TV News – 6/8/10

It’s Glee season finale night, and I’m having mixed emotions! On one hand I’m so excited for another new episode (that looks FANTASTIC), but on the other hand I’m sad that there’ll be no new episodes until Fall. *Gasp* To get our minds off of that aspect I’m going to start today’s news with some info about casting for next season’s Glee, so let’s get started.

John Stamos (ER, Full House), is in final talks to take on the role of Emma’s dentist who she is currently seeing. Unbelievably exciting! Stamos, while known best for being on Full House is a musician and a singer who has also had great success on Broadway. I cannot wait for the big sing off that is bound to take place! Notice how Emma likes guys with great hair? 😉 Source

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More delicious casting news, but this time for Grey’s Anatomy and the yumminess I speak of, is Jesse Williams! Williams, who plays Dr. Jackson Avery, will be returning as a full time cast member next season! This beautiful eyed boy, has worked his way into our little group of residents and will be around to continue to make Cristina’s (Sandra Oh) life difficult. I personally am so happy about this news aren’t you? Source

For those fans of General Hospital (I’m included in this group), I have some great news. Vanessa Marcil is returning to the ABC soap opera on August 11th, for a story line that will effect Sonny, Jax and Jason. I’m excited I’ve always loved Marcil’s character Brenda, and the drama she inflicts on our Port Charles men. Will you tune in?Source

Glee Cast at Madison Square Garden


Finally, in celebration of tonight’s Glee season finale, check out a clip from the Glee tour, at Madison Square Garden. Popular news anchor, Katie Couric, is a Gleek! Watch as fans express their love for the show, including some (*cringe*) singing their favorite song from the show, and check out the above picture of some of the cast on stage at MSG! To view more pictures like the one above, check out MSG.COM too!

That’s all for today but don’t miss the season finale of Glee tonight at 9 pm on FOX, or the series premiere of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family at 8 pm. It’s a great night of TV!

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