Glee – ‘Theatricality’ – 5/25/10

Glee was Gaga-licious last Tuesday night, and I loved every minute of it. Along with music by Lady Gaga we got some songs from Kiss and also had some really wonderful character moments. This episode, Theatricality, really brought a few issues to light and helped solve others. It was a great night of TV and I’m going to give you a quick run down of the episode to get you ready for tonight’s all new episode at 9 pm on FOX. Jump with me to review.

Principle Figgins has decided that Tina’s goth style means she’s going to become vampire, because teens today are coming down with an intense case of “Twilight Fever”. Tina’s shocked by this seeing as her mom doesn’t even let her watch Twilight because she “thinks Kristin Stewart seems like a bitch”. 😀 I was giggling at that one. Will tries to defend Tina’s right to dress as she wants but Figgin’s is having none of it, and demands she dresses ‘normally’. (Really what is normal anyways? *Yawn* Boring, that’s what. )

Rachel is concerned because she’s learnt that Vocal Adrenaline has bought every fairy light and bit of red lace in the whole tri-county area which could only mean that they are going to do a Lady Gaga number. *Gasp* Are they really surprised? Gaga is so popular now, and her songs are impossible to get out of your head (I say as I hum Bad Romance), any show choir would have a huge advantage if they did one of her songs.

Will decides they can kill two birds with one stone, and assigns the kids to do a Lady Gaga number of their own, and hopefully Tina can find a new look. All the girls and Kurt spend the episode in Gaga costumes, and they look fabulous. Well, except for Rachel but we’ll get to that later. 🙂 They also do a fabulous rendition of Bad Romance and I loved it! I think my favorite costume was Quinn’s hot pink gown that is like the one Lady Gaga wore to the Grammy Awards.

Also during this episode, Finn finds out that his mom is moving in with Kurt’s dad, and it doesn’t go over well. Finn feels like Kurt watches him, and he’s not into that. His mom tries to ply him with the bigger house, which makes me wonder why Kurt and Finn have to share a room? There are two and half bathrooms but only two bedrooms which seems really strange to me, but whatever, it works for the storyline.

Once Kurt redecorated the bedroom, Finn had a meltdown. He called the lap , “Faggy” and was overheard by Kurt’s dad, Burt. Burt was really upset, and told Finn he expected more of him. He then told Finn he couldn’t live there, because this is his family and he can’t treat them that way. This was a wonderful scene by Kurt’s dad, so emotional and I was so proud of him. I admit I was teary eyed.

Finn, made up for the moment though, when he dressed up in a red Gaga costume, and defended Kurt when he was being picked on by the two jackass jocks. The boys were going to beat up Kurt because of his Gaga outfit and Finn stepped in to defend him. Then the rest of the Glee club backed them up because they’re “all freaks together.” I had another aww moment with this because it showed character growth for everyone espeically Finn. He did look ridiculous but adorable in that costume. 😀

Let’s talk Rachel. She and the girls snuck into a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal, and after hearing Shelby sing she knew immediately that she was her mother. Rachel introduces herself and there’s a lot of awkward moments, and Shelby realizing that she’s not her mom just her biological mother. Later in the episode Shelby rescues Rachel from her horrible Gaga costume, but it’s still all superficial.

Shelby admits to Will that she wanted her baby girl back but realizes she’s missed that. She tells Rachel that they should admire each other from afar, and give Rachel a mug with a star on it. Rachel asks her to sing just one song with her, and they break out in a number which some ( 😉 ) but not me found inappropriate. They sang Poker Face and the line about “she’s got to love nobody” really resounded with Rachel. I don’t care what they sang because it was amazing, and any reason for Idina Menzel and Lea Michele to sing together is okay with me. 😀

In this episode, the boys dress up as Kiss because they feel that Lady Gaga is too intense for them, and too feminine. I agree, but I’m so happy they did Kiss and that it showcased some of the other actors like Harry Shum Jr. (aka the other asian) who actually got a line! Yay!

Tina solved her problem with Principle Figgins by scaring him in the hallway while dressed as a vampire. Figgins really believes in vampires so she used his fear against him and threatened him with her father being the king of vampires, (note apparently Asian vampires are the fiercest of any vampires…. good to know.)

Finally, in this episode we see Puck ask Quinn to name their daughter, Jackie Daniels (yes after Jack Daniels 🙂 ). Quinn is angry and says she’s so happy she’s giving the baby up because then she doesn’t have to raise it with him. Later Puck realizes he’s an ass, and sings a song about Beth, and suggests that Quinn names her Beth and lets him be in the delivery room. I felt bad for Finn for a minute there because he looked uncomfortable watching Puck and Quinn connect, but I was happier for some actual scenes between Puck and Quinn. It’s about time.

Overall, this was a fabulous episode with so much happening that I simply can’t recap it all. If you haven’t watched it, you need to. In case you can’t right now, you can always catch up on all the episodes you’ve missed when Glee season one dvd set comes out on September 14th. Until then there is another all new episode tonight at 9 pm on FOX.

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