Interview with Kate Levering from Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva is a fabulous show, but it’s not just that it has a wonderful way of breaking the moulds society builds for women. It’s because of the stellar cast. I love this cast, and I’ve enjoyed getting the chance to chat with so many of them. Most recently I got the opportunity to interview the delightful Kate Levering who plays the deliciously, devious Kim Kaswell.

Kim is the character we love to hate, but at the same time have a soft spot for. We hate her when she’s mean to Jane (Brooke Elliot) but we feel for her when she has her sensitive moments (like with Grayson).

Kate is beautiful and strong like her character Kim, but that’s where the similarities end because Kate is sweet and simply a pleasure to speak with. Don’t miss her and the rest of the cast in season two premiere tonight at 9 pm on Lifetime. Check out my interview with Kate after the jump.

Megan – Are Kim and Grayson really over?

Kate – Well, Kim is the one who walked away, so we’re going to see her struggle with that. You’ll see the aftermath of the break up and how it affects everyone.

Megan- What can we expect from Kim this season?

She’s going to be her usual self. She’ll also have a new love interest that she shouldn’t really be with.

[Note from me: My guess is that Kim hooks up with Parker.. but it’s just a guess.]

You had great success on Broadway, do you ever miss it and want to go back to it sometime?

Yes I miss it so much! I miss the high of live shows, it’s not the same when your in front of a camera. I’m trying to find something to fit into a hiatus from the show but nothing has worked so far.

How are you similar and different from your character, Kim?

I’m similiar in the way that I’m ambitious, strong-willed and stubborn. I’m different because I’m not as cut-throat and I believe and hope that I’m not as scared of relationships.

Why do you feel that Drop Dead Diva is important in today’s society?

It’s helping to scratch the surface on discrimination. There is such silent discrimination against weight. It’s hard in my industry, we all struggle to be a size 2 when the average size is 10. It’s really hard.

What’s your favorite TV Show?

I love Glee, Grey’s Anatomy and So You Think You Can Dance. I actually don’t get star struck very often but Tyce Diorio, a choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance, came and choreographed a dance number in the first episode back in season 2. I was star struck then. I also like Survivor I admit to being a bit of a reality TV junkie. *laughs*

Megan- *laughs* We all need our way to relax and unwind, even if it’s reality TV.

If you could guest star on any show, what would it be?

Definitely Glee or even Grey’s Anatomy, but especially Glee. It’s the singing and dancing, from where I come from [Broadway] and that show is helping shed light on the arts.

Well that’s all for my interview with Kate Levering, and I had a blast. She was adorable and amusing, not to mention she has great taste in television (ie. GLEE!!!) Don’t miss the season 2 premiere or more importantly any moment of the new season of Drop Dead Diva because it’s really one of the best new things on TV today.

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