Hell’s Kitchen – 6/1/10

Hell’s Kitchen is one of my favorite shows so I’m so excited for the new season. You can review the contestants here, and then check out my recap and review. Comment below and let me know what you thought of the first new episode.

They start off right away working on their signature dishes with just 45 minutes to cook. They get ready to present their dishes and the stay at home mom is up first. She presents a veal dish that doesn’t look so good, but apparently Ramsay loved it. Wait …why is the stay at mom making out with Chef Ramsay? Oh, it’s his wife! Thank God, I was concerned lol. Funny starting, but Ramsay wanted to make the point that it didn’t matter how much experience you have because it’s how it tastes, and how good you are that matters.

The judging starts and I’m shocked at how gross some of those dishes look. Holli makes this Halibut wrapped in a banana leaf and it’s really quite disgusting looking. According to Ramsay it’s also disgusting tasting.

The girls and guys face off and the blue team wins by a hair of 4 to 3. Those chicken wings by Nikla looked quite good, but obviously way too spicy. I know a few people who would LOVE those.

The teams head up to the dorm and get straight to work memorizing the menus, when a fire alarm goes off, sending them all running out of the dorm. A few remembered their menu binders because I have a feeling they’re going to need them.

The emergency was a video lesson by Ramsay to help them with the menu so that they can complete the first dinner service. It’s a great help but unfortunately it continues to happen ALL hours of the night. In my opinion, they had better get the dishes right come dinner service because they’ve had so much information.

The girls wake up to find out their punishment for losing the challenge is for them to cook breakfast in bed for the guys. The guys love this but obviously the girls are not impressed. What’s with Salvatore and his accent, it’s so aggravating.

Getting to the dinner service it’s a mess. There are women being thrown out of the kitchen, then there are men being thrown out, it’s insane! Ramsay has no patience this season, he’s chucking people out of the kitchen left and right.

Stacey over seasons the scallops and then under cooks them. Fran can’t cook the potatoes which is really nuts because they’re supposed to be chefs. Although there was a moment when Ben stirred the risotto, tasted it and put the same spoon back in the risotto. Eww, that’s disgusting.

We have Mikey on fish sending out raw halibut, and Salvatore on appetizers screwing up scallops. It’s a disaster, but Ramsey is so determined to have a complete service that he combines the blue and red teams together to try and finish the service.

I don’t know why they even bother, it’s obvious they’re crap. 😀 Don’t think I don’t know it’s harder than it looks, but these chefs are crashing at an amazing pace.

The merged team finished the service, but the ladies got nominated for elimination. I personally think that both teams should have had to nominate one person.

Stacey and Fran are nominated and I understand that. Fran didn’t know the difference between crab and lobster but Stacey can’t handle the line work.

Stacey gets eliminated because Ramsay doesn’t feel her food is good enough for the public, and she’s not good enough. Too bad, I was hoping for Fran to go because I don’t particularly like her and she mixed up crab and lobster.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Salvatore & the accent! Fran! Scott! Gah! I don’t know who I dislike most so far this season. lol