestants. He did a good job, but it wasn’t great. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blown away for most of it, although there were times it was okay.
Judges: All seemed to avoid talking about what a disaster this was and just discuss how great Lee is.

Crystal Bowersox
Up to the Mountain
My Thoughts: It’s not a very well known song but I loved it. She really was phenomenal at it and she wins this round hands down.
Judges: They all thought it was amazing and Simon called it “outstanding”

Overall, Crystal won the night, but for me Lee won the season. Either of these talented people deserve to win it and I’ll buy albums from both of them. On a different note did anyone else think that Kara looked really odd tonight? She reminded me of Spock from Star Trek with her hair slicked back like that… sorry I’m just saying. 😉 Tune in tomorrow night at 8 pm on FOX to see who takes the crown.

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