TV News – 5/25/10

What a crazy day it’s been in my world. My daughter fell and bit her tongue deeply enough to need a visit to the ER. Luckily it wasn’t straight through and she’s resting now, but wow what a scare! Let’s get to the news.

I’m not sure how this is happening but Julie Benz who played Rita on Dexter will be returning at the beginning of next season to reprise her role. If you remember Rita was killed in the season finale by the Trinity killer, and Julie Benz has moved on to do other things now. (Desperate Housewives and in the fall she’s star in No Ordinary Family on ABC) The producers are assuring us it’s not going to be as a ghost, so we’re not sure yet what the case is going to be. What do you think? Any idea as to how they’ll bring Rita back for an episode or two? Source

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The drama, Edgar Floats which wasn’t picked up by ABC at the upfronts, could still have a chance. ABC simply asked to see a few more scripts before it makes a final decision. The show is about a ” police psychologist who starts moonlighting as a bounty hunter for his ex-father-in-law who’s a bail bondsman. The drama stars Tom Cavanagh (Ed). It’s possible for the series to be picked up for midseason or who knows even next summer. Source

The director and executive producer of Lost, Jack Bender has signed up for his next TV job and it’s over at Syfy. He’ll be directing, Alphas a new show about people with special mental gifts who put their abilities together to fight danger. The 90 minute pilot will debut this summer. I think this sounds promising don’t you?Source

That’s all for tonight but enjoy TV and don’t forget that tonight is Lady GaGa night on Glee.

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