Hell’s Kitchen – The Contestants – 6/1/10

Chef Gordon Ramsey

Let’s take a look at the season seven contestants of Hell’s Kitchen. This season is pretty fantastic already, so jump ahead to see their photos and our opinions on them.


Autumn Lewis, 29 – Personal Chef

Megan’s thoughts: She has a very strong personality, and she’ll either be a fantastic asset or a bitchy contender. Either way we’re going to have fun watching her.
Jenny’s thoughts: Definitely not a shrinking violet. Whether she’ll be able to play nice with her teammates or not is something we’ll have to wait and see.


Fran Kiler, 44 – Catering Chef

Megan’s thoughts: She seems to have trouble keeping up with the other contestants, and I don’t think she’ll be here long.
Jenny’s thoughts: Right off the bat, she was my least favorite contestant. Like Megan, I have my doubts about her sticking around for long.


Holli Ugalde, 24 – Banquet Chef

Megan’s thoughts: Her signature dish was nasty looking, and Chef Ramsay hated it. I’m already nervous for her.
Jenny’s thoughts: She walks into Hell’s Kitchen wearing heels and saying she will look better than anyone else doing the show. Ridiculous. Totally and completely. Ugh.


Jamie Bisoulis, 26 – Sous Chef

Megan’s thoughts: She made very little impression, I barely remember her.
Jenny’s thoughts: Unlike some of the others, Jamie was not great or horrible. Just… there.


Maria Torrisi, 24 – Kitchen Supervisor

Megan’s thoughts: She already rubs me the wrong way, and is really whiny. I’m not a fan.
Jenny’s thoughts: Kind of irritating, but I didn’t hate her nearly as much as I did some of the others!


Nilka Hendricks, 28 – Line Cook

Megan’s thoughts: She’s a single mom with three kids, and her work ethics show it. She really tried super hard tonight and took orders well. I just don’t know if she’ll be enough of a leader to win, time will tell.
Jenny’s thoughts: Definitely there to win, a hard worker, and willing to do what needs to be done. I can’t imagine being away from my son for that long, so I hope it pays off for her in the long run!


Siobhan Allgood, 25 – Pub Executive Chef

Megan’s thoughts: I really enjoyed her. She was funny and seemed to really want to be there. I’m keeping my eye on her.
Jenny’s thoughts: Siobhan was my favorite contestant so far. She worked hard, but not at the expense of others on her team or the guys’, and seemed to know what she was doing. I liked her a lot.


Stacey Slichta, 38 – Private Chef

Megan’s thoughts: I don’t think she’s going to cut it at all. She panics really easily and just can’t handle being in the kitchen.
Jenny’s thoughts: Probably not a bad chef, but the pressure got to her a lot and easily. Unfortunately, facing Chef Ramsey means you have to be cool under pressure.


Andrew Forster, 28 – Farmer

Megan’s thoughts: He’s kind of creepy with his obsession with slaughtering animals. He makes me want to be a vegetarian… well almost.
Jenny’s thoughts: When they did the Signature Dishes, he did Steak Tartare. He said he raises and butchers his own animals, and he likes to eat them raw. Umm… Ick?


Benjamin Knack, 33 – Culinary Instructor

Megan’s thoughts: He’s not a very good cook, and he was so unimpressive, I’m bored already.
Jenny’s thoughts: Culinary Instructor, really? I think it’s a case of ‘Those who can’t do, teach.’ (My mom was a teacher… I hope she doesn’t read that! lol)


Ed Battaglia, 28- High School Cooking Teacher

Megan’s thoughts: I enjoyed his personality and his ability to rally the team. He was amusing and I think he’ll be one to watch.
Jenny’s thoughts: He’s a teacher, too, but heads and shoulders above Ben! He was tied with Siohban for being my favorite.


Jason Ellis, 37 – Personal Chef

Megan’s thoughts: He has a big personality and a big mouth, but he actually backs it up with good cooking. I like him already.
Jenny’s thoughts: He’s another that isn’t a shy wallflower, but if he can keep cooking like he did or better, then I guess that isn’t a bad thing.


Jay Santos, 32 – Executive Chef

Megan’s thoughts: I like his blue hair, and he’s a decent cook. I haven’t seen enough of his personality to know if I like him or not, but he’s tolerable at the moment.
Jenny’s thoughts: I loved his look. He doesn’t seem as loud and out there as he looks would make you think he would be, but he can cook and seemed to handle the pressure ok so far. We’ll see…


Mikey Termini, 29 – Line Cook

Megan’s thoughts: The boy is crackers. His hair is a little insane but what’s crazier is him tattooing Hell’s Kitchen name and logo on his body. Unfortunately he can’t cook fish either, that’s an issue.
Jenny’s thoughts: He looks kind of crazy, with a huge mohawk, and like Megan said, he can’t cook fish to save his life. In Hell’s Kitchen, that’s almost an automatic death sentence. As for the tattoo, eh, I thought it was weird, but I guess understandable. If he really likes them… *shrug*


Salvatore Coppola, 35 – Pizzeria Chef

Megan’s thoughts: What is up with him? He has been in America for 21 years yet he still has a strong accent. He says he keeps it for the women, well I’m not buying. Get over yourself.
Jenny’s thoughts: Hahahahahahaha! I’m sorry, but he’s so ridiculous, I can’t take him seriously. I’m thinking the accent is all an act, so I’m just waiting until he slips and forgets to use it. He was one of my least favorite contestants.


Scott Hawley, 32 – Executive Chef

Megan’s thoughts: He thinks he’s a head chef in the blue kitchen but he easily throws his team under the bus for mistakes he encouraged. I’d take boring over him being an ass. I hope he flops big time.
Jenny’s thoughts: Scott, along with Salvatore & Fran, was my least favorite contestant. He thought he was all that and a bag of chips, when in reality, he was just an ass and horrible team player. Crossing my fingers he goes home quick!


There you have it, the 16 contestants. Enjoy season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen, and comment below and let us know what you think.

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